Here Are The Different Anti Radiation Glasses You Need To Know

Working in front of a computer screen, or being exposed to frequent sunlight, are two things that affect eye health. Light radiation from computer screens or other electronic devices, can cause various eye problems. That’s what you need to wear anti radiation glasses as one of the preventative actions.

Anti-radiation glasses are a type of glasses that use anti-radiation lenses, by the way it works to ward off rays that are harmful to the eyes, such as solar radiation or computer screens, cellphones, or other gadget devices.

Know the Characteristics of Computer Anti Radiation Glasses

Anti-radiation glasses have some special features (Photo: Shutterstock)
Anti-radiation glasses have some special features (Photo: Shutterstock)

Actually the type of anti radiation lens model is not much different from ordinary eyewear lenses. It’s just the use of more specialized lenses. What are the characteristics?

1. Generally use AR (anti-reflective) lenses

2. AR lenses work to reduce the light reflecting on the screen

3 Anti-reflection lenses have a coating that can increase contrast

4. Has a feature tint inside the lens, which filters the spectrum of light which is not good for the eyes

If seen at a glance, of course it will be difficult to find ways to distinguish anti-radiation glasses with ordinary types of glasses that do not have AR lenses. The price also cannot be used as a benchmark, because the price of anti-radiation glasses that are priced in the Indonesian market is quite diverse, starting from 100,000 rupiah.

How to distinguish genuine and fake anti-radiation glasses?

There are several ways to distinguish genuine anti-radiation glasses from fake ones (Photo: Shutterstock)
There are several ways to distinguish genuine anti-radiation glasses from fake ones (Photo: Shutterstock)

One of the best ways is to visit optical glasses directly or buy it online at an official eyewear shop. In some well-known optics, anti-radiation glasses are sold at prices starting from 100 thousand rupiah. What if you want to buy online? Well, before you make a payment, make sure you can distinguish the original from the fake, by reading the detailed product description first. Usually online buying and selling sites, such as Bukalapak, already have a chat feature to ask the seller. you can ask in advance about the product more fully.


The way

Mengknow the market price

Generally, the Indonesian market offers around Rp100,000 – Rp300,000

Knowing information related to eyewear brands

For example you want to buy the RayBan brand. This brand rarely offer cheap prices. Most glasses branded The original is priced quite high.

Read product details carefully

It’s not enough to read the product title or name. Read the product details contain a lot of information that is important for prospective buyers. Starting from the original, frame size, etc.

Chat Pelapak

Don’t hesitate to ask the pelapak directly via the chat feature available.

What is the Effectiveness of Using Anti Radiation Glasses?

To find out effective or not the use of this type of glasses certainly can not be given a general benchmark. The results will be different for each user or subjectively. Whether or not this use is effective depends directly on the user. You could say it will not be effective and optimal if it is used on people who have eye problems. If you have a minus eye, you need to use a minus lens plus an anti-radiation coating.

In contrast to eyes with normal vision without minuses, cataracts, or other problems. Anti-radiation glasses without a prescription can work very effectively. Prevent digital eye strain which is a condition of tired eyes and eyesight becomes unfocused when staring at the screen the monitor too long. Helps vision become clearer.

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Don’t Forget to Do This to Maintain Eye Health

Maintaining eye health is actually not difficult (Photo: Shutterstock)
Maintaining eye health is actually not difficult (Photo: Shutterstock)

There are several easy ways you can do to keep your eyes healthy.

Perform the 20-20-20 Strategy

What is a 20-20-20 strategy? A vision expert, Jeff Anshell applies 20-20-20 rules, how to divert the eye from the screen every 20 minutes, to other objects within 20 feet (about 6 meters), for 20 seconds.

Set visibility with the screen

Working too seriously, so as not to realize the view is getting closer to the screen. Avoid this, give a distance of about 50-60cm between the eyes and the screen.

Adjust computer and room light

Love your eyes, don’t let your eyes work hard on reading or looking at light that is too dim or too bright. Adjust the contrast on the computer, do not miss the lighting in the room.

Prevent digital eye strain or maintain eye health you also need to balance with body conditions. Work on, don’t forget to rest. Manage your work schedule, play, and rest well. Protect your eyes from computer radiation by using anti-radiation glasses purchased at Bukalapak.


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