Mate only as far as Swipe Right on Tinder

Get to know the Tinder Application

Currently Tinder is considered to be the solution in finding a mate. Because this one application can bring you together with the opposite sex easily. Yes, not only looking for a partner, you can also find friends or for other purposes.

So what is Tinder and how do you play it? To be clearer in understanding, just look at the reviews below.

Tinder is …

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According to Wikipedia, Tinder is a dating and networking application based on location that allows users to anonymous Swipe to determine the likes or dislikes of the profile they see. Whether it’s based on photos, biography, and the same interests. Once two users have “matched“Then they can greet each other or talk.

The Tinder application can be downloaded using a variety of operating systems, both with iOS or Android. Not only that, this application can also be used with a computer or laptop. The only way is to visit to use Tinder for Web.

Currently the Tinder application has managed to bring together 26 million more couples each day. This is something extraordinary considering that in this world there are around 30 billion people who are looking for a mate every day. There are no other applications that can match this achievement, you know.

Tinder History

photo: Tinder

After knowing what Tinder is, you must be curious about the history of the Tinder application. Therefore, here is the history of Tinder which is a summary of various sources on the internet. Like what? Just listen to the explanation until it’s over, yeah!

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Tinder was first discovered by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, and Whitney Wolfe, in September 2012. This application became a trend among US campus children at the time and won the Crunchie Award for Best New Startup of 2013 organized by the TechCrunch website.

Because of the success of capturing campus students in the US, Tinder was later slowly exploring success in other countries. It did not even take long for this application to snatch the Top 25 Online Social Networking Applications. Then its users have grown up to now. It has become one of the most popular applications among young people.

Tinder mainstay feature

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What makes Tinder so popular with young people? Yes, most like it because of the features used by this application. Some are actually quite practical rather than you trying other dating applications.

Then what features are the mainstay of this Tinder application? For that, just consider the explanation below.

1. Swipe or Slide

You just need to Swipe or Swipe the profile seen left and right. To the right means you like while to the left vice versa. Well, in this session you can not chat with other people. Only when you ‘Match’ with someone else, a new chat screen opens. You can convey various types pick up lines to captivate your idol’s heart.

2. Super Likes

Not only can do Swipe or Slide to show interest in someone. On Tinder you can use the Super Like feature to show your feelings for someone. With this feature there are special notifications that will be received by people you like, so you can respond immediately. Can be responded to or not, anyway.

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Well, in addition to the mainstay features possessed by Tinder, this application also offers a number of packages in use. There are two packages to choose from, namely Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. These two packages will make you a customer who can enjoy premium features. Like what premium features offered by this package? Just look at the reviews below.

1. Tinder Plus

This one package comes with a subscription fee of IDR 40 thousand every month. With this price, you can enjoy a number of features or services such as Unlimited Likes, Rewind Last Swipes, 5 Super Likes, 1 Boost, and the use of Passport features.

2. Tinder Gold

The Tinder Gold package comes with a subscription fee of IDR 400 thousand per month. The features of this package include all the services available on the Tinder Plus package. So, what’s so good about that? How come you only get that feature? Relax, this Tinder Gold package is accompanied by access to ‘See Who Likes You’. As such, the price of the package is commensurate with the features it carries.

How to use the Tinder application

Then how do you use Tinder? After knowing all about this application, now is the time for you to learn how to use it. One thing you must do first is to download the application first from the App Store or Play Store. Then you can follow how to use Tinder as below.

1. Login your Tinder.

2. Fill in your profile interestingly.

3. Then choose the best photo you have.

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4. After that you can start doing Swipe or Swipe right and left.

While using Tinder there are a few tips for using it safely. Yes, because of this matchmaking application various things might happen. Therefore, to prevent it, follow these tips.

1. Don’t trust other people easily

Yes, when you meet someone on Tinder, don’t believe it too easily. Therefore, avoid sharing various personal data in this application. Do not give account numbers, government identification numbers, until anything that is sensitive in form.

2. Don’t send photos or videos on Tinder

Avoid sending photos or videos through this application. Because your photos or videos could be used by people who are not responsible for committing crimes.

3. Meet in a public place

When you ‘Match’ with someone and have a chat, of course you want to meet him. Well, in this position try to meet in a crowded place, such as cafes or restaurants. Avoid meeting in a quiet or private place. This is to prevent unwanted events.

4. Use the ‘Panic’ button

When you meet someone from Tinder and feel your safety is threatened, immediately press the ‘Panic’ button. This button is one of the facilities provided by Tinder to provide security for its users. Because when you press this button, your location will be easily tracked by the local police to be saved.

After knowing what Tinder is and how to use it, are you interested in using this application?

(Witanto Prasetyo)


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