3 Ways to Drive Mice Enter the Car Engine

Long time no use, there could be rat in the car. Especially in the engine room, because this part tends to be warm so that the rat likes to be quiet. If left unchecked, mice in car engines can cause damage.

The reason is rats often eat cable. If this happens in the engine room, damage is very likely to occur. Therefore existence rat in the car must be anticipated if you do not want to experience further problems.

Rats in the car

There are several ways you can do to prevent rats from entering the vehicle. One way is to maintain the cleanliness of the car. But to ensure that the rat does not return again, the following methods can be tried.

1 Eliminate traces of mice

Rats in the car
Rats in the car (shutterstock)

The reason rats like the engine room is usually warm and tend to be moist. When it comes to the engine room, mice sometimes leave traces to mark the area. Able to leave the smell of urine or feces.

The marked area is not impossible to invite other mice to arrive. Therefore a more thorough cleaning should be done, especially to eliminate rat odor from the engine room.

You can do this by washing machines that are usually offered at car salons. It can also be done when washing the car using hydraulics, so that the bottom of the machine is sprayed and all soaped to eliminate rat odor.

However, make sure the spraying is done carefully so that the water spray does not endanger the electricity of the car.

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2. Camphor

Rats in the car
Rats in the car

After cleaning, the rat may still come back again. To prevent this, car owners can try to use camphor. This air freshener is believed to drive the mouse back to the place where it had been visited.

You only need to sow mothballs in an area that rats like to visit, or you can also hang them. The smell of mothballs will create rat in the car uncomfortable so it will avoid the area.

But avoid putting mothballs near the manifold area, because the heat from these components will make mothballs become useless flakes.

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3. Use fragrance

Rats in the car
Rats in the car

In addition to mothballs, car owners can also use fragrances to keep mice from returning. Because rats do not like the smell of fragrances, so they will try to avoid it.

The use of fragrances can also be applied to other parts of the vehicle so that rats are not visited, such as cabin space, luggage, and other locations. Including the use of camphor which can be placed in these locations or other places that could potentially be visited by rats.

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Especially in the midst of the PSBB policy due to the pandemic, many people have to work from home, so that more vehicles are not used. If not noticed, it is quite possible the vehicle actually becomes a place to live mice.

Although rarely used, car cleanliness must be maintained. We recommend that you occasionally keep the car washed to avoid these things. On the other hand, washing a car can also keep the paint from sticking and making dull oxidants.

Good luck getting rid of it rat in the car yes!

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