How to Overcome Internet Signals that are Always on the Edge on Android Phones

How to Deal With an Edge-Internet Signal Signal Edge is the worst network with a slow connection between 3G, H + and 4G which is actually much faster. Networks are usually obtained if you are in a series of bad signals, e.g. plosh, basemant, building and others.

Connection problems can occur on various devices such as modems, smartphones and so on. But this time, we will first give tips for managing and solving connectivity problems on Android smartphones.

We all know that network or connection problems can interfere with us when we access something online. Because connection interruptions can hinder the loading process or not have access to anything.

Well this time we will share ways to overcome your internet signal which is always the edge, continue to see ya.

How to Overcome Internet Edge Signals on Android Phones

how to deal with internet edge signals

The following are the steps – steps to overcome the Internet Edge Signal on your Android mobile, continue to see in full so that we will understand it.

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The method is as follows:

  • First, you need to turn off Cellular Data and enable flight mode or flight mode in the status bar.
  • After that, you can immediately restart your Android. Then turn on Cellular Data again and deactivate Airplane mode,
  • After restarting and still on the Edge network, you need to make some settings. You can directly to other networks> cellular networks.
  • Select a network operator based on the card you are using. You can choose automatically or search for available networks.
  • In this case, change the network mode from GSM to WCDMA or WCDMA / GSM (automatic connection).
  • Make sure you have also made settings for the Access Point Name or APN.
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apn android settings
  • Set the APN according to the provider you are using. You can see an example of this in the link below
  • After you make some network-related settings, you can immediately restart your Android.

Once complete, you will immediately receive a network with H + or 4G LTE coverage if your device is supported with a 4G LTE network.

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That’s the discussion from us to overcome the Internet Edge Signal on your Android phone that you can do, but if it still doesn’t work there is a possibility you have to replace your sim card with a card that gets a good signal in your area.


What is meant by APN?

Access Point Name (APN) is the name of the gateway between GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G cellular networks and other computer networks, people often call it the Internet. To be able to connect to the Internet, APN configuration is required.

What does APN do on Android?

APN itself is a gateway that is used to identify the network that connects cellphones or computers to the Internet. APN is an arrangement on a cell phone used by the operator to bridge the packet data network (PDN) the user wants, for example GSM, GPRS, 3G, H + or 4G

Where is the Android APN setting?

First you open the “Settings” menu and then select “Other settings”> Click the “Cellular Network” menu “Access Point Names”. > Press the mobile menu and select New APN.


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