How to Restore Indonesian on the Oppo Cellphone

How to Restore Indonesian on the Oppo Cellphone- Maybe now you suddenly experience a position on your Oppo cellphone suddenly changing to Chinese.

This can be confusing to anyone who intentionally or mistakenly changes their language settings to Chinese writing, or who has received cellphone shipments abroad and want to change their language to Indonesia.

This might be due to a system error, or you might accidentally pressed the code * # 008 # due to a friend’s willingness or fake advertisement.

If you don’t believe, try pressing the calling code above. There are many YouTube users who have created video verification codes. You can check it.

When you press the code, the cellular language automatically changes to Mandarin. This, of course, makes it difficult to reach the menu on the HP menu.

All languages ​​change, so even if you only try simple settings, it’s difficult to enter the settings menu.

Oppo began his career in Indonesia in 2013 and continues to develop positively. Maybe if you’ve heard that the quality of Chinese smartphones is always low.

But Oppo proved it different. Oppo was developed in China and can provide quality mobile phones, offering a wide range of products to consumers worldwide.

There are products offered at low prices, some of which are included in the expensive class. Of course, the higher the price, the more premium features consumers will have.

Oppo focuses on the multimedia and photo cellular sector. Now, almost everyone will hear the OPPO brand, then they will take good pictures. There is no doubt, especially for selfies.

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How to Restore Indonesian on the HP Oppo

how to restore Indonesian on the hp oppo

Actually the easiest way to change the language of your Android smartphone is to do a factory reset via recovery mode.

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However, not all Android phone owners worry about data loss, so I don’t agree to restore the settings back to factory settings.

OPPO cell phone owners who want to change their language from Chinese to Indonesian are a challenge for you. When writing is a difficult problem to understand, like the Latin alphabet in general.

Here are the steps

  • First find the settings icon / menu on your HP Oppo.
  • Second, choose a menu with icons like the letter A.
  • Third, choose from the bottom menu.
  • Fourth, go directly to the language menu options. Search and select Indonesian.
  • To confirm that the fifth language has been changed to Indonesian, please select the menu as shown below.
  • Wait a few seconds because the sixth opposition will be emptied black for a while. After that the language will change to Indonesian. And the next step is to change this region to Indonesia.
  • Finally, congratulations on changing Mandarin to Indonesian on your favorite OPPO phone.
how to change Indonesian on hp oppo

You can also use the Google search engine to find the language settings menu on Android HP.

Open the page Google Translate, then enter one sentence at a time and the sentence will be translated into Chinese.

The results are then found in the Android HP Settings menu, which is exactly the same or similar to the previously translated word.

You can apply it to any oppo phone in the following ways: Some that have been tested are Oppo A37f, Oppo A71 and other Oppo while still using ColorOS.

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See also:

That’s the way to change the Chinese language to Indonesian for OPPO cellphone which is sometimes very confusing to change it, hopefully with the above method your problem can be overcome, Hopefully useful and Thank you.


What is OPPO?

OPPO Electronics Corp. It is an electronics manufacturer based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Its main products include MP3 players, portable media players, LCD TVs, e-books, DVD / Blu-ray and cellphones.

Where is Oppo from?

Oppo phones are branded phones from China, namely China.

Why does my cellphone turn into Chinese?

It might be due to a system error, or you might accidentally pressed the code * # 008 # or the ignorance of a friend or from a fake ad.


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