The Best Online News Application For Android That You Must Have

The Best Online News Application In today’s sophisticated digital era, we can easily find the latest information through sophisticated technical units. One of these devices is a Smartphone.

Gadgets, often called smart phones, are currently developing quite rapidly in various parts of the world.

One of the benefits of owning a smartphone is that we can more easily. For example, like reading information about state news.

If we have seen the latest news through TV or print media, but now it can be easier by watching news through a smartphone.

With the help of the application we can easily and quickly find out the latest news. The news that we will come of course comes from reliable sources.

The news that we can get later includes news such as politics, soccer, automation, gadgets and more.

Well on this occasion we will discuss about some trusted online news applications for you android users in particular, See more below.

List of the Best News Applications for Android

The following is a list of some of the best and most trusted online news applications that we recommend for you.


coverage 6

Now the first is the application Coverage 6.If you normally watch TV news on the SCTV channel, but now you can also enjoy it via Android.

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This application was intentionally developed for smartphone devices so that users can easily get the latest news from Indonesia and abroad.

Like other news applications, this application also has various types of categories with the latest and latest news. When it comes to layout, you will also be very comfortable and spoiled when reading news.

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There is also a comment feature so that readers can give opinions about the news they read. To comment, users must register first. This way users can leave comments after logging in.


This application presents news both at home and abroad quickly and in real time. Users can view news information from various categories, including soccer, politics and more.

In addition to various categories, users can also enjoy the news search feature. Later you only need to type one word in the search, then other applications will quickly present the news you want. Not only that, users are also spoiled with the registration feature.

This messaging feature is a very useful feature for users. Because this feature can tell you hot news to read. That way you don’t have to worry about finding the hottest news every day.

To load performance, you don’t need to worry about your quota being emptied when you come to this application. Because this application is very light and does not take up a lot of quota. So for those who have bad contacts, you can still access news through the second application.

The Best BaBe News Application

BaBe is actually a fairly young application between the two applications above. But thanks to the convenience that users get when accessing this application, BaBe has downloaded more than 10 million users.

What can you get through this application from Mainspring? Among them are political information, technology and gadgets, soccer and much more. Of course, news is updated regularly every second.

For the convenience of users while reading at night, this application provides a dark theme for the comfort of the eyes of the reader. In this way, readers can read the news that is available comfortably.


Besides application Babe, Kompascom is also a mainstay for national and international news lovers. In addition, the news presented is also very up to date and accurate. In this way, users can find various information they need quickly and easily.

There are various news categories such as beraviasi, you just choose the news category that you want to read. So this application will quickly present the latest news for you to read.

Some of the most important features you can enjoy are headlines, popular news and video news. With this feature, users can find news easily and quickly just by swiping the screen.

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The Best News Application Read

On the application Read, You can get complete and reliable information about Indonesian news. Because this application is updated every two seconds through various online pages from reliable media sources and Indonesian portals.

Categories that readers can enjoy include daily news, politics, soccer, cars, travel, lifestyle tips, beauty tips, and more. You can select this item via the item category submenu.

There are several benefits that are not shared by other online news applications, such as a simple interface, favorite systems, storage, and comments.

Not only that, users can also immediately share the news they read through social media and chat applications.



The TRIBUNnews application is managed by the Division (Regional Newspaper Group). This application is headquartered in Jakarta and presents the latest news throughout Indonesia.

Displaying the latest news from the network that is superior to more than 20 regional news sites Tribun Network:

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Those are some of the best online news applications that we recommend for you and you can download and install on your Android smartphone, Hopefully useful and thank you.


Is the news trusted?

All news on this application is very reliable because this application is a national news reference source that has been around for a long time, so you don’t need to hesitate to download it again.

Can it be read offline?

So far this application can only be read in online mode. but if you want to read it offline make sure you have opened the application and then select the news to be read, after that you can read it offline.

Can it be installed on an iPhone?

You can download and install it by searching and downloading it in the Appstore on your iPhone.


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