Enjoy 1.5% Cashback with Bigger Super Seller Benefits!

Greetings Pelapak!

Thank you for your loyalty in selling and serving the needs of the Indonesian people in Bukalapak.

There are many interesting features that Pelapak can enjoy when joining as a Super Seller in Bukalapak. Pelapak can get all the features and benefits listed in this article, no additional fees!

Please note, Bukalapak applies Super Seller service fees as shown in the table below. Pelapak will also accept cashback by 1.5% from sales transactions that are transferred directly to BukaDompet balance.

More information can be listened to below, yes.

Super Seller Service Fee Conditions

1. The Super Seller service fee scheme applies to all participants registered in the Bukalapak Super Seller Program.

2. Service fee scheme and cashback this will apply to transactions paid starting July 13, 2020 at 18:00 WIB.

3. Service fee schemes and cashback This also applies to transactions that occur through a Flash Deal.

Table of Bukalapak Super Seller service fee schemes starting July 13, 2020

Package Name Categories / Subcategories of Goods Service Fee Cashback Service Fees
Bronze Package Subcategories: Air Conditioning, Refrigerators & Showcases, Washing Machines, Televisions, Vacuum Cleaners, Cellphones & Smartphones, Prime Cards, Tablets, Digital Cameras, Desktops, Laptops, Mini PCs, Servers, Original Software 4% 1.5%
Bronze Package Categories: Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Children’s Fashion, Household, Industrial, Bicycles, Cars, Parts and Accessories, Motorcycle, Sports 5% 1.5%
Bronze Package Other categories 4% 1.5%
Silver Package All Categories 5% 1.5%
Gold Package All Categories 7% 1.5%

Cashback Conditions for Super Seller Service Fees

1. Cashback given is 1.5% of the total transaction value which is subject to Super Seller service fees.

2. Cashback will be given through the opening balance of the Pelapak competitor.

3. Cashback will be given no later than 1 x 24 hours on working days from the date the transaction is completed.

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4. Cashback calculation will be based on transactions that have been completed starting from the date July 13, 2020 at 18:00.

5. Transaction that is completed but partially passes on funds, the cashback granting process will be carried out on Thursday every week, with cut-off completed transactions are Thursday through Wednesday the previous week

6. Bukalapak has the right to not give Cashback to Pelapak if it is found that Pelapak transaction is deemed to be deviant and violates the Bukalapak provisions

7. Bukalapak has the right to take the necessary actions in the event of an action taken by the Pelapak who is deemed to have violated the Bukalapak provisions.

8. Bukalapak has the right to make adjustments to the terms and conditions of this program without prior notice.

9. These terms and conditions are not separate from Bukalapak’s general provisions regarding Super Seller and BukaMall.

10. By following the Super Seller, the pelapak is considered to understand and agree to all of these terms and conditions.

What are the potentials that you get when you become a Super Seller?

Based on Bukalapak internal data research:

1. Super Seller gets 1.7 times the number of buyer visits more than non-Super Seller.

2. Pelapak who join the Super Seller get a transaction increase of up to 1.5x compared to non-Super Seller.

3. Pelapak Super Seller can be seen up to 5 Million potential buyers at each campaign Bukalapak.

In addition to the benefits that already exist, there are now the latest advantages to become a Super Seller in Bukalapak

1. Free Postage Voucher and Super Seller special Cashback, and EXTRA Voucher Special Super Seller Silver and Gold

Make your stalls more in demand with the support of Super Seller Vouchers from Bukalapak. Buyers will get a Free Ongkir voucher and a special Cashback for shopping at Super Seller. Buyers will also get Free Postage and EXTRA Cashback with a larger subsidy amount!

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Free EXTRA Postage Voucher and EXTRA Cashback for buyers in your shanties
Free EXTRA Postage Voucher and EXTRA Cashback for buyers in your shanties

2. More likely to be seen by buyers

Your stall will be seen more by buyers with the Super Seller label and the EXTRA Voucher, quick filter and priority on the search page, along with the opportunity to join the promo campaign Bukalapak every month no additional costs.

3. Special booth subsidy vouchers for Super Seller

You can increase your Lapak sales by using the subsidized Lapak Voucher feature specifically for Super Seller, for Free Postage and Cashback vouchers. Bukalapak will give subsidies up to 70% for vouchers that you give to buyers!

You can learn more about Subsidy Stall Vouchers on this page.

4. Product exposure and stall vouchers in the Campaign

Make your merchandise and stalls vouchers more visible to buyers by following campaign in Bukalapak. Super Sellers who have registered and are selected, have the opportunity to get a special page to give exposure to your Product Sales and Lapak Vouchers.

You can study campaign which is running on this page.

Product exposures and stall vouchers in the Campaign
Product exposures and stall vouchers in the Campaign

5. Bonus promotional budget and instant reviews are now greater

By becoming a Super Seller, you can get even bigger bonuses when you buy Promotional features like Promoted Push and Instant Reviews.


Super Seller Bronze

Super Seller Silver

Super Seller Gold

Promotional Budget Bonuses and Instant Reviews

Promotional budget bonuses for every promotion budget purchase plus an additional monthly budget and Instant Review Package. Learn more.

5% promotional budget bonus + Instant Gold Review

10% promotional budget bonus + Instant Platinum Review

12% promotional budget bonus + Instant Diamond Review

6. Campaign for Pelapak

As a Super Seller, you will be entitled to participate campaign pelapak which is held every month with prizes of hundreds of millions of rupiah. Some campaign which are implemented include:

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– Excursion Special Pelapak

– Harvesting THR with total prizes of IDR100 million

– Shocked money with a total prize of Rp170 million

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to simulate the latest Super Seller and Cashback Service Fee Scheme?

If I am a Super Seller bronze package that has finished making a sale on July 14, 2020, with the following sales details:

Item sold:

– Casing Xiaomi Mi A3 (Mobile Accessories Subcategory), with a price of Rp 100,000

How much does the Super Seller service cost me? How much cashback do I get? When will I get the latest cashback?


– Super Seller service fees:

IDR 100,000 x 4% (bronze package service fee in the HP & Smartphone sub-category) = IDR 4,000

– Cashback obtained:

IDR 100,000 x 1.5% (cashback service fee) = IDR 1,500

– When will cashback be given at the latest?

1 x 24 hours working days from July 14, 2020, which is on July 15, 2020

2. How do I see the Super Seller Service fee cashback that I have received?


– Open the Bukalapak Seller Center page on the link https://seller.bukalapak.com/dashboard.

– On the Seller Center page, click the OpenDompet tab.

– In the Bukadompet Movements section, check for Cashback from the Super Seller Service Fee that has been received.

3. What if the cashback that I received does not match the transaction that was completed in my shanties?

Answer: You can directly contact BukaHelp at https://bukabantuan.bukalapak.com For next process.

4. How do I find out more about the whole Super Seller program?

Answer: You can visit the page Super Seller FAQ for further explanation about Super Seller.


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