Check Samsung Mobile Phones – How To Know Genuine Samsung! See How

How to Check Samsung Phones- Samsung is one of the giant brands in the gadget world. When we want to buy a Samsung cellphone. Of course we have to check if the cellphone is genuine and good. We can verify this using a number of ways to check which Samsung phones we will discuss.

Samsung is a very famous brand. Of course many fraudsters use the name Samsung to make HDC replicas or products. They make it in the same physical form but use very different devices.

So, when we want to buy a Samsung cell phone, we have to check it first. Especially if we buy a used cellphone. How to check Samsung Below.

How to Check Samsung Mobile with IMEI

The first step to ascertain whether your Samsung mobile phone is genuine or not is to check the similarity of the IMEI number. We can equate the IMEI number on the cellphone with the one in the box.

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How to check Samsung IMEI:

  • First of all turn on our Samsung cellphone. Then open the contact list.
  • Then press * # 06 # and press “call”.
  • IMEI number information will appear. The amount of IMEI depends on the number of SIM cards in the cellphone. If our Samsung phone has two SIM cards, IMEI 1 and IMEI 2. It will appear, however, if Samsung HP only has one SIM card, only one IMEI will appear.
  • Then take the Samsung HP box. Then, match the IMEI on the HP with the IMEI in the box. Make sure both are the same. If not, there is a possibility that the Samsung HP is fake or KW.

Check Samsung Phone Types Via Website

The next way is to check our Samsung cellphone type. Is the type of cellphone in accordance with what we have or not.

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How to check the type of Samsung mobile phone

1 Start a web browser using an HP or PC

Type it to check our Samsung cellphone type.

Then information about the types and brands of our cellphones will appear. Next, make sure the HP model is the same as the Samsung HP.

And the most important thing in the brand column that contains SAMSUNG. This is to prove that our HP brand is Samsung.

Apart from that, we can also check information about the specifications of our Samsung mobile phones. In this table, we can find out the specifications of our Samsung mobile phones. Such as screen dimensions, cellphone weight, type of SIM card used, battery capacity, and other information.

If we want to see more detailed information about Samsung HP specifications. Click the Read More button.

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See Countries (MadeIn)

Then we can check the country which consists of our cellphones from Samsung. There are many countries that produce Samsung mobile phones such as Korea, Germany, America, China and other countries.

How to check Samsung-made cellphones:

Still on the page. The IMEI code is a series of numbers that have meaning. Note the numbers 7 and 8 on the HP IMEI.

The second number is the code where our cellphone is made. Either in Europe, China, America or others. The following code description, country of origin and quality.

Check Samsung_imei's cellphone
  • 00: Samsung Developers, cellphone quality is very good.
  • 02/20: Origin from Asian countries. Bad quality phone.
  • 04/40: Origin of India. The quality of the mobile is very good.
  • 06/60: Origin of China. Good cellphone quality.
  • 01/10: Originally Finland. Good cellphone quality.
  • 05/50: Origin of the United States. The quality of the smartphone is very good.
  • 03/30: Originally from Korea. Producing very good quality.
  • 07: Origin of Germany. The quality of the mobile is very good.
  • 08/80: Origin of Germany. Producing very good quality.
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Check Hardware

The final method is to check the components or devices available on the cellphone. Such as screen sensitivity, camera, speaker, vibration, etc. Of course, the hardware test list on each type of Samsung cell phone will be different.

How to check HP Hardware:

  1. Open the contact dial. Then press * # 0 * # and press Call.
  2. Next we will face a list of hardware tests. Where we will use this list to check our Samsung HP devices.
Check Samsung mobile phones
  • Black, Red, Green and Blue
    This menu is used to test basic colors on our Samsung HP monitors. Then, press the back button twice to return to the main menu.
  • Receiver
    This option is used to test the Receiver (speaker for receiving calls, etc.). If we press the Recipient option, a beep sounds. Then we can ensure that the recipient is working properly.
  • Vibration
    The Vibration menu is then used to test whether the HP can vibrate. When we press the button, our cellphone vibrates, the vibrator functions normally.
  • Dimming
    This menu is used to test the screen. Whether our cellphone screen can be dimmed or not. Open the menu and drag down to dim the screen. If it works, there is no problem with this function. Press the back button twice to return to the main menu.
  • Front Cam and Mega Cam
    This feature can be used to test the main camera (Mega Cam) and front camera (front camera). If the camera is operating normally, you can make sure there are no problems with the camera hardware.
  • Sensor
    This option is used to scan sensors. Like an accelerometer sensor that measures the vibration and acceleration of Earth’s gravity.
  • Touch
    This feature can be used to test the sensitivity of your Samsung touch screen. To return to the main menu, we must complete this test. By the way, we have to touch all the boxes until green.
  • To sleep
    Sleep is used to test whether our monitor can die briefly to save battery.
  • speaker
    This feature we can use to test the speaker. Does our cellphone speaker function normally or not.
  • Sub Key
    Sub Key is used to test keys on mobile. Like the back button, home, power, volume, and so on. The trick is to press these buttons one by one. If the screen changes color when we press the button it will be normal.
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Those are some ways to check the authenticity and condition of Samsung mobile phones. Be careful when you want to buy a thorough Samsung mobile phone in shopping, Thank you.


What is Samsung?

Samsung is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. which was founded by Lee Byung-chull on March 1, 1938 in Daegu, South Korea

How to find out the original Samsung and HDC

Check the IMEI in the Samsung smartphone box> open the website > then type in the web column

What is meant by Samsung HDC?

HDC stands for High Detailed Copy, is a manufacturer that manufactures replica phones


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