The Cheapest Hotel And Airplane Booking Application On IOS & Android

Hotel and Airplane Booking Application on IOS and Android- To make it easier for Travelers to find a place to stay and look for flight schedules, there is an application created aimed at making it easier for users to find and choose a place to stay.

Not only that, users can also order or book the room where they want to stay. You can choose the accommodation based on the distance from where you are.

There are also room rates with hotel ratings that can convince users. Not only hotels, you can also book plane tickets easily and quickly.

Not infrequently, users also receive promotions offered by hotels or plane tickets. This can really save you money. What are your curious applications? let’s see more below.

List of the Best Hotel and Airplane Booking Applications

The following is a list of applications for booking the best hotels and aircraft that you can download and install on your Android smartphone. Check out below.

Hotel & Plane Booking Application Application

Hotel and Airplane Booking Application on Android is a hotel booking application with the best services and features. Users can easily search and choose hotel rooms based on their preferences.

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Among them are 750 thousand hotel rooms, apartments, which they can choose. All you have to do is search by city where you are, the application shows you the closest accommodation.

Users can also sort accommodations by price, promotions, and feedback from guests who have stayed.

ticket is the first pioneer in Indonesia. You can book airplane tickets, train tickets, hotel rooms, entertainment tickets and rent a car through

Previously, can only be accessed through a web browser, now there is an official application that makes it easy for you to find flight tickets via smartphone.

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By installing the application, you get various promotions and attractive offers from the App-exclusive. You don’t need to queue at the ticket window or on the train because you can get tickets through



If you are traveling out of town and want to book flight and hotel tickets without having to be complicated, use Traveloka. Already more than 1 million users get flight ticket deals and hotel reservations at low prices.

Not only cheap, the prices offered by Traveloka are honest. Users no longer worry about the additional fees that must be paid after paying for plane or hotel tickets. Because the price is included in taxes and other costs.

With TravelokaQuick’s 1-click booking feature, you can book, pay, and get the cheapest hotel and airline tickets in seconds.

Pegipegi Hotel & Airplane Booking Application

pegi pegi

Pegipegi is an application that offers online booking services for airline tickets, hotels and train tickets that are easy to use.

In addition, Pegipegi is also committed to being your best travel partner by providing satisfying services, plus lots of inspirational and interesting information that you can find on Pegipegi’s social media, web sites and mobile applications.

Mister Aladin

mister aladin

Mister Aladin is an Indonesian online travel service that inspires and supports the public to travel and was launched in November 2015 by Media Nusantara Citra.

Mister Aladin provides booking services for more than 100,000 hotels inside and outside the country, plane tickets, train tickets and travel packages to meet the increasing needs of community tourism.

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Trivago is a hotel booking application that is suitable for you who want a hotel with luxurious yet cheap facilities. Because users can easily adjust the budget according to the hotel room they choose. Later, this application is automatically filtered.

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Simply put, the user only needs to decide on the city when located, choose the check-in and check-out dates, so there will be many hotels with a predetermined price. With favorite features, users can easily enter their chosen hotel if they are looking for a hotel in that location at any time.

This application is really very suitable for those who like to travel but with a minimal budget. Because there are also the best discount deals that can be chosen as needed.

Agoda Hotel & Airplane Booking Application


This site is as good as a website that offers hotel room booking services. Because Agoda also offers the best hotel deals according to the user’s wishes.

Users only need to find the type of hotel that suits their needs. Later, there will be hotels available in the map area. This has been used by more than 16 million customers who have stayed. Find accommodations at the best prices in this application.


trip advisor

The next application for hotel reservations is tripadvistor. Millions of traveler reviews, photos and maps from TripAdvisor. Plan and enjoy your dream trip.

TripAdvisor makes it easy for you to find the cheapest flights, the best hotels, delicious restaurants and interesting things to do, wherever you go.

Booking hotels, restaurants and flights can be done with one touch.

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Wego Hotel & Airplane Booking Application


You don’t have to install a lot of apps, just install Wego on your Android phone or tablet. This application provides hotel rooms at the best prices and flight tickets at low prices.

Through Wego you can find promotional prices for hotel rooms or airplane tickets. Do you only need flight or hotel tickets for the next few hours? No problem because in Wego there is a last minute offer about buying tickets or booking a hotel directly.

Expedia Hotels & Flights


You can plan your vacation activities with the expedia application. Expedia brings the simplest and most optimal appearance and method of use. Get exclusive mobile campaigns and book your trip with just a few taps.

Get access to your schedule anywhere and get notifications for all important information about delays or check-out times. Interested in trying Expedia, download the application for free through the Google Play Store.

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That is the discussion of several applications for booking hotels and airline tickets that you can use to facilitate your vacation or business trip, Hopefully useful.


Is it cheaper to use the application?

You will get more attractive promos from the application than the reservation directly at the hotel.

How do I pay for hotel bookings using the application?

After you register your book will be addressed to the payment system on the application, you can pay via transfer and there is also a direct payment on the spot.

Is it safe to book with the application?

It is very safe, and guaranteed money back if you feel disadvantaged.


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