Makeup Tutorial by Lisa & # 039; BLACKPINK & # 039; in the MV & # 039; How You Like That & # 039;

Want to appear edgy and fierce like Lisa & # 039; BLACKPINK & # 039; in MV (music video) How do you like that? Makeup look this can be your inspiration to produce a display makeup that looks bold and look mature. Display makeup This is also suitable for you to use when you want to go to formal events at night. Following makeup tutorial Lisa BLACKPINK in the video How You Like That.

This makeup tutorial ala Lisa & # 039; BLACKPINK & # 039; in MV How You Like That.

You can notice that Lisa’s main makeup look in the MV How You Like That is emphasizing eye makeup with eyeliner thick black, but combined with color eyeshadow the chocolate one nude and gold also chocolate lipstick nude semi- coral plus it complexion that flawless. Make her eye makeup more prominent and visible fierce. Can’t wait to try it? Come on, immediately practice the makeup tutorial by Lisa & # 039; BLACKPINK & # 039; in MV How You Like That follows.

1. Use priming water so that base makeup is more integrated into the skin

Before starting to use base makeup, Use priming water that is useful to make makeup more durable, complexion more integrated in the skin while moisturizing the face. For those of you who have combination or oily skin types, Studio Tropik Original Priming Water is a variant priming water that suits you

When sprayed before wearing makeup makeup, this product is able to make makeup looks smoother, more even, and doesn’t seem putty or thick. The face will feel comfortable even when using makeup all day long.

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2. Apply primer with matte results

In makeup look here, Lisa looks flawless with display complexion that matte. Before using foundation, apply mattifying primer to make money complexion that matte and more durable. Type primary This is also suitable for you who have oily or combination skin.

One of primary with result matte what you can try is NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Primary Stop. This product has a gel-like texture and is able to make the skin look smooth while covering the pores.

3. Use Moonshot Micro Correctfit Cushion for fawless complexions

Want a face look visible flawless like Lisa? You can use Moonshot Micro Correctfit Cushion that can even out skin tone naturally. Despite the results cushion this semi-matte finish, this product still feels moist on the skin and can be used for all skin types. Cushion it comes in three choices shades which you can adjust to skin tone your skin.

4. Concealer to cover eye bags

Makeup look Lisa in MV How You Like That, he looks fresh with use concealer which is brighter to reducehighlights under eye area. The way is easy, choose it concealer with a color one level brighter than the original color of your skin.

Apply concealer under the eyes with a triangle shape and blend with sponge makeup. To usehighlights under eye area, select concealer with coverage natural ones like The Same Cover Perfection Tip Concealer.

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5. Use brow mascara to frame eyebrows naturally

In makeup look here, Lisa looks fierce with the appearance of black eyebrows that match the color of his hair. No need to use eyebrow pencil, just apply Brow Mascara to frame eyebrows naturally. One of Brow Mascara that you can try to produce look This is Rollover Reaction Flight shade Espresso.

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6. Brown and gold eyeshadow to emphasize the shape of the eye

Lisa does have a large eye shape. You can also get eyes like Lisa through the game eyeshadow. In order not to overdo it, Lisa uses eyeshadow chocolate on the bottom of the petal combined with gold (but not glitter) At the top.

Blend evenly throughout the eyelid and at the bottom of the eye to frame the eye thoroughly. For eyeshadow You can use Moonshot Powder Block shade M05.

7. Black eyeliner to make eyes look sharper and fierce

Besides eyeshadow chocolate, use eyeliner Black is also very important to make the eyes look more alive. One product eyeliner what you can try is Urban Eyes Pencil Noir Intense which produces a deep black color. This product is the formula waterproof so it’s not easy to wear off and last long.

Use eyeliner which is drawn along the eye line to pass through the eye tail and shape wing at the tip of the eye. Apply too eyeliner black on underline the eye to make the eyes appear bigger and firmer.

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8. Bronzer to make the cheeks look thin

If you have a round face like Lisa, you can handle it using bronzer to disguise the shape of the cheek chubby Apply bronzer in the jawbone and also use the nose area to make it look more pointed.

Tips ala Lisa, choose a color bronzer two levels darker than genuine leather. You can use the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, the results of which will look natural on the face.

9. Chocolate lipstick for lips that look full but still natural

In makeup look Here, Lisa uses a brown lipstick that is applied a little past the outer lip line. Techniques for using lipstick like this will make the lips look fuller and the face look more mature. You can try Moonshot Cream Paint Lightfit shade M811 which produces a natural brown color without making lips dry.

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10. Use diamond face stickers to make the makeup more shaky

Characteristic of makeup look Lisa in the video How You Like That is usage diamond face sticker used in the eye area. Use diamond sticker in this eye area will make makeup look more edgy and interesting. The method is also very easy, just paste it diamond sticker small size under the eyebrows and under the eyes.

So, interested to try makeup look ala Lisa & # 039; BLACKPINK & # 039; in MV How You Like That this?


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