These 10 Famous Original Indonesian Hijab Brands You Must Collect (Updated 2020)

Hijab women certainly want to always look up at every opportunity. Let me always look trendy but still modest, need to check the recommendations of famous hijab brands in Indonesia. Besides advancing brand locally, the quality of some of these hijab brands has also been recognized by the international market, you know. Curious? Check this article for more details!

Recommended brands for famous hijab in Indonesia

It is undeniable that choosing clothes for hijab women is quite risky. Want to look trendy but still in harmony with the rules of Muslim clothing is one of the reasons hijabers Be extra careful inside mix and match hijab style. Because of that, there was a row local brand specialized in providing modern fashionable hijab. The following recommendations for the hijab brand that you can check the collection!

1. Dian Pelangi

Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ dianpelangicom)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ dianpelangicom)

Dian Wahyu Utami, or familiarly called as Dian Pelangi, is indeed a familiar name in the hijab fashion industry in Indonesia. Dian’s collection begins with bright, rainbow shades that until now have become identities. In addition, ethnic hijab clothing is also a mainstay of the Dian Pelangi collection.

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Starting from the hijab, robe, outer until men’s clothing is also offered by the local worldwide hijab brand. Even Dian Pelangi often holds showcase or fashion show abroad such as Singapore to New York Fashion Week. Because the concept is premium, the Dian Pelangi hijab collection is not sold on a regular basis on line but present at official boutiques in Indonesia.

2. Ria Miranda

Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ dianpelangicom)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ riamiranda)

Besides Dian Pelangi, for brand local hijab which is also favored by hijabers is Ria Miranda. Ria Miranda offers a hijab collection ready-to-wear whose prices are still relatively affordable. If Dian Pelangi experimented more with bright colors, Ria Miranda tended to play more with soft pastel colors in her clothing collection and hijab.

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For lovers of feminine hijab styles, you can find a variety of quality hijabs and Muslim clothing in Ria Miranda’s designs. Moreover, the model seems simple and not complicated to wear all day.

3. Meccanism by Zaskia Mecca

Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ zaskiaadyamecca)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ zaskiaadyamecca)

Zaskia Mecca’s hijab style that is simple but looks expressive is also an inspiration for all hijabers. Some solid matching hijab clothes worn by the wife of director Hanung Bramantyo was apparently taken from local brand which he has himself, you know.

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With the label Meccanism, Zaskia Mecca offers a model dress, superiors and subordinates modest and hijab until the ciput is right for collection hijabers active. The price is the most affordable compared to competitors or brand another local hijab.

[blproducts title=”Rekomendasi ZM by Zaskia Mecca” ids=”23268qq,1zpxtw3,26logze”]

4. Our Idea

Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ kamiidea)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ kamiidea)

Hijab brand a local that has been established since 2009 is increasingly shining. Formed by three friends Nadya Karina, Afina Candarini, and Istafiana Candarini who introduced a fashionable Muslim hijab style with a minimalist Japanese feel.

Starting from Muslim clothing with nuances earthy tone, basic monochrome up to the sweet pastel colors adorn Our Idea’s collection. You can buy Our Idea products for free on line or try on the clothes straight on store official in the Kemang Area, Jakarta.

5. Rabbani

Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Bukalapak)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Bukalapak)

This brand of headscarves has been spread in various parts of Indonesia. Based in Bandung, Rabbani offers Muslim clothing not only for women and men, but is also available for young children.

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For women, Rabbani offers complete hijab products ranging from bergo to simple Muslim clothes that are suitable for hijabers minimalist and efficient style enthusiasts. The price is of course cheap because their target market includes small areas in Indonesia.

[blproducts title=”Rekomendasi Hijab Rabbani” ids=”21a7rew,1yehooc,21a7pbr”]

6. Zoya

Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Bukalapak)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Bukalapak)

Just like Rabbani, the Zoya hijab brand is also familiar among simple style lovers hijabers. Zoya provides a collection of headscarves, gowns, long skirts, Muslim clothes to scarves or hijab scarves.

The colors and motifs offered by the Zoya hijab collection are also easily combined and matched on all types of Muslim clothing. With a relatively affordable price, Zoya has become one brand local hijab which is always loved by hijabers in Indonesia.

[blproducts title=”Rekomendasi Hijab Zoya” ids=”1hp3u9w,25u05al,td0twl”]

7. Elzatta

Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Bukalapak)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Bukalapak)

Elzatta, a hijab brand that has only been developing since 2012, is popular because of its soft, cool and comfortable material to wear. Because most of the ingredients are imported directly from Turkey, Elzatta headscarves are said to have premium quality for quite affordable prices.

This hijab brand is indeed more dominant offering variations of the hijab model. But there are also some Muslim clothing and hijab accessories that you can find on brand local Elzatta hijab. From simple women to dynamic actives it feels like wearing this Elzatta hijab, here.

[blproducts title=”Rekomendasi Hijab Elzatta” ids=”2dd7iux,1yrt4q7,7u178n”]

8. Stranger

Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ jenaharaofficial)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ jenaharaofficial)

Just like Dian Pelangi and Ria Miranda, the hijab brand founded by Nanida Jenahara Nasution, also known as Jenahara, is one of the best hijab to collect. For those just starting to wear the hijab, there is a series of hijab collections or scarf Basic types that are right for you.

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Fashion brand Muslims who have a target adolescent to millennial market are made of premium quality materials and international hijab model standards. The distinctive features of the product are simple but have asymmetrical cuts that make the Jenahara hijab model a well-known hijab brand that is in great demand.

9. Shafira

Shafira (Photo: Instagram / @ shafiramuslimfashion)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Instagram / @ shafiramuslimfashion)

Founded by Feny Mustafa, hijab brand Shafira is one of the famous local hijab whose name is worldwide. Shafira hijab model is comfortable to use for daily use and the material is also easy to absorb sweat.

For those of you who have oily scalp or dandruff often appear on the head do not need to feel anxious because the hijab material is 100 percent cotton or polyester and ceruti baby doll. So it feels cool and doesn’t cause itching on your head.

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10. Shasmira

Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Bukalapak)
Recommended hijab brands in Indonesia (Photo: Bukalapak)

The Shasmira local hijab brand, which was founded in 2005, offers a variety of hijab models that are suitable for everyday style. Some products best seller they are models of pashmina hijab, instant hijab and bergo hijab.

The design is minimalist, simple, with detailed motifs that are not haphazard. Equipped with cool materials and easy to use, Shafira hijab is suitable for you to wear on various occasions.

So, which brand of hijab do you want to collect immediately?


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