How to Overcome Android’s Full Internal Memory Easily

How to Overcome the Full Internal Memory of Android- Like a computer, Android also has memory storage space or often called internal memory. Android phones really have a lot of internal memory, from low to high.

You can choose an Android phone that has low internal memory if only used for social media.

But if you want to play games, social media and so on, you obviously have a high internal memory. Because internal memory itself is the data capacity of the application that you install on an Android phone.

Of course, for Android users who have low internal memory, the name Low On Space is often heard. This problem is often experienced by android users who have many applications but force it to be installed on Android phones that have low internal memory.

The reason for Low On Space problems on Android is usually because we store too many apps or files on Android. Or this can also be caused because we ignore the application cache or junk files on Android.

How to Overcome the Full Internal Memory of Android

Address full memory on Android

The following are tips on how to deal with full internal memory on your Android device which is often full.

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If you experience problems. To manage full internal memory (Free Space) on Android see below:

How to Overcome the Full Internal Memory of Android

  1. See application

    First, see what applications you have installed on Android. Remove applications that are not very important or are not used. But remember that you don’t need to delete the default application from your Android phone.

  2. Move file

    Second, move the application of music files, photos, and others to external memory or SD card. Do not leave anything stored in internal memory.

  3. Remove application

    Third, of course, if we usually delete applications on Android, it is not uncommon to separate junk or cache files. Just delete the folder that is not useful.

  4. Clear cache

    Fourth, clear all application caches on Android.
    How to open settings> applications> manage applications> then select the application and clear cache or clear data.

  5. Restart

    Finally, if you’ve done the steps above, restart your Android device,

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Remember, deleting the cache does not mean you uninstall the program, it only removes junk files that can be collected in the application. Just in case, make sure to enter the ID and password in the application you want to clear the cache.

After you complete the steps above, notifications or full internal memory messages will usually disappear in the Android status bar.

If you do not want to mess around with the manual steps as above, you can also clean your memory space by using an application.

How to Overcome Internal Memory Full of Applications

You can use a cleaning application called Clean Master

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Clean Master, an optimization tool with storage space and anti-virus software, helps keep your cellphone clean and safe from viruses.

Clean Master

Features of Clean Master:

  • CLEAN (junk file) Clean Master helps clean your storage space by removing junk files, memos, and caches that slow down your cell phone. With our professional cleaners, you can also free up more space by cleaning cache data from social applications.
  • ANTIVIRUS Search for viruses in all applications (before marriage or not), block and delete viruses to protect your cell phone from viruses and trojans and protect your privacy with a free anti-virus engine from Clean Master!
  • Wi-Fi Clean Master Security adds WiFi security features to detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connections and protect your phone from insecure public WiFi.
  • OPTIMIZER One Tap Boost helps speed up your cell phone by freeing up RAM. After you optimize your phone, you can run a speed test to see how fast your phone is compared to before.
  • SAVE BATTERY Clean Master helps save battery power and extend battery life through hibernation of the current application.
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That’s the way how to deal with the memory that is often full on our android smartphone, do the above to free up your internal memory space, good luck and thank you.


What is internal memory on the cellphone?

Internal storage / system storage: This memory is specifically used to store files related to applications or games and cannot be used to store user content such as photos, videos, music, documents, and so on.

What is meant by internal memory?

Ie Memory that can be accessed directly from the processor. In this case, it can be stored in main memory for data or programs

What is an SD card?

Secure Digital (SD) is a flash memory card format. Digital cards are safe to use in portable devices, such as PDAs, digital cameras, and cellphones. … SD cards can be used in CompactFlash slots or PC cards with adapters.


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