13 Inspiration for Korean Hijab Outfit To Make OOTD More Stylish (Updated 2020)

Korean wave the middle of wide spread starting from the K-Pop music genre. No exception for hijab women who are also idolized, even interested in following the Qibla fashion Korean style. Confused how Korean style is suitable for hijab? Take it easy, for hijabers Immediately follow inspiration outfit trendy hijab according to the inspiration below.

The following is the inspiration for Korean-style hijab outfit

Many Korean public figures are well-wearing hijab and still look beautiful when wearing it. Peek for inspiration outfit Korean style hijab for more stylish during OOTD. Guaranteed you can look cool like Ayana Moon to style sporty Song Boora and Safiya Kang Naeyon.

1. Oversized sweaters or shirts combined with sweaters, are equally cool

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Urstyle.com)

Oversized sweater used by Korean women to provide more volume at the top. Fashion item This one is very suitable to be applied as a hijab style because it can cover curves. Style variations Another Korean-style hijab is to combine shirts and a sweater thin knit loose. Preppy chic!

2. Hijab style with sporty sneakers

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Urstyle.com)

Style tomboyish ala Korea by using shoes sneakers also cheated a lot, here. OOTD hijab style with sneakers Korean style is not only liked by tomboys, you know! Shoes sneakers back boom in fashion because it is comfortable to move. For superiors, can combine stripe t-shirt or Raglan T-shirt.

For output, can use bomber jacket or jacket jeans. Use loose-fitting subordinates like wide leg stripe pants Korean style. In addition, it can also integrate hoodie and jogger pants that makes you free to move. Don’t forget to wear baseball cap so as to be more attached to the impression sporty. If you want to keep it cute, just wear it maxi skirt. Feminine yet sporty!

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3. Slip a dress over t-shirt or a sweet shirt

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Urstyle.com)
Korean hijab outfit inspiration (Photo: Shutterstock)

The style of the 90s is indeed longer back to trend like a camisole or slip dress who wara-wiri in OOTD selebgram. Style hijab fashion This is inspired by Song Boora, seen from the page Instagram-his. Trend slip dress over T-shirt can be coated with plain shirts and outer as oversized cardigan. If you want to look different, you can also wear a shirt with a dramatic hand model. Stand out!

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4. Overall and apron dress can be a cute Korean-style hijab model

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Urstyle.com)

Overall and apron dress Indeed hits as everyday fashion in Korea. Both of them give the impression cute as a hijab-inspired model from Korea. Song Boora never wore outfit veil overall short combined with t-shirts, pants jeans thick and a sweater colored feathers peach.

5. Tailored vest for casual sporty to glamorous hijab styles

Korean hijab outfit inspiration (Photo: Shutterstock)

Hijab style fashionista style This is quite flexible because it is suitable to be worn at formal or informal events. Technique layering by using tailored vest, can be combined to create several looks. Different from blazer, vest no sleeves so it is quite cool to wear as outfit veil.

There is also a hijab style sporty use bomber vest short as Safiya Kang Nayeon wears it. However, because it is made of thick to block the cold air, this type is more appropriate for use during activities at night. Relaxed style ala Nayeon by wearing long-sleeved shirts, wide leg pants made of light, socks, and sneakers can be combined with tailored vest also to give statement hijab style edgy. If you want to look glamorous and somewhat formal with long vest, mix shirts or turtle neck knitting with wide leg pants made from stiff, and pump heels.

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6. Stylish ruffle trench coat or cape

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Urstyle.com)

Trend layering much imitated because it accentuates the impression stylish to each user. How to use ruffle trench coat and tired almost the same as vest. Mix and match alone with a t-shirt, a checkered shirt, and boyfriend jeans for a casual look. For an elegant appearance, wear tops blouse with detail ruffle that eye catchy, while his subordinates can wear loose stright pants, flare pants, or wide leg pants.

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7. Pashmina hijab pastel to floral

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Urstyle.com)

Based on searches to Instagram accounts of Korean hijab women, ingredients pashmina and silk scarf or hijab paris worn a lot. Both Ayana Moon, Song Boora, and Safiya Kang Nayeon also often wear pashmina hijab.

Song Boora’s favorite hijab model is the hijab pashmina which is looped repeatedly on the face like Dian Pelangi’s style. While Ayana Moon prefers to use pashmina Paris material is attached to the neck and the other side is looped to the face. Another with Kang Nayeon who is still learning to wear the hijab and often wear floral hijab simple. If you want OOTD hijab, add it straw hat cat which features style style Korea.

8. Layering tunic tops and patterned palazzo pants

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ xolovelyayana)
Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ xolovelyayana)

Lovers of the feminine style, can try a solid mix and match this one Ayana Moon clothes. Ayana looks elegant wearing a tunic top combined with palazzo pants or wide-length with a similar motif.

This floral motif with gradations of sky blue and pastel pink looks beautiful coloring Ayana’s clothing suit. Coupled with a neutral gray hijab voal as well peep-toe heels light pink color beautifies the appearance of Korean women who are now already veiled.

9. Robe and white outer settings that look fresh

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ xolovelyayana)
Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ xolovelyayana)

Mix and match white clothes are very well worn by white women. Including Ayana Moon when wearing a combination of robe and white outer.

For options, choose clothing with materials sheer or organza can still be used by hijabers. But keep in mind, you need to wear furing or cuffs as deep so the clothes don’t look translucent. The soft appearance you can complete with beige or light gray hijab flat shoes classic black.

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10. Layering turtleneck collar sweaters and chic floral embroidery cardigans

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ olaborasong)
Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ olaborasong)

Technique layering You can also apply by choosing embroidered cardigan or cardigan embroidery as the mainstay output. For those who like to experiment with style chic, can wear a cardigan with a flower embroidery. Well, as insan enough to wear a sweater black collar turtleneck which is dominant in Korean women’s style in winter. So, OOTD style with hijab style by Korean women is no longer confusing, right?

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11. Pile up the turtleneck collar with an oversized patterned shirt

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ olaborasong)
Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ olaborasong)

Still relying on the mainstay of the hijab, Bora, who became a convert since 2007, appears stylish with a blend of superiors turtleneck and shirt oversize. Korean hijab style is suitable for you to apply while in Indonesia. Let more eye-catching, choose patterned shirt tops stripes with sweet pastel colors.

To be comfortable to wear all day, the key is to choose a shirt made from cool and absorb sweat such as cotton or polyester. Combine with pants boyfriend jeans or cotton pants.

12. Pile up the shift dress with a comfortable black coat

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ olaborasong)
Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ olaborasong)

Besides maxi dressKorean-style hijab you can try is piling up shift dress with coat or long jacket. As an option, select shift dress with velvet or velvet that looks more classy. Button accent on dress also make an appearance modern vintage appear dominant.

If it feels cold, you can add a long jacket or parka as outer mainstay. Moreover, this type of outcome is very existent worn by Korean hijabers.

13. Vintage style with oversize denim jacket and maxi floral skirt

Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ xolovelyayana)
Inspiration for Korean hijab outfit (Photo: Instagram / @ xolovelyayana)

Lovers of pastel shades, can apply this Ayana Korean hijab style. Integration layering a simple but pleasing to the eye makes this combination of clothing is a shame to miss.

Pair a jeans jacket oversize which is the key to your appearance with a floral motif maxi skirt. So that vintage accents are increasingly felt, use a floral motif hijab to beautify the whole style your hijab.

Outfit Which hijab, do you want to immediately apply to your daily style?


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