How to Make Thin and Tasty Dumplings

No need to buy snacks outside that are not guaranteed quality, you can also make tasty snacks at home, you know. One of the favorite savory snacks in the afternoon is fried dumplings. There are several ways to make your own dumpling skin that you can apply easily. So, you no longer need to buy dumpling skins that are ready to sell on the market.

This is an easy way to make your own dumpling skin

An easy way to make your own dumpling skin (Photo: Shutterstock)
An easy way to make your own dumpling skin (Photo: Shutterstock)

Not only served as fried dumplings or dumplings, dumpling skin with a thin texture is perfect as a soup for boiled dumplings or boiled wonton. You can make these light dishes by preparing first the main ingredient, dumpling skin. Both the dumpling skin for boiled or fried dumpling serving, basically has a process that is not too different. With materials and tools that are easy, here’s how to make a thin and delicious dumpling skin.

Material: (40 pieces of medium-sized square dumplings)

– High protein flour (200 grams)

– Tapioca flour / starch (50 grams)

Keep in mind, the ratio of flour and tapioca flour is 1: 4 if you want to make dumpling dough with a different dose

– Salt (½ teaspoon) to give a tasty dumpling dough results

– Water (80-100 ml)

Do not pour water directly into the mixture. Adjust the dose so that the dough is smooth

– Cooking oil / olive oil (1 tablespoon)

– Eggs (1 item)

How to make:

– Prepare a basin to stir the mixture. Mix flour, tapioca and salt and stir until evenly distributed. The shape of the basin in the middle with dry dough is on the edge of the basin.

– Pour water slowly into the center of the basin, stir the mixture until smooth and then mix it with oil.

– Allow the dumpling dough up to 15-30 minutes until the dough feels springy. Cover the dough with plastic or a damp cloth so that the dough doesn’t dry out.

– To make boiled dumplings, add an egg in the mixture so that the texture is more chewy and soft. But if you make fried dumplings, avoid using eggs instead of making crispy dumpling texture when fried.

– After settling, roll the dough with rolling pin until it forms a thin sheet.

– Cut the dumplings with a square size of 10×10 cm in accordance with the usual dumpling skin standards that are sold on the market.

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Tips for making crispy and savory dumpling skin

After successfully making the dumpling skin mixture, you also need to pay attention to some tips on maintaining the texture of the crispy and savory dumpling skin. Guaranteed when you serve it as fried dumplings or boiled dumplings will taste better.

– Save the dumpling skin that has been made in freezer. In order not to stick together, sprinkle with flour in each layer.

– When filling the dumpling skin, paste using water or egg whites. This is done so that the contents of the dumplings are maintained when fried or boiled.

– Cook the dumplings on medium heat. For fried dumplings, don’t cook the dumplings too well, just fry them until they are golden yellow. Whereas the boiled dumplings, just boiled until the dumplings float and the skin texture is transparent.

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Recipe for making fried dumplings with vegetables

Recipe for making fried dumplings filled with vegetables (Photo: Shutterstock)
Recipe for making fried dumplings filled with vegetables (Photo: Shutterstock)

Ingredients: (10 servings)

– Minced / tofu chicken meat (250 grams)

– Spinach (1 bunch, take the leaves and finely sliced)

– Carrots (1 piece cut into small squares)

– Leeks (2 stems, finely sliced)

– Egg (3 eggs)

– Flour seasoning (1 pack)

– Dumpling skin

– Cooking oil

How to make;

– Mix and stir all ingredients (except dumpling skins and cooking oil) to form a smooth, filled mixture.

– Take ½ tablespoon of the mixture then place it in the middle of the dumpling skin. Fold and paste with egg white.

– Fry with medium oil until golden yellow.

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Recipe for making wonton stew (dumpling soup)

Recipe for boiling wonton (Photo: Shutterstock)
Recipe for boiling wonton (Photo: Shutterstock)

Ingredients: (5 servings)

(For dumpling stuffing)

– Chicken breast (250 grams)

– Peeled Shrimp (50 grams)

– Garlic (4 cloves)

– Egg (1 point, just take the white)

– Sago flour (150 grams)

– Dumpling skin

– Cooking oil

(For dumpling sauce)

– Pokchoy (1 bunch)

– Salt


– Fried red and white onions

– Leek

(For soy sauce)

– Sweet soy sauce (5 tablespoons)

– Salty soy sauce (1 tsp)

– Shallots (2 items)

– cayenne pepper (5 sticks)

How to make:

– Grind chicken, shrimp, garlic and eggs until smooth. Then knead with sago flour and mix with salt and pepper to taste.

– Take the dumpling skin and place the contents of the dough before in the middle of the dumplings. Glue the egg white.

– Boil dumplings until the skin texture looks transparent, pay attention not to get too soft.

– Drain the dumplings then apply cooking oil / olive oil to taste and store in the refrigerator.

– To make dumpling sauce, boil a pot of water and add fried onions, fried shallots, pokchoy, pepper, and salt to taste. Boil until pokchoy feels soft. Then pour the boiled dumplings that have been left in the refrigerator.

– Finely slice shallots and cayenne pepper. Then mix it with sweet soy sauce and soy sauce according to taste.

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So, are you ready to make your own dumpling skin recipes at home?


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