Indosat Ooredooo Local Internet Quota

How to use Indosat’s local internet quota– Indosat Ooredoo has recently released a new program for its customers of the Local Quota internet package from Indosat. Check out the additional bonus of the city on Indosat’s official website.

Indosat Ooredoo customers can enjoy local quota in the Freedom Combo package program, and internet packages can use the myCare application or dialing code * 123 #.

Regional quota bonus can be used during the active period and can be extended to the same package in certain regions. If all local quota bonuses are used, the default quota is used.

Indosat Ooredoo or PT. Indosat Tbk is a telecommunications company in Indonesia, which is engaged in telecommunications services and networks.

As Indosat Ooredoo services increase, the number of customers increases every year.

In 2011, the company was able to control 21% of the market, and in 2013 it had 58.5 million customers. In 2015, the number of customers increased to 68.5 million.

The products offered by Indosat Ooredoo are communication channels with various product options and programs, prepaid programs with products such as Mentari Ooredoo and IM3 Ooredoo. Along with the Matrix Ooredoo product, there are also postpaid programs.

Other services provided by Indosat Ooredoo are communication channels for international direct calls (IDD) through fixed telephone voice. There are also MIDI services (multimedia, internet and data communication).

How to use Indosat Ooredoo’s Local Internet Quota

how to use Indosat local quota

In Indonesia there are six operators, Bolt, Telkomsel, Hutchison Tri, Smartfren, XL Axiata and Indosat Ooredoo. And all operators will compete to provide the best service to their customers, including Indosat Ooredoo.

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Each communication service offers a variety of services, ranging from signal quality to various discounts to a choice of Internet and telephone packages. But now, customers who choose internet packages are changing. Apart from that, Millennials now prefer the internet for chat and phone calls.

Indosat Ooredoo does not want to waste the opportunity of this millennial or young generation. Indosat Ooredoo, the largest telecommunications service company in Indonesia, is loved by young people because there are always promotions for local SMS, telephone and internet quotas.

Indosat Local Quota is a program that was started specifically for Indosat Ooredoo customers who like to use the Internet. Indosat Local Quota is a quota with special benefits that only applies in certain regions and is available for maximum network quality.

Freedom Combo packages are included in Indosat’s local quota offer, so you can only use local quota bonuses if your customers register for Freedom Combo packages or other Internet packages in certain areas.

The Terms and Conditions that apply in the use of Local Quota from Indosat Ooredo. Among them are as follows.

Terms and conditions

Indosat local quota can be used with the following conditions:

  • Customers must register package extensions or Freedom Combo packages in accordance with Non 4G Area Areas
  • Indosat local quota available depending on 24-hour coverage
  • The use of Indosat local quota is rounded per 500Kb.
  • Registration in the 4G region does not allow customers to get local quota.


The above conditions are subject to change at any time in accordance with Indosat Ooredooo telecommunications service provider policies.

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That is our discussion on How to use local quota from Indosat Ooredo00. Hopefully useful and thank you.


What is local quota?

local quota is an internet quota or package that can only be used in the area or zone where the package is activated.

Is local quota cheaper?

Local quotas are usually cheaper than regular quotas. because of reduced freedom of use.

How do you activate the Indosat local quota package?

You can register the apket in the application myCare or dialing code * 123 #.


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