How To Get Rid Of Youtube Ads On Android And PC Easily

How To Get Rid Of Youtube Ads- Watching videos on Youtube is really fun. But sometimes there are often advertisements that suddenly appear. But you don’t need to worry because now there are several ways we can use to delete ads on Youtube.

Ads that appear will come both at the beginning and in the middle of the video, obviously very annoying when we’re busy watching videos on YouTube.

These ads have different durations, but usually after running the ad for 5 seconds we can skip it by pressing the skip ad button.

Although the advertisements that appear usually depend on our browsing habits. But actually YouTube viewers feel uncomfortable.

To get rid of this ad, we can use applications and extensions like Adblocker that you can use on your PC or on your Android smartphone.

Now, for more details, continue to refer to this article so you know how.

Eliminate Youtube Ads on Android


For those of us who use Android, we can eliminate advertisements on Youtube with the Adblock application.

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How to skip advertisements on Youtube:

  • First, download and install the AdClear application on our mobile.
  • Then open the application. Policy and privacy displayed. Scroll down and select the two small boxes, then select I agree.
  • Then press OK to activate it. We will receive a message and then press OK.
  • Select Install Certificate for maximum access. Then press OK.
  • Open the settings, scroll down and turn off some of the applications you want to remove ads.
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Eliminate Youtube Ads on Google Chrome

adblock chrome

AdBlock is a browser extension as an ad filtering and blocking program for browsing Google Chrome, Apple Safari (desktop and cellular), Firefox, Opera, and the Microsoft Edge web browser. AdBlock allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being displayed.

If you use the Chrome browser on a computer. You can use an extension tool that is on chrome to be able to block ads that often appear on the Youtube site.

The method is only simple so that we can use the AdBlocker or AdBlocker extension that we can get at the Chrome Web Store.

Install one of these ad blocking extensions. After that, you activate the AdBlocker extension that you have installed.

Then the ad will not automatically appear on Youtube again.

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Remove Youtube Ads on Mozilla FireFox

adblock mozila

It’s the same if we use the browser on Mozilla Firfox as your main browser.

You only need and add the Adblocker extension and activate it on your Firefox.

How to add extensions or addons to Firefox is to open the Firefox menu and then select Addons.

Then we go to the Get Add-ons page. Scroll down until we find See more extensions.

Then enter and find the ad blocker. Select the Adblocker extension that we want.

Or you can also visit Firefox Addons. Click the button below.

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So those are some options and ways to get rid of ads on YouTube that often interfere with your comfort while watching videos on YouTube. Use one of the methods above according to the device that you are using, Hopefully useful.

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What is AdBlock?

AdBlock is a browser extension as an ad filtering and blocking program for browsing Google Chrome, Apple Safari (desktop and cellular), Firefox, Opera, and the Microsoft Edge web browser.

How do you turn off the ad blocker?

Click the menu button and then click Add-ons. On the Add-ons Manager tab, select Extensions. Click Disable to turn off AdBlock or click Activate to enable AdBlock.

Is AdBlock safe?

It is true that, the AdBlock extension is safe. We know it won’t steal your data, although like other answers it shows it has the technical ability to do it. However, the Chrome extension is secretly and automatically updated


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