Hello Skipper! Do you want your shop to be crowded with buyers? Maybe you need to decorate your shop a little to look more beautiful and attract buyers.

Well! Now Mitra Bukalapak is back again holding a stall ornamental competition for all Members of the JUWARA Community (Juragan Warung Mitra Bukalapak) especially those who have businesses or kiosks.

How to enter the competition, Min?

The method is really easy! For those who already have a stall, you can immediately decorate your stall as interesting as possible by showing your goods at the stall, starting from groceries to virtual products (pulses, data packages, BPJS, PDAM bills, electricity, electric tokens, and various travel tickets)

Still don’t understand Min, is there an example?

You can draw or attach various ornaments that show that in your shop you can buy a variety of virtual products and daily necessities. Like the photo stalls below for example, it’s easy right?

Min, is there any stall ornamental material prepared from BL?

Sorry in advance, Skipper, for now the supply of banners is limited. Skipper can also check their purchases in the Bukalapak Partner or Bukalapak regular application. Eits, but Skipper doesn’t need to worry, the skipper can be creative to make banners and the like through existing tools. (Plus there is an additional value for Juragan who decorate the stalls with JUWARA writing trinkets using their respective regional languages)

After we decorate the Warung, what’s the next step, Min?

Now, after Juragan decorate the stall, don’t forget to photograph yourself and your stall that has been decorated and upload it to JUWARA Group or send it directly to JUWARA Admin, don’t forget to mention your JUWARA Group username and name.

When will you wait for the min?

The competition itself will start from July 21 – July 30, 2019.

Min, if you win the prize?

There will be a credit balance prize for 30 selected Bukalapak Partners, with the following details:

Champion number 1 : Credit Balance of 1,000,000
Runner up : 750,000 Credit Balance
3rd place : 250,000 Credit Balance
Champion 4 – 30 : 100,000 Credit Balance

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How is that easy, right? Come on, decorate and photograph your shop so that more buyers’ interests and the chance to get a credit balance prize!


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