Skin Cream, Korea’s Latest Skincare Trend that You Must Know!

Currently in Korea the trend is in its name skin cream. What is that skin cream and what’s the difference with Glass skin which previously became a trend too? Come on, find out about skin cream, trends skincare The latest Korea that you must know.

Skin cream, trends skincare The latest Korea that you must know.

As is well known that in Korea there was a trend called glass skin, which is a skin condition that looks so glowing and supple that it is metamorphored to glow like glass. However, skin cream this turned out to be very different.

Skin cream is a type of product skincare, not a skin condition like glass skin. Product skincare like what skin cream this? Just find out right away yuk, about skin cream which is trending in Korea.

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1. Skincare products that shorten the skincare routine process


If to get glass skin, process skincare that must be passed sangatlah long, alias can be up to 10 steps, skin cream this actually appears to shorten the process skincare routine.

Yes, skin cream This takes the principle that less is more, aka fewer is better. That’s the product skin cream This combines the benefits of two products skincare at once. So you can get the results of healthy and moist skin by using this product, instead of having to do 10 steps such as routine to get glass skin.

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2. Skincare that combines two types of products


Maybe the name skin cream This is a bit confusing because it is considered a skin condition like glass skin. But actually in Korea, said skin (스킨, read as follows), this does not always mean skin. Skin in Korea it is often used as a word to refer to toner or essence. That is why this product is referred to as skin cream, because it blends cream (moisturizer) and skin (toner / essence).

Yes, product skin cream this is a liquid consistency like toner or essence but the content and function is more than essence or toner. This product can avoid and deeply moisturize the skin and still feel light on the skin.

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3. How to use and what are the effects?


You can use this product after washing your face. How to use it like essence, which is directly poured on the hands and patted gently on the entire surface of the facial skin evenly.

Because of its liquid consistency, products skin cream this will easily sink in and generally doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. The effect, the skin will feel hydrated and much softer. Even more plump or chewy.

4. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily ones


Product skin cream This basically can be used on all skin types, but of course you need to pay attention to the ingredients again because each product must be different. Especially for you whose skin is sensitive.

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Skin cream This is also very suitable for you whose oily skin, because of its function which can hydrate deeply but still feel light on the skin. It makes it not easy to clog pores and make the chips feel even more oily.

Then is there no need to wear moisturizer again after wearing it? Although it can hydrate and moisturize deeply, you are advised to keep using it moisturizer or moisturizer again afterwards. Especially if you are a dry skin type. The thing is, you still need to lock everything skincare used to work optimally.

However, for you whose skin is very oily, you can see the condition of your skin, if your skin feels very hydrated and moist after use skin cream, then you can skip the moisturizer, especially in the morning (use immediately sunblock or primary). However, for the night you should still use another moisturizer so that skin moisture is maintained during sleep.

Or if you use it at night, and want to use a sleeping mask, then you can skip the moisturizer and use it right away sleeping mask after wearing skin cream this.

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5. Recommended products that you can try

Trend skin cream this is arguably originally started by Laneige who released the product Laneige Cream Skin Refiner Hydrating Toner. This product is a blend of hydrating toner and moisturizer which guarantees to make the skin hydrated, feels moist and soft.

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But after that, more and more Korean beauty brands are releasing products skin cream. Among other things, COSRX Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream with ingredients niacinamidevitamin C and hyaluronic AC ID which can make the skin feel moist and brighten at the same time. Apart from that, you can also try it product skin cream from other brands, namely The Yeon Liquid Cream and Hanskin Avocado Cream Skin.

So how? Are you interested in trying product trends skin cream this?


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