The Best Android Slow Motion Video Application You Must Have

Android Slow-Motion Video Application After releasing the iPhone 5S, Apple fans have the ability to find features for recording slow motion videos without special applications.

But this feature isn’t available on iPhones and previous generation Android gadgets.

So, if you want to take slow motion videos on Android, you don’t need to buy a smartphone like the iPhone 5s generation or newer because we have the solution, but you will need a good application.

What? do not want to know now Read the article and select the best slow motion video program for you, here are some of the applications available in Play Store.

List of Android Slow Motion Video Applications

Here is a slowmotion video application for Android that you can install on your smartphone, see more.

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Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow Motion Frame Video Player is one of the best slow motion applications for Android that has a simple interface and is supported by advanced features.

In addition to adjusting the desired video frame rate, we can also adjust the sound quality and apply BW filters (black and white) to make it look simpler but still look fantastic.

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is a complete program that can help you make fast films or slow motion videos. There are free and paid ad versions. This application is very easy to use.

Through this application you can directly record activities to perform slow motion or often called slow motion. Besides being easy to use, the application from Bizo Mobile is also quite lightweight so it doesn’t consume too much RAM consumption.

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The next slow video application for Android is no less sophisticated than the above application lineup. Efectrum offers three categories, fast for fast motion, slow for slow motion and backward for backward motion to present their own video motion effects.

Like VivaVideo or FilmoraGo, this application also provides a myriad of video editing features that must be tested one by one. One of them is a cool filter effect application that makes fantastic videos.

Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool

Fast & Slow Motion Apps

Is an application called Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool that can make movies that are very slow.

No half-hearted, this application offers a feature to slow the movement of videos up to 1/8x.

The video results to be saved can later be determined in various video formats according to your wishes, from .AVI, .FLV, .MP4 and .WMV.



Besides being able to make videos up to 100 times faster, FilmoraGo certainly provides a feature to slow down video motion or what is usually called slow motion with various options.

The advantage of this application is that it can speed up and slow down videos simultaneously.

In addition to the slow motion and fast motion video features, this application also offers other common video editing features, such as video transition options, applying filter effects, adding text, reducing video length and more.

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The best slow motion application for the next android may already be familiar to those of you who like to edit videos, he is AndroVid. Enriched with full features such as video trimmer, joiner, rewind, and mixer, you can also apply slow motion video movements to make it look more attractive.

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Interestingly, this zeoksi offer application is able to convert to various video formats, ranging from .3GP, .AVI, .FLV, .MP4, .MPG, .MOV, .WMV, and many more.

The results of the video that you will make later can be shared directly from this application to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.


video shop

VideoShop is a video editing program that meets teenagers today. How not, this article provides a myriad of video editing features that are quite complete, ranging from applying various filters, adding audio effects, text and more.

In addition to making videos fast and fast, fast and easy, you can also make stop-motion videos that can be upgraded with 10 great video transition options.



Besides being popular for desktop devices, PowerDirector also seems to be loved by Android users year after year. See, the application created by CyberLink has been successfully installed by more than 50 million Android users.

Besides being enriched with a number of amazing filter effects, through this application you can also make slow films with only a few details.

It is noteworthy that this application can convert videos with clear images of 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K.


viva video

Of the many video editing applications on Android, it can be doubted that VivaVideo is the most popular and has quite complete features.

In addition to making videos perfect by applying filter effects, adding text, emojoi, or adding backsound, you can also control the speed of the video so that it moves slowly.

Footej Camera

Footej Camera

Maybe not many people know that there is an application. But you should know, this program called Footej Camera has quite sophisticated features where you can directly record and make it as a slow motion video.

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Cool again, you can control the shutter speed manually. Not only that, this application also has a Burst Mode feature that allows you to take lots of pictures in a short amount of time.

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So those are some applications that can make Viedo Slowmotion on Android in particular, which you can download and install, Make With the application above you can be creative as you wish, Hopefully useful and Thank you.


What is Slowmotion Video?

Slowmotion is a video delay technology that makes the movements look slow. Doing slow motion cannot only be done by professional people.

How to make slowmotion videos?

If you are using a middle-class android, you must first download the slowmotion video application that we discussed above.

Can it be installed on an iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user, you can download it for iPhone 5 and below with the name and version of a different application in the app store.


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