10 Best Gangster Films I Don’t Want to Miss

Besides the film action, gangster and mafia-themed shows are also interesting. In fact, not infrequently gangster films embed a raw scene that makes fun. But some are displaying more vile visuals and makes us horrified and aching when watching.

Gangster films depicting rivalries or feuds between camps indeed often color the world of cinema. In fact, Indonesian actor Iko Uwais also managed to star in a gangster film called The Raid which was a huge success. Remarkably, thanks to this film Iko’s acting career managed to penetrate the world of Hollywood.

Recommended best gangster films

If you want to feel the tension over the story conflict in a gangster film, you really have to be very selection. Because a lot of gangster films that seem exciting even though the storyline is disappointing. So you can add to your favorite movie list and share it with friends, this is the best gangster movie recommendation that you must watch.

1. The Irishman

Yes, this film is indeed long enough for the size of a film. But you should try watching the best gangster movie, starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci. Of course, because the third acting is no doubt.

The Irishman film tells the story of a mercenary mafia and World War II veterans who are honing their ‘skills’ during service in Italy.

2. The Godfather

The gangster film, starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, tells the story of the second character who is a leader of a criminal family in New York. In a gangster type movie, The Godfather rated as a film that gives a big influence on the world of cinema.

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3. The Raid

Who is really proud of our homeland actor, Iko Uwais? No wonder so many are amazed at him. Moreover, Iko is considered very appropriate acting in the film The raid. In addition to being good at acting, Iko is also indeed very skilled in the world of martial arts. Amazingly, the film The raid received positive criticism abroad!

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4. Public Enemies

Played by Johnny Depp as the main actor, gangster film Public Enemies this turned out to be taken from a true story. Film Public Enemies tell a story about the business of an FBI agent Melvin Purvis to catch criminals John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and Pretty Boy Floyd.

The three big-time criminals are wanted because they have robbed a bank with a large amount of loss. This plot even killed many lives including the police.

5. Uncut Gems

If you want to see Adam Sandler play a serious character, you have to watch gangster movies Uncut Gems. In this film, Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) acts as the owner of illegal luxury jewelry and booty. But he was in debt because of the hobby of gambling.

One time he succeeded in ordering a stone that gave a miracle and was believed to be able to pay his debts. But the stone was actually borrowed and not returned by an NBA player. Howard was always staked out by executioners and his life was threatened.

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6. Snatch

Gangster film titled Snatch it tells the story of the criminal world in London. Uniquely, this film has two different stories that are interconnected. The first story tells of a diamond robbery and another about a boxing player. The two are interrelated when a group of criminals led by Frank goes to a fence to sell diamonds.

On the way, Frank’s group meets with other criminals who want to trap them. In scene this is the relationship between the group of robbers began to relate to the boxer and promoter.

7. Goodfellas

The film Goodfellas tells the story of the rise and fall of mafia member Henry Hill and his friends in the period 1955-1980. The film, starring Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, is an adaptation of a novel called Nicholas Pileggi’s novel Wiseguy.

In this film, you will realize that there are no good gangsters, but all of them are just to benefit and enrich yourself.

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8. Layer Cake

Film Cake Layer it tells the story of gangsters in the UK who tells the story of a cocaine businessman. Interestingly, the character played by Daniel Craig does not have a name. He is only known as XXXX.

But competition between drug kingpins is becoming more and more sadistic. The cocaine businessman XXXX and his men were threatened with death by the Serbian mafia.

9. American Gangster

This American Gangster film is based on a true story about Frank Lucas, played by Denzel Washington. In the 1970s, Frank was known as a respected black narcotics mafia in New York.

With all the benefits he gets and makes him rich, Lucas lives his life in all-round luxury. In fact he succeeded in silencing justice enforcers. But things changed after he went in and out of jail because of his actions.

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10. Lawless

The best gangster film that you must watch is Lawless. The true story raised in this film tells the story of the Bondurant family who sell liquor illegally. The success of the Bondurant family also added to the fierce competition. As a result they have to deal with other gangster members.

That’s the best gangster movie recommendations that you really must watch. Besides fun, you can find out biographies of some of the crimes that harm the US country!


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