Xiaomi Wifi Barcode – Easy Way to Share Wifi Internet Connection on Xiaomi

How to Scan Xiaomi Wifi Barcodes Did you know that by scanning a QR code, your Xiaomi smartphone can easily share your Internet or Wi-Fi connection with other Xiaomi users.

Most Xiaomi users can do this very easily with this feature but don’t know how to do it.

For example, if you or your friend is connected to free or paid Wi-Fi. And friends want to be connected.

But the problem is the Wi-Fi account used to sign in is 1, so it can’t be used on many devices at once.

So what’s the solution? Now for Xiaomi mobile users, it’s easy to scan barcodes and share internet connections on connected phones.

Within seconds, other cellphones can be connected to Wi-Fi through their first phone too. So don’t be surprised if the first cellphone battery runs out very quickly.

Well, here’s how to share wifi by scanning barcodes. So stay tuned.

How to Share Wifi Barcodes on Xiaomi

how to scan xiaomi wifi barcodes

The bar code itself functions as a means to enter data easily which automatic data entry functions by reading the code. Barcodes are codes with black lines on a white background.

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The following are the steps for connecting to wifi by scanning a barcode:

  • Make sure your mobile wifi server is connected to WiFi and connected to the internet successfully.
  • then open the Settings menu or settings.
  • Then select the WiFi menu, you can see that the source phone is connected to wifi.
  • To share a QR code, just tap or tap the Wi-Fi name.
  • The QR code is displayed immediately. All that’s left is to scan from the phone you want to connect.
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Then the way to scan is also quite easy. The first way is:

  • When you open the Tools folder or tools, the Scan menu will appear.
  • You only need to mark it on the barcode that was previously displayed on your cellphone.
  • And you managed to share the QR code and scan it on the target phone

When scanning, the camera adjusts the position of the barcode being scanned, so there is no need to bother. If you can scan the barcode with the Wifi QR code scanner, the access point and password of the device you want to connect to appear. After that, you can connect the device directly without writing a password.

After the second phone is connected to Wi-Fi, the second phone can share the barcode in the same way, allowing others to use the same Wi-Fi.

The method of sharing passwords is more selective because it is only used by people they know. Sharing wifi passwords using barcodes is very effective in many conditions.

This feature is very useful because the device can find barcodes and is only available for Xiaomi phones. we hope that on other Android devices you can share your WiFi password or password quickly using the same features over time. The current barcode is very effective at minimizing errors when entering a password.

This is a new feature, but you can connect to WiFi without entering a password, even if there are many applications that use a similar method.

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That’s the discussion this time that we can review for you, hopefully this method can be helpful and useful for you. Thanks.

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What is a barcode?

Barcodes are an easy way to enter data where automatic data entry works by reading code. Barcodes are barcodes with black lines on a white background.

What are the advantages of a WiFi barcode?

The advantage is that it makes it easier for you to connect wifi to your cell phone without the hassle of entering a wifi password.

Can this method be used on another cellphone?

You can use this method only for Xiaomi mobile users.


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