Merries Pants Diaper Review: Disposable Diapers for Parents who are Looking Safe

For parents, one of the hard tests that must be faced when having children is to choose diapers. Even though it is often considered trivial, diapers become commodities that are routinely purchased from babies born to a certain age. I also felt the same doubt that I tried the Merries disposable diapers. Lucky little one fits!

Merries itself has been marketed in Indonesia for a long time and has three product variants. Like some other disposable diaper options, Merries has a choice of tape diapers (starting from new born), pants, and affordable options in the Good skin series.

However, this article will not discuss all variants. For this review, I will only focus on the Merries Pants variant. Hopefully the information presented below can be useful for your consideration, yes!

Price Comparison of Premium Class Disposable Diapers

Diaper Brand

Content Options


Merries Pants

M 22 28

L 22 32

XL 19

Rp. 118,000 – Rp120,000

MamyPoko Royal Soft Pants

S 46 70

M 42 64

XL 24 46 30

XXL 24

IDR 80,000 – IDR 220,000

Pampers Premium Pants

S 48

M 46 68

L 24 42 64

XL 36 54

XXL 28

IDR 160,000 – IDR 250,000

Sweeety Gold Pants

S 66

M 60

L 54

XL 44

XXL 36

Rp.135,000 – Rp.136,000

Nepia Genki Pants

M 32

L 30

XL 26

XXL 18

Rp.155,000 – Rp.235,000

Usually, price is the first factor for someone to choose baby equipment, including disposable diapers. Merries are not the cheapest choice, especially in the premium class which is a bit draining.

However, Merries set a small price compared to the Good Skin variants that have affordable prices. Merries Good Skin prices range from Rp. 45,000 – Rp. 94,000 with various choices of sizes and quantity of contents.

Merries Pants Review: The Advantages of Disposable Diapers

Merries Pants in white packaging enter the premium class of disposable diapers. Therefore, there are many advantages that are brought by this one diaper. Come on, see some of the advantages Merries Pants below!

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1. Soft material inside and out

Merries Pant has a soft and comfortable material on the skin (Photo: Review / Ade K. Irawan)
Merries Pant has a soft and comfortable material on the skin (Photo: Review / Ade K. Irawan)

The first thing that you definitely notice when handling a diaper is the material used. This diaper has soft material, both inside and outside. In fact, the fabric on the inside is like a fabric commonly used for baby blankets and towels.

The initial use of Merries started from trying to change a baby’s diaper. Merries became my child’s second diaper brand. Previously I also chose other premium class diapers and actually did not encounter any problems. Try Merries just because it’s looking for alternatives if one day the diapers that are commonly used run out or become difficult to find.

Luckily Merries fits right in with your little one. In the past, my child has been using it since I was under 1 year until 2 years old. During that time, there was no rash caused by damp or allergic to the ingredients. Even if the diaper has strong rubber, the material will keep the skin breathing.

2. Rubber is elastic and easily torn

Merries Pants has elastic rubber that is easy to tear (Photo: Review / Ade K. Irawan)
Merries Pants has elastic rubber that is easy to tear (Photo: Review / Ade K. Irawan)

The rubber part of Merries Pants is very elastic and easily stretched to the maximum extent. These strengths make diapers to children easier. Merries Pants is actually designed for children who are already actively walking. At this time, your child will love to explore and a little impatient to immediately play again.

At this time the child is actively running. Rubber Merries are also designed to hold it to the waist and not sag. There was never a problem the child must justify the position of the diaper after a long move.

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I found a little problem with the rubber. If worn for too long, the rubber will leave a besas on the waist, buttocks, and quadriceps. For that, you need to apply baby lotion or other cream to reduce this scar. For me, coconut oil is a mainstay in these parts.

Merries Pants are not only easy to install, but also easy to tear when you want to replace them. The elastic and strong rubber part at the waist is also the most easily torn part. When the diaper is full, just tear the right and left side of the rubber from the diaper to immediately fold and throw it away.

3. There are additional pee and adhesive indicators

Merries Pants has additional glue and pee indicators (Photo: Open Review / Ade K. Irawan)
Merries Pants has additional glue and pee indicators (Photo: Open Review / Ade K. Irawan)

Merries provide adhesive for used diapers that you want to dispose of. The adhesive is on the back. After rolling the diaper, wrap the adhesive around the diaper to prevent it from reopening. That way, it’s easier to get rid of diapers in a small rolled state.

Another advantage of Merries Pants is having a pee indicator on the fabric. This indicator is useful to tell the amount of liquid that has been stored in the diaper. This pee indicator initially colored yellow gold, then it will turn blue when the pee is full.

This indicator will help you to get information about changing diapers. In general, diapers must be replaced no later than 10-11 hours or night into the morning. However, there are definitely times when your child drinks a lot and makes him pee more often. This fluid indicator can help you before the diaper leaks.

4. Clear information on the packaging

Merries Pants has soft and comfortable material (Photo: Open Review / Ade K. Irawan)
Merries Pants has fairly complete information on the packaging (Photo: Go to Review / Ade K. Irawan)

This will be very useful for you who are trying to change the baby’s diaper. Merries provides complete information on the back. Moreover, for the size problem of Merries Pants diapers. So you can measure yourself which size should be given to the baby.

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Merries provides size information based on a child’s weight in kilograms. Between the two weights there will be slices of body weight. Initially I was confused between staying in the initial size or going up to a higher class.

I finally tried two different sizes and the results remained safe. When children are still using size L, I have tried size XL. Given the strong rubber, the diaper still does not sag.

5. Unfortunately, the contents are less than other brands

Use Merries to buy often or buy a lot. The reason is, the content provided by Merries is somewhat less compared to other disposable diaper brands. M size options Merries Pants diapers only provide contents 22 and 28. On the other hand, there are brands that provide diapers up to 60 in one package.

This makes Merries feel more expensive compared to other diapers. Especially when you only use 1 type of diaper every day.

I outsmart it by combining Merries Pants with Merries Good Skin every day. For everyday purposes, Merries Good Skin is a mainstay for your child. If you are going to go out and sleep at night, Merries Pants will definitely be chosen. That way, the costs incurred will be more efficient.

Opinions Open Review

Merries Pants be the right choice for you who are still looking for the right diaper choices for your child. Soft material and indicators of pee can be a prevention of skin disorders in children.

(Ade K. Irawan)


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