15 Choices of Korean Baby Names for Your Prospective Children

Do you like watching Korean dramas? Recently, Korean dramas are indeed popular with many people, especially women. Various Korean drama titles that appear on the screen make most women crazy about the players.

Moreover, actors and actresses from the country of Ginseng are famous for having beautiful faces so it is not surprising that Korean dramas are in demand by various age groups, including mothers. Even with the players so much, not a few mothers who want their children as handsome or as beautiful as their favorite Korean actors and actresses.

Well, if you are very interested in Korean dramas, it doesn’t hurt to insert Korean names for your little one who is still in the stomach. Korean baby names that are fairly unique can indeed be used as a choice, especially still rarely used.

As a recommendation, here we give some choices of Korean baby names that have good meanings for your little one.

Unique Korean Baby Names that Have Good Meanings

Korean baby names have good meanings (Photo: Shutterstock)
Korean baby names have good meanings (Photo: Shutterstock)

Every parent would want to give a special baby name for their baby. If you are still confused about determining a name for your baby, try using a Korean baby name. There are so many choices of names that are good and have good meaning.

Even though you’re not Korean and don’t really understand the ins and outs of naming Koreans, you can still, really, use a Korean name for your future baby. Here it is, some Korean baby name recommendations that can be selected.

1. Haneul

If you often watch Korean dramas, it’s definitely familiar with the handsome actor Kang Haneul. The actor who was recently awarded as the Best Lead Actor at the 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards was indeed famous for his acting skills. Moreover, Kang Haneul also has a face that can make a woman fascinated.

If the baby in your womb is male, you can use the name Haneul which means heaven. With this name, it is hoped that the child can become a calm and soothing man for those around him.

2. Young Jae

Still a Korean male baby name, this name choice is also suitable as an inspiration for the baby’s name. Young Jae himself in Korean means ‘he who is destined for prosperity’. The name Young Jae is also often used in Korean dramas, for example Lee Young Jae, played by veteran actor Rain in the 2004 Full House series.

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3. Yoona

Meaning a beautiful lotus flower, the name Yoona can be used for your baby girl. Besides having a beautiful meaning, this name is also very beautiful when heard. The name Yoona is also quite popular in South Korea because Yoona is the name of one of the SNSD girl group personnel.

With the real name Im Yoon Ah, the singer and cast of the film is known as a graceful and sweet woman. His face was also very charming, so it represented the name Yoona itself.

4. Hye

The use of the name Hye in the Ginseng Country is also very popular. There are so many Korean artists who have the name Hye in their middle names. Just mention Song Hye Kyo, Go Hye Sun and Shin Hye Sun. In Korean, Hye is interpreted as an elegant figure so it is suitable for your favorite daughter.

5. Yoora

Just hearing the name certainly makes you fall in love. Yes, the name Yoora which means silk is very beautiful to hear. Silk itself is synonymous with gentle nature. With this name, it is hoped that your child will have a soft heart like silk cloth. In his home country, this name is also owned by Park Yoora, who is none other than the elder brother of Park Chanyeol EXO.

6. Moon

In English, Moon itself means month, while in Korean the name Moon means a letter or a mandate. The name Moon in his native country is generally better known as a clan.

Some Korean artists known to have the Moon clan include, Moon Chae Won, Moon Geun Young, Moon Ga Young, and Muslim celebrity Ayana Moon. Even so, it’s not uncommon for Korean people to slip this name in their middle names, like the character Go Moon Young, played by actress Seo Yea Ji in the drama series It’s Okay Not To Be Okay which is now widely discussed by netizens.

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7. Min Joon

Do you still remember the drama My Love From The Star? The drama series which was booming in 2013 indeed succeeded in making the Eve crazy about the character of Do Min Joon, played by veteran actor Kim Soo Hyun. Do Min Joon’s calm, clever, and deft attitude turns out to be in accordance with the meaning of the name he bears.

Min himself means fast, smart, and sharp, while Joon means handsome and talented. Well, if you are a lover of actor Kim Soo Hyun, you can make the name Min Joon as a name for your son.

8. Hana

In Indonesia, you might have heard the name Hana, but in Korea this name might be considered partial because Hana in Korean means flower. Koreans believe that the name Hana will make their daughter a charming girl like a beautiful flower in a garden. Hana’s name also sounds sweet when spoken. Isn’t that right, mom?

9. Shin

If you have followed Korean dramas since 2006, surely you are familiar with the drama series Princess Hours. The drama that pocketed the high rating was played by one of the leading actors, Joo Ji Hoon who played the character of Prince Shin.

In the drama, Prince Shin not only has a handsome face but also has the dignity that is respected by all members of the kingdom. This is what makes him trusted and relied upon as an heir.

Well, if you also want your little one to grow up with the same traits as the Prince Shin character, you can name your son Shin. In Korean, Shin means trust.

10. Kim

Kim is arguably one of the largest clans in the land of Ginseng. Despite being a surname, the pronunciation of the name Kim to be a middle name sounds unique. In Korean, Kim has a meaning of life that sparkles and is always filled with happiness.

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The name Kim can also be used for boys and girls. Some Korean artists who bear the name of Kim include Kim Ji Won, Kim Da Mi, Kim Bum, Kim Taehyung (V BTS), Kim Mingyu (Seventeen), and Kim Jongin (Kai EXO).

11. Bitna

Bitna is one of the unique Korean baby names that can be used as the next choice. Bitna has a good meaning, which is shining. By giving this name to your baby it is hoped that he will become a child who is always cheerful and shining in anything.

12. Nari

The next Korean baby name is Nari. Having the meaning of a beautiful lily, the name Nari is also very unique to give to your child. Moreover, not many people use this name so it will not make your baby’s name sound on the market.

13. Kyung Mi

Kyeong Mi reads, this girl’s name has a very charming meaning, which is respected and beautiful. One of the Korean artists known to have this name is actress Jung Kyung Mi who has played in the drama series Reply 1997.

14. Ryung

Want to have a boy who shines like a star in the sky? You can give the name Ryung to your little one. In Korean, Ryung has the meaning of shine.

Although in his home country, this name is rarely used, it never hurts to start popularizing this name in Indonesia. With a very meaningful meaning, it is hoped that this name can bring good impact to your child later.

15. Ryeon

Behind this name is a quite deep meaning. Ryeon is interpreted as a strong figure so that it is hoped that the little one will be able to have a tough heart so that he can overcome various obstacles with grace.

Here are some inspirations for Korean baby names that can be your inspiration. So, have you decided on a suitable baby name for your future baby?

(Luthfa Nurridha)


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