Honda HR-V 2021: More Manly, Turbo Engine

Apparently believed to appear Honda HR-V 2021. Compared to the current generation, many changes were made. The prospective new Honda car appears more manly and also looks to offer wider dimensions.

The most striking changes seen on the fascia. The current version which tends to offer a calm sporty impression, turns into fierce and seems aggressive. So it’s not surprising that this car will be introduced as an All New Honda HR-V 2021.

Honda HR-V 2021

Not only looks, changes were also made in many other exterior parts. Making this car further emphasizes the aura of toughness typical of the SUV. So even in the engine sector that reportedly received significant improvisation.

For more details, the following information is summarized from various sources.

1 The design changed dramatically

Honda HR-V 2021
Honda HR-V 2021

As explained, significant improvisation was carried out on the appearance of the Honda HR-V 2021. From the looks sector looks more fierce thanks to the large grille design with horizontal motifs. But Honda still maintains a thick chrome accent on the top of the grille that connects the two main lights.

The difference is, the headlights of this car are now made narrow. At first glance similar to the main lights like the Honda CR-V Turbo. While turning to the side, there are body strokes that give the impression of being muscular. The position of the rear door handle also shifts to the lay position, no longer located on the window pillar.

Striking changes are also made in the stern sector which looks more modern. Especially the LED taillights design which at a glance resembles a Honda HR-V Turbo. Another part that is not less interesting is the rear bumper that is made sporty with a shape like a diffusser at the bottom.

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2 Wider dimensions thanks to the new chassis

Honda HR-V 2021
Honda HR-V 2021

Not only in the exterior sector, Honda also called using a new chassis for this car. Compared to the current generation, the chassis used by the Honda HR-V 2021 will have a longer size. As a result, the dimensions of Honda HR-V 2021 certainly will also become broader.

For information, the current generation Honda HR-V has an overall body length of 4.2 meters. Thanks to the use of the new chassis, the Honda HR-V 2021 has been jacked up to 4.4 meters in length. Practically, this addition will provide more room for luggage or second-row seats.

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3. Turbo and hybrid engines?

Honda HR-V 2021
Honda HR-V 2021

Speaking of kitchen runways, mentioned there are several engine options that will be embedded in the Honda HR-V 2021. Honda seems to be still going to maintain the use of the 1,500 cc VTEC engine in this car. The difference is that there will also be an option with Turbo technology. Similar to the one used by the Honda CR-V Turbo.

While the other option is a 1,000 cc engine which is equipped with a turbo. There is also a hybrid engine option, which combines a 1500 cc Turbo VTEC engine with an electric motor. This hybrid engine has also previously been used on the latest Honda Jazz.

When later launched in Indonesia, the choice of engines that enter the possibility is the 1500 cc version N / A or without Turbo, 1500 cc version of the Turbo, and can also be a hybrid version that will deal directly with the Toyota CH-R.

So, what do you think? Honda HR-V 2021 the?

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