These Specifications and Prices for the Nokia 5310 (2020) in Indonesia

Latest Nokia 5310 (2020) Specifications and Prices

HMD Global seems happy to reminisce with Nokia mobile phones. This is proven by the release of several handphone (HP) iconic. After 8110 and 3310, this time it’s the turn of the Nokia 5310 released back to the market. Yes, the cellphone intended for music lovers is back without ‘XpressMusic’ as in the 2007 edition.

This Nokia 5310 in the past was popular and skyrocketed in popularity. Because this phone brings something new for music lovers, namely a gadget for listening to music with MP3. While at that time MP3 also became something new. As a result this Nokia mobile phone also sold well on the market.

Now, with the re-launch of the Nokia 5310, you must be curious about what this device brings. For this reason, this article will discuss the specifications and prices of the Nokia 5310. Like what? Just look at the reviews below.

Nokia 5310 (2020) Specifications

Nokia 5310
Nokia 5310 (photo: Nokia)

As mentioned above, this article will discuss the specifications of the Nokia 5310 and its price. Therefore, to complete this paper, here are the specifications of the Nokia 5310 which can be listened to first.

Nokia 5310 Specifications

Dimensions: 123.7 x 52.4 x 13.1 mm

Weight: 88.2 grams

Screen: TFT

Screen size: 2.4 inches with a ratio of 4: 3

Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels

Operating system: Series 30+

Chipset: Mediatek MT6260A

Internal memory: 16MB with 8MB RAM

Additional memory: microSDHC

Rear camera: VGA already uses LED flash

3.5mm jack: Yes

Connection: Bluetooth 3.0

Color: White / Red, Black / Red

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Battery: 1200mAh (Removable)

After seeing what are the specifications of the Nokia 5310 above, you certainly need an explanation of what are the advantages. For that, continue to follow the explanation on the next points, yes!

1. The body of the Nokia 5310 (2020) remains the same

Nokia 5310
Nokia 5310 (photo: Nokia)

The design and shape carried by the Nokia 5310 which was launched in 2020 is actually the same as the previous series. Its dimensions are still the same around 123.7 x 52.4 x 13.1 mm. The shape is more like candybar phone or feature phone when compared to contemporary cellphones.

The color variant brought by Nokia’s latest cellphone also remains the same as the old edition. Still relying on red black and white red alloy. However, there is something new that is pinned on the Nokia mobile phone, namely the button play / pause, next, and previous, located to the right of the screen. Previously this feature was on the left side of the screen.

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2. The Nokia 5310 screen is still TFT

Nokia 5310
Nokia 5310 (photo: Nokia)

Then on the screen, the Nokia 5310 still carries quite old-fashioned technology when compared to the latest cellphones. Yes, the article of the HP screen from Nokia is still carrying the TFT technology with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. As for the screen size of 2.4 inches with a ratio of 4: 3.

With the large screen and resolution used by the Nokia 5310 mobile phone, you should really use it only for the second or third cell phone. Because when viewed from the screen, the specifications of the Nokia 5310 are not suitable to be used as the main cell phone.

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3. Nokia 5310 processor is not bad

Nokia 5310
Nokia 5310 (photo: Nokia)

The specifications carried by 5310 are actually not too bad. Because mobile phones from Nokia are already equipped with chipset Mediatek MT6260A. Not very sophisticated, but enough to operate a device with a model feature this phone.

Then in the memory and RAM section is present with enough. The Nokia 5310 carries 8MB of RAM and 16MB of internal storage space. Yes, megabytes. Haven’t heard this term in a long time, right? However, take it easy, if you feel you are lacking, you can insert a microSD of up to 32GB for memory.

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4. The Nokia 5310 camera is still VGA

Nokia 5310
Nokia 5310 (photo: Nokia)

For the camera, the Nokia 5310 is already using a camera. However, it seems that HMD Global wants to maintain the authenticity of this series. Therefore, this phone does not receive an increase in the sector. The camera on this cell phone is only located on the back.

The back camera of the Nokia 5310 is still present using VGA, but is already equipped with LED flash. For that, do not expect good photos. Let’s just say this device exists only to capture the nostalgic moment. Because the photos are certainly not as good as the latest cell phone shots.

5. Other features of the Nokia 5310

Nokia 5310
Nokia 5310 (photo: Nokia)

Another feature that is owned by the latest Nokia 5310 is dual speakers that are on the front. With these speakers, the music or radio that you listen to can be heard clearly. However, if you want to use earphone to listen to music, this cellphone also has audio jack 3,5mm.

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In addition, this phone also comes with two variants, namely with one SIM slot and dual SIM slot. But unfortunately, the Nokia 5310 HP only works on 2G networks, so it doesn’t support 3G or even 4G networks.

However, the cell phone from Nokia has a battery that is quite tough. The proof is that there is a 1200mAh capacity battery that completes it. With this battery, the Nokia 5310 can last for 30 days in stand-by mode, while when used for talking can reach 20.7 hours.

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Price of Nokia 5310 (2020) in Indonesia

Now, after discussing the specifications of the Nokia 5310, you must be curious about the price, right? For the price of the Nokia 5310 is in the range of Rp600 thousand. Pretty expensive right? However, if you want to reminisce with your favorite mobile first, the price is not too expensive. It’s enough for one nostalgic moment.

So, want to buy a Nokia 5310?

(Witanto Prasetyo)


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