How to Get Telkomsel Indosat XL Toll Free without Applications

How to get free credit Want to get credit without credit? This method is suitable for you who want to be free, but credit on their cellphones is high. So how do you do it? let’s see how to get free credit from Telkomsel.

This method is suitable for you who want to be free, but credit on their cellphones is high. When your credit runs out and you don’t have money, no matter how sophisticated your cellphone seems to be no longer useful.

But as we know, quality is sometimes comparable to the price indicated. The costs required for calls and SMS from Telkomsel are relatively more expensive than other telecommunications providers, including internet packages.

Therefore, it makes sense if Telkomsel users are expensive enough to use credit. Telkomsel has provided comprehensive services ranging from SMS packages, national telephone packages, and Internet data packages. In addition there is also a service that can be used to access the Internet for free

Surely you are already curious about this method, right? To stop being curious, there are several ways to get special credit for Telkomsel and various alternative ways to get credit for Telkomsel customers and other vendors.

How to get free credit from MyTelkomsel

how to get free credit

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How to get free 4GB Telkomsel Quota (2GB International + 2GB local)

This trick can only be used by Polytron smartphone users and in restricted areas in Bali, NTT, NTB, and East Java.

  • Enter USSD dialing code * 363 * 69 #
  • Then select Continue
  • Then choose Polytron activation

How to get a free Telkomsel Quota of 300MB up to 2GB

  • Install the Android Roli application on Google Playstore
  • Fill in the data requested for registration purposes
  • Select the package you want
  • Shortly after creating the list, you will immediately receive a free 300MB quota with an active 30 day period.

How to get a free 4GB Telkomsel quota

How to get free Telkomsel quota

  1. Access the menu
    Access the menu or phone call, then enter * 363 * 65 #.
  2. Click OK
    Click OK or the call button.
  3. Type 1
    A new window will appear under “Thank you for exchanging smartphones, type 1 to continue.
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Even if we don’t exchange smartphones, as a trick, type number 1, then click OK or press the call button

A new pop-up option will appear

  • Activation of exchange packages,
  • Package Information.

Choose number 1 to activate the free 4GB package. From this code you can also receive calls, text messages, and free shares of 600MB.

Wait for the confirmation SMS from 3636 to get a 4GB data quota at a price of Rp. 0, –

How to get free flash shares of Telkomsel Quota 2 GB for free

Access the phone menu or press number, then enter * 363 * 951 #

  • Click OK or the call button
  • Wait a few moments, a new pop-up will appear in the form of a 3G / 4G grouping package with a total of 2 GB section
  • Enter number 1 to approve it
  • Done, wait for the SMS notification from 3636 that the package is active

Code about how to get the free Telkomsel Simpati quota

  • * 999 * 260 #
  • * 999 * 606 #
  • * 999 * 307 #
  • * 999 * 303 #
  • * 999 * 252 #

Code to get free Telkomsel Loop Quot

  • * 567 * 1 * 1 #
  • * 567 * 3 * 1 * 1 * 2 * 1 #
  • * 567 * 889 #
  • * 567 * 3030 #

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A quick way to get a Tri 3 quota

You must have an account on the MyTri website. If you don’t have one, create an account on the official website.

It’s simple, just register the number 3 that you use and enter the password to login. You also have to download the application Milky Way for Android or Appstore.

At this time, 3 users cannot register through the MyTri website. But you can still register through the BimaTri application or by sending SMS in format: type Planet3 SMS and send to 333, You will then receive an SMS reply containing the new password.

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To register through the BimaTri application, open and enter your password, email address, and mobile number 3. After having a MyTri / BimaTri account, visit

Then log in using the account previously created. After logging in, look for the 4G package menu on the main page of the Tri website. Choose the package you want to buy.

An example is the purchase of the largest 90GB MAU package for 30 days. So the price will be 199 thousand. Still ignore the price listed.

So, the next step to get 3 free shares is to press Buy and enter the captcha, then enter the email that you have saved.

For maximum results and free internet connection, use number 3 (Tri) which does not have credit.

Then follow the instructions to choose a credit reduction.
Wait a minute until you get the free 3 fees, so there will be a “pending request” statement. Now, if successful, your quota will increase.

For the final step, check your third card section by typing 4G SMS a month, send to 234, complete.

How to get Indosat free credit

The first thing you need to do is to prepare an Indosat Ooredoo card. Take it easy You can use the old card or the new card, then you just send an SMS with QB200K2 format to number 363, wait until you get a reply from the confirmation SMS.

If you don’t get an SMS confirmation reply from Indosat, you can change the code with BJ200KO or with QB100k2 code.

If you get a reply from Indosat containing a notification that you have successfully activated an internet package with a quota of 14 GB with a 4G network,

Is not it? And the 14GB quota that you get is divided into 8.5 GB that you can use for 24 hours, and the remaining 5.5 GB quota can be used at night, precisely at 00.00 – 09.00.

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Now to confirm whether the method of getting the free Indosat Ooredoo 2019 quota works or not, you can check it by sending an SMS with USAGE format and sending it to number 363.

Wait a while until you get a SMS reply from Indosat and check the quota you have.

In addition there are also other ways that you can try to get this free Ooredoo quota, the quota that you can get is also quite large, which is up to 10 GB! Interesting right? This is how to get a free quota.

Customers can still get emergency credit if they go through * 123 * 9110 #. To use credit, customers can buy the active period * 123 #.

Is there a maximum number of transactions in 1 day? For example: the customer currently has an emergency credit, so the customer makes a refund.

On the same day, the customer once again asked. Do customers have to wait until the next day to request XL and AXIS emergency loans again? As long as the emergency credit customer has been approved, the customer can request a refund.

Call * 123 * 9110 # To contact status, call * 123 * 9110 # or request STATUS to send to 911.

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That’s the way to get the free credit that we have written in this article, hopefully it’s useful, good luck and thank you.


How do I get free credit?

There are many ways to get geratis pulses, of course, each exact operator is different for how to get it

How do you get a free Telkomsel quota?

There are some tricks to get free Telkomsel quota, generally to get Telkomsel quota simply type (* 363 #)

Did it work with the trick to get free credit?

This is the most common question, but using tricks like this sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, depending on your luck.


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