Mumpung Promo, This Is How To Add PLN Electric Power and Costs That Should Be Paid

Yey! PLN again gives a promo added electric power. The promotion of additional PLN electric power is usually given by PLN before August to commemorate Indonesia’s independence day. Well, for this year the promo added PLN power is given household tariff customers ranging from 450 VA to 4,400 VA to 2,200 VA to 5,500 VA.

PLN’s additional power promotion starts on July 14, 2020 until September 30, 2020. According to PLN’s Director of Commerce and Management Bob Saril, PLN is offering a discount on the addition of power from Rp. wow!

The promotion of additional PLN power is eagerly awaited amid the increasing electricity demand, the continuing trend of working from home or work from home (WFH) and school from home or school from home (SFH).

For those of you who want to enjoy this PLN additional power promo, you can directly contact the PLN 123 Contact Center, via the email address, Twitter @ pln_123, Facebook PLN 123, Instagram @ pln123_official, website id, the PLN Mobile application, as well as through the nearest PLN Customer Service Unit Office.

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How to Get a Promo Add Electricity PLN On line

Promo to add PLN power only until 30 September 2020 (Photo: Shutterstock)
Promo to add PLN power only until 30 September 2020 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Now, from the various ways to get the PLN added power promo, the quickest and easiest way, in my opinion, is in terms on line through the website PLN official. Especially in the middle of a pandemic like this. With added power on line then you don’t need to go to the PLN office, just by smartphone or laptop / computer that is connected to the internet, promo added PLN power can be obtained.

Here’s how to add PLN power:

1. Open the PLN website ( and click on the power change section here.

2. After that, you will be treated to a number of article terms and conditions for new plug / change power online. First read carefully and click agree.

3. Fill in your customer ID number or home meter ID, then click search and wait for your data to appear. Oh yes, you can get these numbers on the PLN bill or on your home electricity meter.

4. Click on the tab to add power and fill in your identity, such as your KTP number and NPWP. You also need to enter your NPWP name and address. If the data is the same as the PLN database, all you have to do is check the selection copydata customer.

5. Fill in the desired power changes, in addition to adding PLN power, you can also reduce power.

6. After that a fee will appear that you must pay, after the discount. In addition to the connection fee of Rp170,845 added power, you also need to pay Road Lighting Tax (PPJ) and stamp duty. Oh yes, you can also choose the value of the electricity token that you want to buy.

For example like this. For the addition of power from 2,200 VA to 3,500 VA, the breakdown costs you must pay are connection fees after a discount of Rp170,845, then electricity pulses, for example Rp100,000 (Rp94,340 token fee and Rp.5,660 PPJ fee), while fees The stamp duty is IDR 3,000. So the total cost you need to pay is Rp273,845.

7. If previously your house still uses the old electricity meter and postpaid system, it will be replaced with a new meter and prepaid system according to PLN’s policy.

8. When finished, you will get an email from PLN asking for a change of power and a confirmation request. Just click on the link in the email, or click Entry Confirmation Code on PLN website this is to get a pay code and a nominal amount that must be paid.

9. After the payment code is received, now you need to make payment via ATM, internet banking, or other channels. Or more easily, you can pay the bill for additional PLN power in Bukalapak.

Click PLN / Non-Taglis Electricity here and enter the confirmation code that you got. Relax, you can pay for the added cost of PLN power in various ways, starting with transfers, using Fund balances, to virtual accounts.

10. All you have to do is wait for the PLN officer to come and replace the meter which also adds the electric power. Usually it will take 10 working days from the date of bill payment.

It’s easy, right? Let’s use the promo added PLN power, so that work from home more comfortable!


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