Get to know Adobe Photoshop and its 5 flagship tools

What is Photoshop and Its Mainstay Tools

For photography hobbyists and professional photographers, Photoshop is certainly not a familiar name. This software is specifically designed to meet the needs of those in the field of digital photography and graphic design.

In fact, since it was launched 30 years ago, Photoshop became software mainstay of professional photo and image editing. If you plan to jump into the design and multimedia industry, it’s time you get to know software this photo and image editing.

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What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is software photo and image editing that can be used on Windows and MacOS-based PCs, as well as on Android and iOS devices. First launched in February 1990, software this redefines image processing standards.

Photoshop is software photo and image editing for Windows and MacOS-based PCs. Initially, software It was developed by Thomas and John Knoll in 1987. Then, the distribution rights were purchased by Adobe Inc. in 1988 and Photoshop version 1.0 was released in 1990.

Thirty years later, Photoshop developed into software mainstay of photo and image editing in the design and media industry. Its use is no longer limited to the desktop. Now, Photoshop is present on the device mobile too. In fact, there is a cloud version that you can access anywhere and anytime.

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Photoshop versions

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud (photo: Adobe)

During its 30-year lifetime, Photoshop has passed various versions. Here are three versions of Photoshop that you can choose according to your needs and budget that you have.

1. Photoshop CC

In the past, you only needed to pay once to buy software Photoshop, then menginstall itit’s on the computer. Now, to get full features software this, you must subscribe to Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud).

Adobe provides three subscription packages that include Photoshop CC. The first is the Photography package which consists of the full version of Photoshop, Lightroom, and cloud storage 20 GB. You can enjoy this package at a cost of Rp. 134,800 / month.

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Next is the Photoshop package. Consists of software Photoshop and cloud storage 100 GB, you can enjoy this package at a cost of IDR 283,300 / month. The last is the complete Adobe CC package with all software made by Adobe, including inDesign, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat. This complete package is priced at Rp. 715,100 / month.

Photoshop CC’s advantage lies in its storage media that uses technology cloud. This technology allows you to save your edited photos in the cloud and continue the editing process anywhere, anytime, with your desktop or iPad.

2. Photoshop Elements

If you are reluctant to pay a subscription fee every month, you can buy Photoshop Elements. Like Adobe Photoshop in the past, you only have to pay once to enjoy it. However, there are some Photoshop CC features that are not available in this version software this.

Photoshop Elements is targeted at beginners and those who don’t need in-depth editing skills. Some Photoshop CC features that are absent from software These include, Curves Adjustment Layer, Layer Mask, Layer Group, and some Drawing Tools.

To use Photoshop Elements, you must pay a one-time fee of Rp1.3 million. There are no additional subscription fees that you have to spend every month.

3. Photoshop Express

For those of you who edit photos more often on mobile phones, Adobe provides Photoshop Express for Android and iOS. Because this application is not paid, or free, you can only enjoy basic editing features, such as cropping and filter.

However, Adobe offers a paid package with additional features that can make your editing experience better.

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5 tools Photoshop commonly used

Photoshop tools
Illustration of Photoshop tools (photo: Adobe)

Adobe Photoshop offers a lot tools or editing tool. So many, learn the functions and ways of working each tools it can be tiring, especially for beginners.

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Therefore, we collected five tools Photoshop is commonly used and you can learn it first before learning tools other more complicated.

1. Adjustment Layers

Tool This one allows you to edit the appearance of a photo or image without changing the pixels permanently. When using this tool, a new layer will appear above the photo or image you want to edit.

Then, the Properties panel with the type of setting you want will appear. From this panel, you can modify adjustment layer earlier, which then helped change the look of the photos and images that you edited.

Some settings that you can do with this tool include, Levels, Curves, Exposures, Brightness / Contrast, Hue / Saturation, Color Balance, Vibrance, Black & White, to add photo filters.

What’s interesting about this tool is that you don’t need to bother if you want to restore the appearance of photos or images to their original condition. All you need to do is delete adjustment layer just now.

2. Crop

Sometimes you have to crop your photos to get the best view, both in terms of framing or ratio. You need to pay attention to this, especially if you want to share the photo on social media, blogs, or other media.

To crop an image in Photoshop, you can use the Crop Tool available in the panel tools. Then, draw an area cropping new or sliding corners and edges of the area cropping to specify photo trimming limits.

You can determine the ratio and size of the area cropping by entering the appropriate value in control bar. In addition to cropping photos, you can also use the Crop Tool to straighten a photo.

3. Spot healing

This one tool is very useful when you want to delete unwanted photos. For example, there are patches of paint on clothes worn by your photo model. Select the Spot Healing Brush from the panel tools, then click or drag the cursor on the part you want to delete.

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During this process, Photoshop copies the closest part of the clothing that has no patches. Then, the copy is affixed to the part that you want removed. So, patches of paint on clothes can disappear without a trace.

To ensure the accuracy of using this tool, you can adjust the size brush or brush.

4. Dodge and Burn

These two tools help to make the photo or image area brighter or darker. You can use Dodge to illuminate areas and Burn to increase exposure in dark areas.

The advantage of using these two tools is that you can easily correct photo exposures without damaging the original photo. No more under-lighting parts (under exposed) or overexposed (over exposed).

5. Clone stamp

This tool allows you to copy certain areas of the image accurately, then paste them on other parts that you want to remove. This technique is useful for disguising certain areas of the image using samples from other areas.

For example, you want to remove an object from your photo. Select the Clone Stamp and click on the area that will be used as a reference to cover the object that you want to remove. Then, drag the Clone Stamp brush to the object that you want to remove. This tool will disguise the object that you lost using a sample from the area you selected before.

There is one thing you need to remember. Use layer new before using the Clone Stamp tool, Dodge and Burn, Spot Healing, and several other tools in Photoshop. By editing on layer, you make sure your real photo isn’t damaged.

If you are alone, like using what tools in Photoshop?

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