3 Prospective Nissan 2020 New Cars in Indonesia, All Electricity?

Closing the production facilities does not mean there is none new Nissan 2020 car in Indonesia. This Japanese manufacturer has even prepared not one, but three new products that are ready to be released in Indonesia in 2020.

Interestingly, one of the three cars that Nissan will release is even an electric car. While the other one is included in the SUV segment with a new look and modern features. Presence new Nissan 2020 car was ready to prove that this manufacturer still exists in Indonesia.

New Nissan 2020 car

The presence of electric cars from Nissan actually has long been heralded. So it is not surprising that the presence of electric cars is included in Nissan’s new product portfolio in 2020. It is even possible that Nissan is launching more than one electric car in Indonesia.

Curious? Here are the leaks of three new Nissan 2020 candidates.

1 Nissan Leaf

New Nissan 2020 car
New Nissan 2020 car (shutterstock)

Nissan has long confirmed the presence of Nissan Leaf in Indonesia. The look of this car is also very attractive with a hatchback design. The use of blue accents in some parts of the exterior also confirms that this car carries electric power.

This car claimed to be able to travel distances of up to 400 km in a state of full battery. This long distance can be achieved thanks to the use of EM57 e-powertrain, with a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery.

The electric motor is capable of producing power of 148 HP, and torque of 320 Nm at 3,200 rpm engine speed. Nissan also claims that Nissan Leaf can reach speeds of 0-100 km / h in 7.9 seconds.

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2. Nissan Kicks

New Nissan 2020 car
New Nissan 2020 car

The next product that Nissan will bring will fill the compact SUV segment, the Nissan Kicks. As an SUV, this car offers a dashing and modern look. Especially thanks to the use of a large size grille.

The engine sector is entrusted to the 150000 cc engine with a maximum power of 104 HP and a torque of 142 Nm. The transmission is available with a choice of 5-speed manual or automatic CVT technology.

As for the safety features, there are Vehicle Dynamic Control and Hill Start Assist. In addition there are also features arround view camera and cornering lamp that make new Nissan 2020 car it’s convenient for its users.

Not only the gasoline engine version, Nissan Kicks also has an electric engine variant called the Kicks e-Power. Spur kitchen is capable of throwing power equivalent to 129 HP and maximum torque reaches 260 Nm. CVT automatic transmission which has four driving modes, namely Normal, S, eco, and EV.

In Indonesia, the presence of Nissan Kicks is said to replace the Nissan Juke whose sales performance continues to decline.

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3. Nissan Note e-Power?

New Nissan 2020 car
New Nissan 2020 car (autoevolution)

Indeed the prospective new Nissan product third has not been fully revealed. But information is circulating that the price offered will be under Rp. 250 million. With the official tag, it could be that it means Nissan Note e-Power.

Because this car has also been frequently exhibited by Nissan on many occasions, along with the Nissan Leaf. The Note e-Power design carries a hatchback look with compact dimensions typical of a city car.

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While the Note e-Power electric motor was 109 ps with a torque of 254 Nm. Like the Kicks e-Power, this car is also equipped with a 1,200 cc petrol engine whose only job is as a generator to supply power to the battery.

The use of the generator also allows Note e-Power to be driven without kilometer restrictions. Each time the battery power decreases, the generator will automatically supply power to the battery. So the owner only needs to refuel for generators whose consumption is equivalent to 34-37 MPA.

So, what do you think of the candidate new Nissan 2020 car the?

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