How to send email via Android phone via email or Yahoo

Ways to Send Emails Through Android – Currently for those of you who rarely or for the first time accessing the internet will experience problems when asked to send email on the internet, but for those accustomed to using the internet is not difficult to send email.

What is Email?

E-mail is an abbreviation of Electronic Mail, if interpreted in Indonesian is Electronic Mail. In Indonesia, sometimes we find the abbreviation in the form of E-mail.

It might be used to match the already popular e-mail abbreviations. Email is one of the internet features that is widely used. Whether it’s used to send messages to each other or used to register certain accounts.

Email is one of the internet features that is widely used. Whether it’s used to send messages to each other or used to register certain accounts.

If you are used to accessing the internet it is easy to send files via email. sometimes there are people who are used to using Android but know the steps to send email via Android. See also : How to Use the Mi Drop

Though the steps to send an email are very easy to do, but before sending an email there must be a requirement that you must fulfill, that is, you must have an email address first. If you don’t have an email then you have to register for a free email provider site.

Ways to Send Emails Through Android

Sending Emails Through Android

Yes for those of you who have never sent or do not know how to send email via an android mobile phone, please follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to open the Gmail application on your mobile, if you use an Android smartphone you will find the Gmail application on your mobile.
  2. Then, you select the pencil logo in the lower right corner of the Gmail application.
  3. Fill in the recipient’s email address in the To field, fill in the Subject. The subject is the title or theme of the email to be sent. If you have done the things above, press the arrow keys to send the email. Note: If you want to send email to many users at once you just select Add Cc / Bcc and fill in any email addresses that will be sent.
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How to send an email with attachments

To send an email via an Android mobile phone with an attachment the way is not much different from the steps above, the additional steps we must first select the file to be sent, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Gmail application, select Pencil icon
  2. Fill in the recipient’s address, subject / email title that will be sent to add / attach files, select the pape clip icon at the top.
  3. Then select attach File.
  4. Finally select the file or files you want to send. Don’t forget to click the arrow.

How to Send Emails Using Yahoo

In sending emails via Yahoo using two steps, namely directly accessing Yahoo pages through a browser or using installing the Yahoo application on Android. See also : How to Logout a Youtube Account

Through Yahoo Mobile

When we access the Yahoo page on our android smartphone will be presented to the mobile version, here we easily log in the same way we do on the desktop version of Yahoo.

  1. After opening the Yahoo page from the mobile, it is automatically directed to the mobile version, then enter your email address and password, don’t forget to press Sign In.
  2. After logging in we will be presented with an inbox or Inbox.
  3. To send an email press the Compose Icon logo
  4. Then enter the recipient’s email address under To, Subject / Title of the email in the Subject, and write the contents in the box provided.
  5. If you want to insert / attach a file press the Attachments icon then tap the browse icon to add the file you want to send then press the Upload button, if you already press the Continue button.
  6. The last step, press the Send button.
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Using Yahoo-Android Application

If you do not want to be bothered by always opening and sending emails, we will discuss a little about the Yahoo application on Android.

  1. If you have not installed the yahoo application, please first install the application on your smartphone, then run it and enter the yahoo email address you have that matches the existing username and password.
  2. Press the Compose logo, enter the recipient’s email address, fill in the subject and its contents. If you want to send an email with attachments press the paper clip icon under the Send icon, then find the file that you want to add both images, documents such as pdf, word, and other files on your Android smartphone.
  3. When finished, press the Send button.

That was the discussion that we can share on this occasion with the title How to Send Emails Through Android Phones, hopefully it can be useful and good luck!


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