How to display internet speed on an Android smartphone

How to Display Internet Speed- We all know that smart phones currently control parts of the world from various countries. Yes, that smartphone is an android.

Mobile phones which are often called green robots are very easy to find everywhere. Besides having a lot of sophistication, Android also has a very affordable price.

Nowadays, smartphone companies compete with each other to make smart phones that people want. Not only the price is cheap, but also with the specifications of the cellphone itself.

Call it a smart phone made in China, namely Xiaomi. Because this smartphone has an average price that is affordable and regarding specifications.

Sophisticated that can be used by users to use this green robot very much at all. These improvements are what we can use for our daily needs.

Lots of applications available on Playstore, each of which has different features. For example, an online transportation application that helps us get online transportation quickly.

Well this time we will discuss how to display our internet speed on an android smartphone, we will review the following for you, continue to see ya.

How to display internet speed by using applications

Well this time there is an application that can display our internet speed for Android smartphones in particular, is not curious?

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Keep watching so that you know what the application is like,

Speed ​​Indicator application

The first is the application called Speed ​​IndicatorHave you ever wondered why your web pages load slowly or look for internet speed meters for monitoring?

You can check your network speed with ongoing notifications or floating widgets to see real time statistics at a glance.

Network The speed of network tools is small, fast and free. You can monitor your network speed in real time and display accurate information instantly in the background.

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Application Displays Internet Speed ​​Speed ​​Meter Lite

Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite

Little Internet Speed ​​Meter is an application created for the purposes of downloading on smartphones, both Android tablets.

Applied in this way you display the available internet speeds. Not only that, you can also see clearly about the use of internet data that you have used.

By using this application, you are expected to know the process of downloading that you do. That way, your partner can find out the download process is running or not.

This application made by DynamicApps is commonly used by users in the application of internet data usage. So, users can find out more internet quota that has been spent. With this, users can use the internet quota.

Apply Internet Speed ​​Meter in available wherever you are, namely lite and pro. One of the advantages that you can get in the pro version you can find out the internet speed of applications that run in real time.

For the pro version, you have to spend Rp. 34,000. If you are interested in using this paid version, spend a little money to buy this application has nothing to lose. Because there are so many advantages that you can get from this version.

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That’s the way to display our internet speed by using a simple application but has a function that is very helpful for Android smartphone users like us, Hopefully useful and Thank you.


What is internet?

Internet Explanation is a global network that connects billions of computer networks openly using the global standard TCP / IP control system.

What is meant by internet speed?

Internet speed is the speed of data transfer when accessing the Internet. There are two types of internet access speeds, namely downstream and upstream.

What is meant by Ping?

Ping (often referred to as the Gopher Internet Package shortcut) is a utility program that can be used to check network Servers.


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