How to Erase Xiaomi’s Second Room and Its Purpose

How to Erase Xiaomi’s Second Room Xiaomi always presents the latest innovations to satisfy loyal users. One of the latest innovations presented by Xiaomi in MIUI ROM version 7 and above is the second space feature of Xiaomi devices.

Basically, this second space feature is available for users who want to create two different spaces on one device.

This second space feature is very useful for user activity, which is very easy to activate.

This second white space feature is good enough to be used to expedite the activities of several users.

But there are also some Xiaomi device users who want to activate this second room and deactivate the second room for various reasons.

For more information about removing the second or second blank on Xiaomi phones. Then you should pay attention to some of the reviews below.

How to Erase Xiaomi’s Second Room

Before deleting the second space in Xiaomi, you must have an MI account, which is your username or password.

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If you forget your Mi Cloud password, you must restore it first.

To recover your password, you can reset the password in the upper right corner of the Xiaomi mobile settings menu.

On this recovery page, you will be asked to enter the email or telephone number used to create your MI account.

You will then be asked to confirm with the code you received via email or message. Next you will be asked to change your password.

This password will be used again to erase the second space on Xiaomi phones.

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Basically, you can use this MI account to not only delete the second space feature, but also protect your device from the risk of privacy theft.

To delete the second room, make sure your internet connection is stable. This is because you are synchronizing Mi account You later so that others accidentally delete or delete them.

Well, here are the steps to erase the second space on Xiaomi phones, so you can see how you do it.

Steps to Erase Xiaomi’s Second Room

how to remove the second xiaomi space

This method is fairly easy and simple, as long as you understand the settings and methods. so listen carefully so you understand.

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  • First make sure your Xiaomi phone is connected to the internet.
  • Then enter the Settings menu.
  • Then scroll down to search and press the second space menu.
  • After that there is a menu Go to Second Space. The point here is you have to go to the room you want to delete.
  • Furthermore, many menus are displayed. Scroll down and select Delete Second Room.
  • Then in the main room there are questions about the data that you want to protect. If there is nothing to check.
  • Enter your account username and password Mi. You and click OK.
  • Click Continue and wait for the removal process. This process takes several minutes.
  • Wait for the removal process to finish.

Removing the second space on your Xiaomi device will completely erase data from all deleted space, such as user data, photos, videos, etc. In the application.

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Also, after a room is deleted, it cannot be recovered, so if you have a lot of important data, you must back up it.

The second room feature is indeed very useful for those of you who want to use features like you use two mobile phones, but in one hand where else if not a Xiaomi phone.

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That is the discussion from us for the steps or how to delete the second space on Xiaomi mobile phones, Good luck with the way we discussed and Thank you.


Is that the second room?

The second room is a feature provided by Xiaomi Mobile that allows you to use two mobile phones in one device.

How do you make a second room?

open the settings> find a second room> then turn on the second room.

Does the second room make our cellphones slow?

Yes, if you have an xiaomi phone with low ram and storage, this feature will make your xiaomi cellphone feel heavy and slow.


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