How to Overcome the Lag Game on Android Using This Trick

How to Overcome the Lag Game on Android- For some Android users, playing games is a mandatory activity such as entertainment and even entertainment. For players, there is no doubt the basic needs that must be done every day.

Every time there are lots of interesting new games for us to play. Especially if this game is released for free, it will definitely attract players to try it. There are many android games that we can download on Play Store. For example, for example, types of action games, adventure, puzzles and others.

Sometimes a lot of games that require high specifications so that it can be played so that it doesn’t drag or break. Obviously, this requires an Android phone with high specifications too.

The price of Android games for the lower middle class is quite expensive. This is really comparable to what we get. One of those who play games on Android will work smoothly without obstacles.

For those of you who don’t have enough money to buy Android games, don’t worry. Because you can still play the latest game releases that require quite high specifications.

Well, one way that you can apply to play games is not to drop or destroy using a game performance support program, which is to use an application.

The application that we will discuss is designed to focus RAM performance only on the games you play. That way the game can work smoothly without obstacles. For more information about this application, here is the full explanation.

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How to Overcome the Lag Game on Android with Applications

This time we will share an application that is very helpful for you Android gamers, so you don’t lag while playing games on your Android.

Overcome Game Lag with the RAM Booster Game Application

ram booster game

RAM Booster Game is an application that serves as an increase in game performance on Android. This application will later work on focusing RAM performance only on the games you play.

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Apps that run on your Android will be forced to stop so you won’t be overloaded when running games.

This application shows RAM usage statistics, including RAM used, free and total. You can also see the results of the RAM cleanup that you have done by cleaning the memory or cleaning the cache.

Just by pressing one button, you can immediately play the game smoothly without obstacles. Many reviews from players who tried this application, according to them.

This application is clearly very useful gaming performance. Even if their RAM capacity is greater than usual. That’s not all a hoax, it’s clearly a fact.

How to use it is quite easy

  • First, install the RAM Booster Game application through the Play Store for free.
  • Once installed, open the application.
  • In the Tasks menu, select a number of applications that you think are not important and you can turn them off for a moment. This is intended so that when playing games will feel smooth.
  • Then select the Boost menu, then press Boost to start turning off the RAM usage you just selected.
  • After it’s finished, you can try running the game on your Android.
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The above method can only be done naturally. Of course, if you want to run a large game, you cannot force the method above. Because quite a lot of big games require good Android specifications too.

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Game Booster 6 – APP Ram Cleaner

Cobala the best game booster application to get rid of freezing and lag problems in your game.

Get the maximum performance of your phone with the Power Clean application. Some great games will cause your phone to slow down, so you will get rid of this problem with Game Booster.

If you want to get high FPS in your game, you can try downloading the game application – application booster.

This application is now available for free on Google Play, with one click you can download and speed up your mobile.

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That’s how to Overcome Game Lag on Android with Applications that you can use, With the above applications you can maximize the performance of your Android phone in playing games, Hopefully it helps and Thank you.


Does Game Booster really work?

Game Booster Serves to improve performance by suspending unnecessary background processes to free memory and CPU power when playing games.

How can I improve my Android game?

The trick: Open Android Developer Options.> Uninstall Unwanted Applications.> Update Your Android.> Turn Off Background Services.> Turn Off Animation.> Use Gaming Performance Enhancement Applications.

Why is my android so slow?

The background process can slow things down
many applications running in the background,
CPU resource usage, filling RAM, which is slowing down your device.


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