Indosat Booster Package – Functions and How to Use It

Indosat Booster Package Functions and How to Use It- demand for the Internet is now one of the main needs. In addition to communication, the Internet supports economic cycles and connects everyone in the hemisphere.

Thus as a provider of internet and GSM networks. Indosat always improves services in this sector. For example, Indosat has released an unlimited package that allows you to use the Internet as you wish.

This package has something like FUP. FUP is an acronym for fair use policy or fair use rules when interpreted in Indonesian. In this case, you can access at full speed to surf the internet.

However, if you exceed the FUP limit (e.g. 2GB per day), you use it. Therefore, if you exceed 2 GB per day, the speed will decrease depending on the conditions.

If you limit 2GB (for example only) to 00.00 the next day, you can enjoy the highest speed again.

However, if you can’t wait to reset the Indosat FUP value limit, you can take advantage of the Indosat Booster Package feature.

How to Register Indosat Booster Packages

Indosat booster package

For in a precarious position to be able to use full internet speed in Indosat’s unlimited package. FUP speed limit has been exceeded.

So that the internet speed decreases or becomes slow because your unlimited package has exceeded the limit set by Indosat provider.

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If the speed is already limited by exceeding the FUP limit, buy the Indosat booster package. To be able to activate the booster package you can follow the steps below, so keep on watching.

  • The first way through the dial menu. Call * 123 * 222 # 1. Then enter number 1 and confirm number confirmation again 1.
  • Or use MyIm3 application.
  • Open the MyIm3 application and select the purchase menu. Then choose Unlimited.
  • Then scroll or scroll down. And find the 5RB Speed ​​Booster. Click on the menu.
  • The final step is to choose to buy or send as a gift to someone else.
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Terms and Conditions

Here are some rules that must be followed to make your Indosat Booster package comfortable to enjoy.

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  • You must be in an Indosat Unlimited package to use this package.
  • Except for unlimited packages, you cannot buy from Indosat’s booster application package.
  • Indosat’s Booster Package has the same service life as the Unlimited Package. So, if you don’t use it, it will remain active until the end of the package is unlimited.
  • You can make repeated purchases or multiple purchases. This allows you to build a booster package quota.
  • For additional packages, night packages are only active from 1 pm to 6 am.
  • You can use an additional quota for 24 hours straight.
  • If you use unlimited jumbo packages and have purchased Indosat Speed ​​Booster packages and additional quota, you can only use Speed ​​Booster.

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Thus our discussion of the functions and uses of the Indosat booster package, hopefully from this article you can understand and understand how to use and activate this package.

This package is the solution to your problem that feels that your internet is slow because of the unlimited package from Indosat, hopefully useful and thank you.


What is an Indosat booster package?

The booster package is a feature program provided by Indosat for solutions from unlimited quota that has FUP.

How do you activate the booster package?

Call * 123 * 222 # 1. Then enter number 1 and confirm again the confirmation number 1. Or use the MyIm3 application.


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