Make Your Stalls Seen by Millions of Prospective Buyers with lapak Ads

Greetings Pelapak!

Bukalapak presents one more new feature that can boost your booth’s exposure to make it easier for potential buyers to find. This feature is Stall Advertisement. Curious? Check the explanation below.

What are Stall Ads?

Lapak Ads is Bukalapak’s newest promotional feature specifically for Super Seller. This feature helps your stall to appear in the top position of the search page, so that it is more visible to potential buyers. Currently, this feature can be found in the latest version of the Bukalapak application.

lapak advertisements
Lapak Ads have a position at the very top of the search page, even above the product listing.

What are the benefits of Stall Ads?

By activating Stall Ads, you can get the following benefits:

1. Shown at the top of every search result.

2. Can determine your own promotions for Lapakmu and enter up to 10 promotions.

3. With a starting capital of IDR 12,000, your shanties can be seen more than 1,000 times per day.

4. The percentage of visits to your shanties can increase up to 17% of the total number of impressions (the appearance of ads) in search results.

Interesting right?

How do you use the Stall Advertisement feature?

lapak advertisements

First Entrance: Pelapak Feature Menu

1. Scroll down to the Pelapak Features menu.

2. The features are in the third row of the second column.

3. Click the Stall Advertisement.

Second Entrance: Account Page

1. Enter the Account page.

2. Click the Pelapak tab.

3. Scroll down to the Promotions feature.

4. Click Shant Advertisement.

After entering the Stall Advertisement page, follow the steps below:

1. Click Add Promotion on the Stall Advertisement page.

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2. Enter the promotion name (optional).

3. Select a Category.

4. Select the item you want to advertise (maximum 10 items).

5. Click Continue.

6. Set the promotional budget limit (minimum IDR 12,000).

7. Click Activate.

Terms and Conditions for Lapak Advertising

1. Pelapak has joined the Super Seller program. If the pilot exits the program, the feature will automatically disappear from the menu and the pelapak promotion will be inactive.

2. Pelapak can create 10 booths promotion in which each promotion can only have 1 category.

3. Your Lapak Ads will appear randomly in turn with Lapak Ads from other pelapak that will appear on the same keywords in the Bukalapak application, at least version 4.62 (Android) /2.57 (iOS).

4. Pelapak will be charged Rp12 from budget promotions every Shade Ads promotion appears.

5. Purchases budget promotions can use BukaDompet balance or other payment methods on the Promoted Push / Promoted Keyword page.

6. Funds budget promotions cannot be returned to BukaDompet.

What are you waiting for? Immediately activate the lapak ads and feel the benefits!


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