10 Mandatory Equipment to Bring When Vacation in the Middle of Pandemic

Want to take a vacation in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic? Vacationing in the middle of a pandemic like this is actually fine. Holidays can be a powerful way to get rid of boredom and fatigue.

Especially now that many entertainment venues have started to reopen. You can also feel safe on vacation because vacation spots are guaranteed to follow very strict health protocols.

Even so, there is one main and most important requirement if you have a decision for a vacation. These conditions are that you must be sure you are in good health. Go to the hospital first before going on vacation!

Well, in this article, Open Review will give advice, what mandatory equipment you should bring when this holiday.

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1 Korean Scuba Mask

Korean Scuba Black Mask
Schuba Masks (photo: Shutterstock.com)

Price: Rp.6,500

Mandatory because health protocol, the first prevention of viruses

Masks are one of the equipment that you must carry while on vacation. You also need to use this equipment. The goal is clear, as the first prevention of the spread of Covid-19.

One product that is recommended for you is a mask made from scuba. The mask usually has two layers, the outer and inner layers. The inner layer itself is useful for absorbing the liquid that comes out of the mouth.

Korean Scuba masks can also be washed. Even so, you should not wash scuba masks by using a washing machine, but use your hands.

Oh yes, even if you already use a mask, you should still maintain a physical distance from other people huh!

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2 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro (for those who vacation by car)

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro
70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro (photo: 70mai)

Price: Rp.785,000

Mandatory because security, dash cam can record incidents that are on the road

Many recommend vacationing in a private car in the middle of this pandemic. The goal is not to be exposed to or spread the virus on public transportation.

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Well, one equipment that you must use is the dash cam. This device is needed because of its ability which aims to help supervise the car to store records of trips in the event of an incident on the road. So, your vacation will be safer.

Well, one of the recommended dash cam is 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro. This cam cam is sophisticated because it is equipped with a 2 inch screen and is capable of recording with resolutions up to 1,944p!

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro is equipped with a Sony IMX335 sensor with a 5 megapixel resolution, 6P lens, and aperture F / 1.8. Interestingly, it is equipped with the ability to reduce image distortion.

3 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Bluetooth Audio Receiver X6
Bluetooth Audio Receiver X6 (photo: Bukalapak)

Price: IDR 16,000

Mandatory because can be entertainment when bored on the way

Most audio systems in new cars already support Bluetooth. That way, you can connect your cell phone to a car audio device using Bluetooth. So you can streamed music via Spotify or YouTube on mobile to car audio devices.

If your car audio system does not support Bluetooth, there is an easy and inexpensive way to complete it. You can complete it with a Bluetooth Audio Receiver accessory.

At Bukalapak, you can find this receiver with a price as low as Rp. 16,000.

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4 MicroSD Memory Card

V-Gen Memory Card
V-Gen Memory Card (photo: V-Gen)

Price: starting from Rp.69,000

Mandatory because save vacation data; Save data from dash cam

To save video recordings from dash cam you need a memory card. In addition, you also need an additional memory camera to store photos of your vacation results.

Well, the best-selling memory card in Bukalapak is the V-Gen microSD card. The price is also not too expensive. For 32 GB of storage, you only need to pay IDR 69,000.

5 Powerbank

Vanvo VCS-81qc
Vanvo VCS-81qc (photo: Vanvo)

Price: Rp.215,300

Mandatory because reserve power in the middle of the holidays

You definitely need a backup power, whether it’s for HP or other electronic devices. If you need a power bank with great power, but still stylish can consider the Vanvo VCS-81QC power bank.

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This product has a storage capacity of 10,000 mAh. In addition, it also has a remaining power indicator stored. The dimensions are also thin, making it easy to carry everywhere.

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6 Digital thermometer

Nankai Digital Thermometer
nankai digital thermometer (photo: Nankai)

Price: Rp.650,000

Mandatory because can routinely measure body temperature

One of the medical devices that you must have is a digital thermometer. By bringing this product, you can check your body temperature regularly.

One of the digital thermometer products that we recommend is a fabricated Nankai. Because the product is equipped with infrared which makes temperature measurements more accurate.

Besides the body, this digital thermometer can also be used to measure the temperature of electronic products, ovens, to hotspots!

7 Smart watch or bracelet

M3 Smart Wristband
M3 Smart Wristband (photo: Bukalapak)

Price: 30 thousand to 200 thousand

Mandatory because can measure the number of steps; continue to maintain health during the holidays

Suggested health experts say, we must walk at least 7,000 to 8,000 steps every day.

Even in the middle of holidays, we must take into account the number of steps. Well, one way to calculate it using a watch or smart bracelet.

There are two devices that we recommend. The first product is MyFit MyBand M3. This smart bracelet has a shape similar to Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Interestingly, MyBand M3 has a much cheaper price, which is Rp. 36,000.

MyBand M3 can be counted on to count the number of steps, count the number of calories burned, to be able to display notifications.

If you prefer a smart watch, there is a Peky I5 that has a design similar to Apple Watch. The Peky I5 smart watch can also measure track steps, calories, to notifications. The price of this product is IDR 163,000.

8 USB Type-C Hub

USB Type-C Hub
USB Type-C Hub (photo: Bukalapak)

Price: Rp.288,000

Mandatory because accessory that should not be left for the MacBook

You, maybe, are taking MacBook Pro on vacation. There is office work that cannot be left behind or you need entertainment on the go. Of course, you must carry a USB Type-C connector as an important accessory.

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Typically, circulating USB Type-C connectors have enough price to drain the bag. Well, USB Type-C 7-in-1 which we recommend this time has a relatively affordable price, under Rp. 300 thousand!

As the name suggests, this USB Type-C has seven functions. One of them is as an HDMI connector. So, if you want to play videos from your MacBook on a TV in your hotel room, just install this mandatory accessory!

The connector also has a memory card reading function. So, you can immediately move vacation photos to your MacBook that same night.

9 Android TV Box X96 mini

Android TV Box X96 Mini
Android TV Box X96 Mini (photo: Bukalapak)

Price: Rp365,000

Mandatory because entertainment anywhere as long as there is internet

Devices like this are suitable for you who always need entertainment in the form of film anywhere. As long as there is internet and this TV box, of course those needs will be fulfilled.

Android TV Box X96 mini alone is worthy of your taste. The reason, the product has a relatively affordable price, only Rp365,000.

With prices like that, you will get a device with chipset Armlogic S905W, Mali Mali-450 GPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and running Android OS 7.1 Nougat.

In set top box Here, the Kodi Krypton 17.6 application is also installed, which you can use to access various TV channels.

10 Waterproof Waistbag

Waterproof waistbag
Waistbag Waterproof (photo: Bukalapak)

Price: IDR 17,900

Mandatory because a place to put a vacation device; still look cool

Of course, you need a bag to put small devices so they are not scattered. The bag that we recommend can meet those needs. This bag can make you look cool and stylish. In addition, this bag is also waterproof! Moreover, the price is cheap, only Rp17,900!

Well, that was 10 equipment that you must carry while on vacation in the middle of a pandemic. Once again, the products we mentioned above are the best-selling products from Super Seller. So, the device is guaranteed okay! Moreover, there is a 90% discount promotion you know!

Oh yes, you can get all these products at tempting prices Bukalapak Mall Sale Parade yes!


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