100% Cashback Program Information Promotional Balance

Terms and Conditions for the 100% Cashback Promo Promotion Balance

1. Pelapak will get 100% cashback (maximum Rp 100,000, in the form of Promotional Balance) when you top up the Promotion Budget for the first time during the campaign period (4 July 2020 – 31 July 2020).

2. This promo only applies to Pelapak who receive this chat.

3. Cashback will be given at the end of every 2 (two) weeks during the campaign.

4. Cashback not applicable to top up the Promotional Budget using a Balance and Offensive Loan.

5. Bukalapak has the right not to give cashback to Pelapak if it is found that Pelapak transaction is deemed to be deviant and violates the Bukalapak provisions

6. Bukalapak has the right to take the necessary actions if an action is taken by Pelapak that is deemed to have violated the Bukalapak provisions.

7. Bukalapak has the right to make adjustments to the terms and conditions of this program without prior notice.

8. These terms and conditions are not separate from the general provisions of Bukalapak regarding Promoted Push feature.

9. By using Promoted Push, the pelapak is considered to understand and agree to all of these terms and conditions.

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