7 Recommendations for Ornamental Plant Stores to Maximize Room Decoration

If you are a lover of aesthetic nuances, try to maximize the appearance of your room with ornamental plants. You don’t need to be too big if space the room feels cramped. You can choose hanging plant or hanging plants that do not contain too much space. Ornamental plants are now sold in various places, and some even sell them on line so you just choose which type of ornamental plants you want to buy according to taste.

Tips on buying ornamental plants for a minimalist room

Tips on buying ornamental plants for a minimalist room (Photo: Shutterstock)
Tips on buying ornamental plants for a minimalist room (Photo: Shutterstock)

Before knowing the recommendations of quality ornamental plant stores, you also need to know a few tips on buying this type of plant. Not all types of ornamental plants can feel comfortable placed in the corner of the room. Well, here are the tips you need to pay attention to:

– Determine first the type of ornamental plants that fit the room space

If you have a minimalist room with a room that is not too big, rely on ornamental plants that can be a substitute air purifier. Replacement ornamental plants air purifier is a type of ornamental plant that can clean indoor air. For example, tongue-in-law and aloe vera. If you feel that the size is still too big, you can make it a hanging ornamental plant.

– Choose the type of plant that is relatively simple treatment

You are classified as busy in everyday life sometimes like to forget to take care of ornamental plants in the room. So choose the type of ornamental plants that are easy maintenance such as ivory betel leaf plants, cactus weevil and tongue-in-law. Maintenance tips is to put it near the sunlight for example near the window of the room so that it gets enough lighting.

– Also prepare potted plants to be more manicured

There are some plant shops that only provide plant tubers so they do not provide planting media such as pots. Well, before you buy ornamental plants you should first ask the seller or immediately buy a pot that suits your room layout.

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Here is a shop of quality ornamental plants that you can buy easily

Now there are a variety of ornamental plants with various sizes, types and types of treatments that you can adjust to the nuances of your room. One of the most trends is the type of leaf plant because it is dominant with substitute plant species air purifier while maximizing the aesthetic style of the room or room decor instantly. Well, here is a quality ornamental plant shop that you can try to see.

1. Aska Florist

Aska Florist (Photo: Instagram / @ florist3900)
Aska Florist (Photo: Instagram / @ florist3900)

Located in East Jakarta, Aska Florist provides various types of ornamental plants along with potted planting mediums and plant sprays. This ornamental plant shop is more dominant in selling leaf types such as Monstera Adansonii vines, calathea leaf plants, kadaka, and deer antlers.

The price of ornamental plants in Aska Florist is quite affordable with a range starting from Rp. 45 thousand. Here, orchid plants are also available for you who like to grow flowers.

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2. Lumina Plant / Makkebun

Lumina Plant / Makkebun (Photo: Instagram / @ jualmonstera)
Lumina Plant / Makkebun (Photo: Instagram / @ jualmonstera)

For those of you who are located in Bintaro, try to see collections from Lumina Plant or Makkebun’s ornamental plant shops. This shop is known for selling popular leaf ornamental plants such as monstera plants.

Here, you can too custom plants using pots as desired. The price range of ornamental plants starts from Rp54 thousand and you can get ivory betel leaf plants which can certainly maximize the aesthetic value of your room.

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3. House Plants

House Plant (Photo: Instagram/@tanam.rumah)
House Plant (Photo: Instagram/@tanam.rumah)

Which is located in Bali, can lyrics a row of ornamental plants that are sold at the Bali House Plant shop. You can buy a variety of ornamental leaves such as Monstera, cactus, tongue-in-law, zodia or mosquito repellent trees at the Bali House Plant.

Various types of flowering leaf plants such as Hydrangea and Poinsettia plants are also sold here. In addition to room decoration, you really make a gift or hampers for closest relatives.

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4. Sky Gardens

Kebun Langit (Photo: Instagram / @ Kebunlangit_)
Kebun Langit (Photo: Instagram / @ Kebunlangit_)

Located in Semarang, Kebun Langit shop sells decorative plant variants ranging from leaf ornamental plants to hanging plants hanging plant the beautiful one. Here, unique hanging ornamental plants such as Tradescantia Zebrina and Callisia repens can be purchased.

The price range is also very affordable, starting from Rp. 35 thousand. There are also cactus plants with various models and sizes that are suitable to maximize the aesthetic feel in your room.

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5. Monti Cirebon

Monti Cirebon (Photo: Instagram / @ monticirebon)
Monti Cirebon (Photo: Instagram / @ monticirebon)

This ornamental plant shop located in Cirebon sells various variants of leaf plants. The most dominant ones are sold like Monstera plants and cactus. Monti Cirebon offers a variety of ornamental leaf plants at relatively affordable prices. Get ready to be spoiled with various types of cactus ranging from cactus tubers to minimalist succulents.

6. Wakatu

Wakatu (Photo: Instagram / @ wakatu_id)
Wakatu (Photo: Instagram / @ wakatu_id)

Plants offered by Wakatu are a type of terrarium. Terrarium plants are plants that are planted in containers made of glass. Now the terrarium is one of the mainstay ornamental plants in beautifying the room instantly, but the treatment is also quite extra careful.

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Terrarium plants which usually consist of succulent cactus plants, flowers and small leaves need extra attention in their care. Like the amount of water and fertilizer that must be right for the plant to stay alive or continue to get enough sunlight. Also make sure the glass container is not dirty or broken. The price is also quite expensive with a range of Rp. 400 thousand, you need to commit more to take care of terrarium plants.

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7. Tropical Studio

Tropical Studio (Photo: Instagram/@tropical.studio.id)
Tropical Studio (Photo: Instagram/@tropical.studio.id)

If you want to create a thick zen concept with a Japanese atmosphere, you can try a collection of various ornamental plants in Tropical Studio. This ornamental plant shop is an expert at creating custom Very bonsai aesthetic if you display it on one of your bedroom desks. The price range starts from IDR 155 thousand and you can get a unique mini tillandsia plant.

So, which ornamental plants do you want to buy immediately?


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