How to Record Android Games Without Root Easily

How to Record Games on Android- If we usually do screen recording or publish activities on a computer, it can be done on an Android device. Like allowing a computer, all the support for screen recording on Android is by using the help of a screen recording application.

Screen recording represents an activity carried out by someone in carrying out the recording activity on the screen (recording). Like someone doing this for certain purposes, such as making video tutorials, reviewing games, and so on.

The best amount of privacy is available for Android and can be used to use PlayStore for free. However, this application is more important than special applications that use the application. These requirements do not lie then cannot be accessed by root.

If we have to give up our Android to root from the first of course it’s a pity. Because silence has removed the cell phone warranty. There are a number of screen recorder applications on Android that cannot be accessed by root to be used by users. Of course this is also available for free.

Well this time we add one application that you can use to record games as videos on your Android, of course, see below.

How to Record Games on Android with Applications

This time there is an application that we can use to record games on our Android, you know? Stay tuned for reviews that we have shared just for you.

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AZ Screen Recorder application

AZ Screen Recorder is the best Android Screen recorder application that doesn’t buy root access. The advantages offered by this application can be used on an android screen without time restrictions. The commercial results that you have done will have Full HD quality.

Indeed the results of video recording in have a rather large size. But you certainly will not be disappointed with the results of the recording, especially on sharp and clear images.

In addition, users can also use video resolution, frame rate, and so on, which can be adjusted at will. The advantage lies offered by this application is that you can use the Android screen by pausing or pausing.

Unlike most free applications that have lots of advertisements everywhere. This application offers its users to remain comfortable in recording because it is free from advertisements offered.

This android screen recorder application will run very well and not left behind your Android is not in a rooted state. But surely your Android specifier must also support the recording process to continue running without any lag.

This application is perfect for you gamers who want to make game reviews or try för try it. You need to know, this application can run smoothly if the user has an Android med OS OS 5.0 Lollipop.

To use this is quite easy, so follow the steps below.

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How to Record Android Games with Az Screen Recorder

how to record games on android

The steps are as follows:

  • Download and install the Az Screen Recorder application on your android first.
  • If so, open the application then tap “Settings”.
  • In the “Video Configuration” section, select the highest resolution according to your android specifications. Don’t force if your Android specs are low but try high resolutions.
  • After that, you tap on the “Audio Configuration” section, then activate the mode so that your voice can also be recorded.
  • Adjust the time or hour according to your time needs.
  • If you already have a set, you can draw the “Start” lottery to start recording.
  • Then you can open the game you want to record. This Automatic Automatic application, the game that is played directly, or the game that you are playing.
  • Now, to do a process that is influenced by the human process, you can immediately play a small red lottery that is under double. With the start the eye recording process has been canceled.
  • And automatically your recording will be stored in your cellphone gallery.

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What is the function of screen recording?

The screen recording application can be used to make any movie that is displayed on your computer screen along with your audio narration.

Can it be used on all Androids?

YES, this application can be used on all android phones, you can download and install it easily.

Is Root Required?

This application does not require root, you can simply download and install it from PlayStore and you can use it immediately.


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