5 Reasons Children Must Drink Milk Increase Weight

Compared to teenagers and adults, the need for children to milk is quite large. Toddlers and children who are still in the process of growing need 500 – 600 ml of milk per day. In fact, there are several factors that require children to drink milk to gain weight.

Milk weight gain can usually be drunk by children over 1 year. This type of milk has various variants that you can get on the market. However, not all children must be given this type of milk. You still need to know the conditions and reasons for children to drink milk for weight gain.

Ingredients in Milk Enhancer Weight

Most milk certainly contains micronutrients needed to help growth. The difference is, milk gain weight has higher levels. Come on, see what is contained in milk for weight gain for children and toddlers.


When choosing milk for weight gain, look at the calorie content. The higher the calorie level, means the more effective way to gain weight.


Children are still very active at certain ages. For this reason, a large fat intake is needed to rival its activities.


Don’t forget to look at protein levels in milk. Protein is useful for muscle formation and growth. Indirectly, this content will also affect the child’s weight.


You should also pay attention to the level of calcium in the milk. Calcium is useful for maintaining bone density during growth. In addition to gaining weight, your baby’s body will be even higher later.

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The reason your child should drink milk to gain weight

Do not forget to consult with your doctor, before drinking weight gain milk (Photo: Shutterstock)
Do not forget to consult with your doctor, before drinking weight gain milk (Photo: Shutterstock)

First, you must consult your pediatrician and nutrition specialist. Even if you can buy milk at the milk shop or pharmacy, you shouldn’t just give it to your child. Here are some factors that make a child should be given milk to gain weight.

1. Weight that is not age-appropriate

Toddlers have a weight calculation that is adjusted to their age. The calculation number is usually the recommended range. It’s good weight and age included in the figure range. If your weight is below that number, you need to give milk for weight gain.

This type of milk should be given as a food companion and growth milk, not replace it. The portion given must also be measured carefully. Most of the weight gain milk makes your little one so full that he doesn’t want to eat.

2. Have bad eating habits

Children who have entered the age of 2-5 years will have a very high curiosity. This curiosity also carried over to the selection of food. On the bright side, your little one tries a lot of food with large portions too. However, there must be one or two foods that do not yet contain the nutrients needed by him.

Another case that can happen is that the child is actually picky about food and only wants to eat one type of food. Of course this is very bad for its growth. When your child has indicated these characteristics, it helps you provide weight-enhancing milk to support daily nutritional intake.

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3. Health factors

Many health problems that will make a child’s growth disturbed. It could be this because it has happened since in the womb or viruses that enter from food. Immediately consult with your doctor and ask for advice for weight gain milk so that it still gets a good intake for the growth of children and maintain weight.

4. The mental condition of children who are disturbed

Don’t think too far. Children who are bored will also affect the mood which will also impact on weight loss. Well, before giving him weight gain milk or consult a doctor, try to set aside time with your child.

Ask and find out the reason he became bored or often acted less well. Then, offer solutions such as taking her to a place or vacation for several days.

If this problem is disturbing his diet and weight, try to give him milk for weight gain. Do not forget to add another nutritious intake to return the weight to the recommended number.

5. Environment that is less supportive

Great curiosity makes children love to try new things. Small things, like walking on a rock or scribbling on a wall have become common things for children to satisfy their curiosity. The problem is, there are many parents who often hinder this activity without explaining the reasons that can be accepted by children.

This limitation also often occurs in nutrient intake. There are some children who are prohibited from eating too much chocolate bread or tasting spicy dishes. This removes curiosity about something.

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If it continues, the child will not be able to adapt to the environment. It could be, your child will grow up with a body that is too thin because they are reluctant to try new foods. To prevent that, immediately give weight gain milk, yes!

Solutions for Children Who Cannot Drink Milk

Not all children can drink milk for weight gain (Photo: Shutterstock)
Not all children can drink milk for weight gain (Photo: Shutterstock)

Milk is not for all children. There are children who are not hooked or cannot (allergic) to milk. If that is the case, your child may not be able to consume products derived from milk, such as yogurt, cheese and butter. On the one hand, there is content in milk that is needed during the child’s growing period.

You can replace it with a food source that contains calcium and vitamin D. Give processed fish salmon, chicken eggs, broccoli, and spinach to meet adequate calcium and vitamin D intake every day.

Don’t forget to give him the freedom of movement and exposure to the morning sun, yes. In addition, also consult this problem with pediatricians. There may be drugs or multivitamins suitable to replace the content that is in milk.

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