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Android Signal Booster Application Basically, the way the signal booster application works on Android is quite simple. Where it works to find the best signal area so that users know which signal points are good and which are not.

Activities carried out to get the maximum signal, of course, by doing refreshing activities carried out automatically by the application. Of course the signal will be better.

Just by using one-click, users will experience a better and more stable network (4G, 3G, 2G) and wifi.

So, what is the best signal booster application for Android that you can use for free? Check out the full list below.

List of Android Signal Booster Applications

The following is a list of applications that can strengthen the signal on your Android.

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Application Network Signal Info

Network Signal Info is an application developed by Kaibits Software. This application can certainly make network signals on our Android better.

The features available in this application are quite complete, such as detailed information about cellular networks, WLANs, Android system information and much more.

This application can strengthen the signal 34, 4G LTE, HSPDA, Wifi and others. This is perfect for android users who live between the big walls around their homes.

Android Signal Booster application Network Signal Strength

Network Signal Strength

Network signal strength always gives you a strong and stable signal. For those who live in areas that are difficult to give signals, this application is perfect for you to use.

With this application, you get directions to get a better signal using the features available in this application.

Users get information in the form of signal gauges, speed tests (PING), signal widgets and many other interesting functions.

Android Signal Booster application

Network Signal Speed ​​Booster is an application for internet signals developed by MCstealth Apps.

This application gives you a stable and fast internet signal speed. In addition, this application is quite lightweight and does not greatly affect the performance of Android RAM.

With just one click you get a stable and fast signal quality.

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Application WiFi 3G 4G maps & Speed ​​Test

WiFi 3G 4G maps & Speed ​​Test

This application is quite popular among Android users. Because the OpenSignal application has been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users worldwide. Of course, you don’t need to doubt the quality of this application.

By using this application you get an opening signal that can search for signal coverage, WiFi access points, strengthen the signal and speed up internet connection.

The features available are quite complete, such as Wifi maps, signal coverage maps, network ratings and more. What are you waiting for, use this application now.

Application Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster

Of course, for those who want a stable and strong signal, you need to use this signal booster application.

This application is called Connection Stabilizer Booster. This application gives you a strong and stable signal, for example when you get 3G, 4G, HSPDA, EDGE and many more signals.

Apart from easy to use features, this application does not consume a lot of battery. So no need to worry about usability with this Android application.

By using the application from Supersonic you can feel a stable internet connection.

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So that is some applications to strengthen the network signal on our android smart phone, you can use one of them and each application has advantages and disadvantages of each, choose what you think is the easiest to use, Thank you.


What is the purpose of the application of the signal amplifier?

Namely applications that can help you strengthen your smartphone signal just by using the application.

Can it be installed on an iPhone?

You can search for and download it on your iPhone by using the Appstore on your iPhone,

Can it work optimally?

In theory, the signal booster application only helps strengthen the signal on our Android system, it all depends on your location that determines how strong the connection signal you get.


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