How to Setting an Internet APN on Android with Ease

How to Setting an Internet APN on Android- You know, the importance of configuring or managing an APN on a smartphone is so that users can connect to the internet properly. If you have not configured it, you may not be able to connect to the Internet.

Access Point Name (APN) itself is a special channel that is often called a cellular network. This will act as a bridge or gate link that has an important role in identifying a network.

Setting up APN on a smartphone that we have is actually quite simple. You can configure via SMS or configure it manually through network settings. Each provider must have a different APN setting.

How to Setting an Internet APN on Android for All Operators

How to Setting an Internet APN

The following are the steps for how to set up APN on your Android, see below below.

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How to set APN

  • Select the “Settings” menu and then select “Other networks”.
  • Then you select in the “Cellular network” section and press “Access Point Names”.
  • Select and configure GPRS or MMS configuration according to the provider you are using.
  • To create a new APN, press the “+” button in the upper right corner.
  • After you complete the APN settings, select the menu button or “dot button” in the upper right corner.
  • Then click the “Save” button to save it.

Each APN configuration owned by each provider in Indonesia is very different, such as XL, 3, Telkomsel and others. Therefore, you need to adjust the internet configuration to suit your card.

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If you are confused when setting an APN that matches the provider you are using, YaTekno here has succeeded in gathering official APN configurations for all operators.

As for some APN settings for each provider in Indonesia, here is a list of APN settings,

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List of Indonesian APN Provider Configurations

The following is the APN Provider Indonesia Configuration See More below.

Telkomsel APN

APN: Telkomsel or internet
Username: wap
Password: wap123

Indosat APN

APN: indosatgprs
Username: indosat
Password: Indosat

APN Axis

Username: AXIS
Password: 123456


Username: xlgprs
Password: proxl

APN Three (3)

APN: 3gprs
Username: 3gprs
Password: 3gprs

Smartfren APN

APN: # 999
Dial number: # 777
User name: M8
Password: M8

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Those are some ways and APN Configuration that you can use for your smartphone. Good luck and good luck, Thank you.


What is meant by APN?

Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G cellular networks and other computer networks, people often call it the Internet. To be able to connect to the Internet, APN configuration is required.

Where is the Android APN setting?

Open the “Settings” menu and then select “Other settings”
> Click the “Cellular Network” menu “Access Point Names”> Press the menu on the mobile and then select New APN.


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