Realm Buds Q, Cheap TWS with Luxury Design

TWS Realm Buds Specifications and Prices Q

Reality Buds Q was released at the same time as the C11 series phones recently. Yes, manufacturer smartphone It also doesn’t want to be left behind in producing True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds. Because several other companies have already launched products of the same type.

One of the advantages of earbuds This is a design created by Jose Levy, a designer who has worked with Hermes (a well-known clothing brand). So in addition to what designs make Real Buds Q worth buying? For more details, just look at the reviews below.

Specifications of Realm Buds Q

As usual, before reviewing about a product you should first look at the specifications. For this reason, here are the specifications of the Realm Buds Q that you can refer to.

Reality Buds Q

Chipset: R1Q True Wireless

Type: In-ear TWS earbuds

Driver: 10mm Dynamic Bass Boost

Frequency: 20Hz-20000Hz

Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

Weight of earbuds: 3.6 grams

Overall weight: 35.3 grams

Audio Codecs: AAC

Batteries: 40mAh (earbuds), 400mAh (casing); 4.5 hours to listen to music; The casing can last for more than 20 hours

Charging speed: 2 hours

Signal range: 10 meters

Durability: IPX4

Features: Gesture control, Realme Link App support

Color: Black Pebble,

Price: Rp400 thousand

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Now, after seeing the specifications carried by the Realm Bud Q, now is the time to explain the various advantages. What are the advantages of TWS from Realme? Check out the next points, yes!

1 Advantages of Reality Buds Q: Luxury Buds Q Design Realm

Reality Buds Q
Realm Buds Q (photo: Realme)

It is undeniable that the design possessed by Real Q Buds is quite luxurious. Because, Jose Levy the designer made it like a natural stone or stone that you often encounter in the river. With earbudsit looks like gravel, making it an elegant device when held.

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The unique thing that is used in the design style of Realm Buds Q is there are no sharp corners, either on the part casing or earbuds-his. Moreover, almost all surfaces are covered by material doff. Only the touch sensor is still made of material glossy.

Not only that, it’s heavy earbudsit is also the same as paper size A4, which is about 3.6 grams. This is possible because this device uses a combination of lightweight and strong PC + ABS polymer materials. So, even though it’s light earbuds won’t break easily.

Apart from not breaking easily, earphone This TWS is also equipped with IPX4 durability. With this endurance, you don’t need to worry when your device is splashed with water, so it’s safe to take sports or adventure.

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2 Advantages of Reality Buds Q: Driver Realm Buds Q already uses Bass Boost

Reality Buds Q
Realm Buds Q (photo: Realme)

This TWS property of Realme has also been equipped with the driver capable. Yes, the driver that completes it already using Bass Boost technology. Use of this device is of course to present a more thumping bass sound. While for the size the driverit’s 10mm.

Use the driver it will be very influential in helping to produce clear vocal sounds. Because usually earphones that have a dominant bass character will drown out the vocal sound. However, not with Realm Buds Q. All sounds can be heard clearly with bass kick.

Not only qualified to listen to music, Realm Buds Q can also be relied on to play the game. Because this device is equipped with R1Q True Wireless chip which has features Gaming Mode. With TWS from this Realm, guaranteed not to exist delay between visuals and sounds when playing games with this tool.

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3 Advantages of Reality Buds Q: Battery Realm Buds Q is reliable

Reality Buds Q
Realm Buds Q (photo: Realme)

Talk about earphone TWS certainly can’t forget about the battery. Because the duration of use of this device depends on the battery it carries. Fortunately, the Realm Buds Q already uses a 40mAh battery earbudsand 400mAh for casing-his.

With the amount of battery that is carried by TWS from Realme, you can listen to music for 4.5 hours, call 3 hours, 6 hours watching videos, and 5 hours to play the game. When the battery runs out, take it easy, you can charge it on casingthat can last for more than 20 hours.

The power in the battery that is carried by the Realm Buds Q is also supported by the use of a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Because as you well know, Bluetooth version 5 has the ability to save energy consumed. So, do not be surprised if the Realm Buds Q battery can last long enough.

With all the advantages possessed by Realm Buds Q, this device seems interesting to have. Comes at a price of Rp400 thousand, of course you will not regret when buying it. So, buy Realm Buds Q?

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