How To Know Someone’s Location Through Whatsapp

How to find out where someone is through WhatsApp – This WA tip is very important to know, because WhatsApp is still one of the most popular chat applications among people. Some benefits such as ad-free, free, fast, and easy to create WhatsApp more popular among users.

Knowing Someone’s Location Through Whatsapp

Secretly tracking sites via WhatsApp is not as complicated as many people imagine, although it is practically easy.

First of all we have opened WhatsApp Web via PC Open the last message from the person whose position you want to see. If the last message was a few days ago, you have to pick up the person you want to text. This last message is used to get a private IP address.

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Use the application to track users based on mobile numbers
Over time, some applications may be available on smartphones, especially in technology. One of them is the iSharing application. This application will help you track someone about your current location.

Using this program is no accident. That means you can’t track who wants to track someone. You need to invite or invite to join and install the same application on your mobile.

how to find out the location through whatsapp

This feature is useful when you move to a new location with friends or family. Users can individually request family members or friends via WhatsApp. How to use the location sharing feature, according to the WhatsApp page.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Select the person you want to chat with.
  • Click the clip or attachment icon,
  • Select Position Select to share location directly.
  • Set Shared Locations to Live Life,
  • and then Send After sending,
  • the location will be monitored directly,
  • makes it easy to find one note using the two methods above,
  • make sure it allows the localization feature. In addition, the network must be stable, both Wi-Fi and cellular.
  • Otherwise, there is a risk that the location of the device sought or shared may be incorrect
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By sharing location instantly you can track where people are on WhatsApp

  • Open the chat from the person whose location you want to share, or open group chat
  • In the text box, tap the paperclip icon
  • Select location
  • Select Share live location / Share current location
  • Select the desired duration
  • Touch Send.

Track WhatsApp numbers and trace IP addresses

Another way to track WhatsApp numbers is to track the IP numbers of the devices they use. This method requires you to open WhatsApp via the web, which you can do on a computer. The steps are as follows:

Open WhatsApp web through the official WhatsApp page
Invite people to chat to follow their whereabouts
Close all applications running in the background except the browser you are using to open WhatsApp. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to open the Task Manager feature
Press Win + R, type cmd and press Enter
At the command prompt, type netstat and press Enter

With the help of applications and the internet, you can easily find out someone’s current position. How to track people through cellphone numbers that you can use easily.

Those of you who have received messages about “Mothers who ask for credit” or even “Fathers who ask for credit” and messages stating that winning a prize might be upset. But you can also find out where the message came from by tracking people through this mobile number.

In addition to tracking people through mobile numbers, you can do this using an application or even a mobile operator.

By tracking someone on this cellphone number, you can trace a foreign number entered on your cellphone. You can even track your wife, husband, children, friends and even your girlfriend when there is no news.

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How to Check People by Phone Number in the Request Menu

How To Know Someone's Location Through Whatsapp

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how to check people based on phone numbers

  1. Install iSharing

    For the first way to track people with a cellphone, you obviously need to install the iSharing application, which is available on the Google Play Store or App Store. After that, you can open the iSharing application on your mobile.

  2. Make a reservation

    Make a reservation. In this book iSharing requires you to register. But you don’t need to worry if you think it will be a disaster.

  3. Register

    Then you can register using “log in via facebook” or “log in via google“, So it’s easier for you to click on internet options through Google. Because you can be sure that you have a google account on your cellphone.

  4. Select email address

    Select email address. After you decide to sign up for Google, you must choose a Google Account. However, if you don’t have a Google name, you can enter your email address.

  5. Enter mobile number

    Enter mobile number. The next step is to access your cellphone to register with this iSharing account. Don’t forget to enter national law.

  6. Remote alarm

    Remote alarm This step is optional, so you can choose to activate the alarm when someone is away from you. But if you don’t want to use it, you can continue to the next step.

  7. find me

    Find me. You will have the option to “find me” to see where your device is. In addition, you also get information about whether to get a site or not

  8. Invite a friend

    Invite friends Then you can invite friends to participate in managing the application on Sharing. You can invite existing friends to your cellular contact list.

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Now that’s a few How To Know Someone’s Location Through Whatsapp we write in this article for those of you who still don’t know the trick, good luck, good luck and useful, thank you.


What is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is a chat application that is very popular among smartphone users.

How to download it?

Open the official website here and you just download it.

Can you track someone on Whatsapp?

Of course you can, all can be done if you read this article and try it


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