Here’s how to get it cheap, Telkomsel cheap internet package !!

Telkomsel Cheap Internet Packages – Nowadays there are many providers offering internet access at low cost and easy to use it through the SIM card phone service.

Although these providers’ facilities, such as signal strength and various bonuses available are advertised. Through those that use SIM card phone services. Despite these providers’ facilities, such as signal strength and various bonuses available advertised. through

Collection of 361 internet package codes Telkomsel 2019 trick. Telkomsel is not a data package either Sympathy Loop As
however, for all access Telkomsel uses code 363 or complete use with * 363 #

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Access code * 363 #

Telkomsel is a press code * 363, for those of you who are familiar with Telkomsel cards, you can check it anytime using the access code * 363 #

The advantages of Telkomsel internet packages

Telkomsel is known as a cellphone provider with the advantage of having a strong signal, even stronger than other providers even in the same or adjacent region.

And for the discussion this time is Telkomsel’s cheap internet package code that can be tested on several Telkomsel cards

Telkomsel 4g internet package

Telkomsel Cheap Internet Packages

Telkomsel 4G Internet Package offers broadband with a stable network. It has long been proven that Telkomsel cards are one of the most used suppliers in the country.

With good service, consumers feel comfortable. There are various choices of Telkomsel 4G packages from daily, weekly and monthly packages.

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Although many customers believe that the price incurred by Telkomsel to use its services is rather “expensive”.

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This makes sense considering the costs incurred by Telkomsel in expanding its area and maintenance costs. The advantage of using 4G is that the speed is higher than 2G and 3G networks, and for video striming, it will become a permanent anti-buffer if you use the 4G Telkomsel network.

Monthly sympathy internet package

How to package the Simpati package with number * 363 * 9 #. How to package Sympathy using this button is quite simple by entering * 363 * 9 #, you will see the following package types:

  • 12 GB package (500 MB flash package + 1.5 GB local data + 10 GB 4G) at a price of Rp. 70,000 active periods of 30 days.
  • The 8 GB + MDS package is only for Rp. 50,000

Cheap Telkomsel internet packages large quota

Internet packages reliable and quality is one of the cheapest packages from Telkomsel that can be enjoyed by users of Simpati, AS and Loop card services. Previously this package was available with more choices. But now, you can only enjoy 2 choices of packages with 12GB and 30GB quota only.

But don’t worry, even though only 2 internet package options are available. You can still enjoy internet packages with a larger quota but at a price that is still quite affordable

Telkomsel internet package code

The following is Telkomsel’s cheap dial internet access code. With its widest network, extended to almost all regions of Indonesia, Telkomsel offers its customers a reliable cellular service guarantee. It can also be said that the connections offered by Telkomsel are stable, from 3G and 4G that serve other networks, can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

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Telkomsel internet package code

Now, over time, the need to define the basic needs of the Internet for most people. The largest internet provider in Indonesia also provides ultra fast internet services.

Unfortunately, for some people, the price of internet packages offered by Telkomsel is high. This could be the impact of the costs incurred to develop the network, including maintenance costs.

However, did you know that it turns out that Telkomsel offers cheap internet packages?

Telkomsel does not announce promotions publicly. Sometimes only for a few customers who have become old users or have run out of internet quota. In addition, Telkomsel generally believes that the Internet package is equipped with a new starter card.

Aces cheap internet package

The winner of the 2019 Kartu As cheap internet package is the Ace 1 day data package which contains a 100MB quota for 5,000 rupiah. The As Card Package is somewhat different from the simPATI Internet package.

Because the 4G Card Package has exclusive sales channels such as Traveloka, Lazada, Tokopedia. There are 97 cheap cards as internet packages that you can only buy using your cellphone via the MyTelkomsel application / via USSD Card as a code.

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That is the discussion Telkomsel Cheap Internet Packages we wrote in this article, Hopefully useful, Thank you



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