How to Video Call WhatsApp on Laptop Easily

How to Video Call WhatsApp on Laptop- Each cellphone on average has the WhatsApp application as one of the communication media. Technology development also allows you to access WhatsApp from your laptop or computer.

Of course, it will be easier to stay in touch while working without opening the phone.

WhatsApp Web is a WhatsApp web client, which gives you quick access to all the key features such as sending and receiving messages, downloading media, files, content, and sharing videos.

WhatsApp Web is a simple service that reduces your dependency on your smartphone.

Simply open the web on your computer and scan the barcode in the WhatsApp web settings on your mobile device.

If you successfully log in, you can simulate the WhatsApp Mobile experience on your computer without ads. This is to make sure you don’t miss any information or conversations about WhatsApp.

For those who are new to WhatsApp Web, it will be confusing. You can also make video calls from your laptop as long as you understand.

This is nothing new, but there are steps you need to understand about how to make video calls from WhatsApp. You need to install several applications.

well this time we will share ways on how to videocall whatsapp on a laptop, so keep watching.

How to Video Call WhatsApp on a Laptop

Here are the steps for how to Video Call WhatsApp on your laptop, see below.

how to video call whatsapp on the Nox emulator

The first step you have to do is install an emulator.

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To use the video call feature on WhatsApp Wab, you must install the NOX emulator on your computer. why use nox? why not just bluestack?

We recommend that you use an emulator nox because in our opinion this emulator is the lightest of bluestacks and there are many features provided from this emulator.

You can install it through your favorite browser application. You can then write the browser address in the search field. You can then choose the download option and wait for the process to finish.

After the download process is complete, you can install it on the computer and wait for the installation process to finish. If you have a request to improve the accuracy of your location, you can choose the Accept option and then the Yes option.

You must enter the email address used to download the application in PlayStore running this application. Then enter your email password.

After you have successfully logged in, then then there is open Playstore Then search for WhatsApp in the search field and then select Install. In this case, you can use WhatsApp for video calls, which you can later use on your computer.

After you have successfully installed the WhatsApp Application you must login to the registration menu in the whatsapp application. This is the same as registering wA on an android phone.

The final step to make video calls via WhatsApp on your computer is the same as when you make video calls from your mobile to WhatsApp.

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Congratulations You can make WhatsApp video calls through your laptop.

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That’s the way to WhatsApp Whatsapp via laptop. easy right? With the above method you can make calls and chat without having to use a cellphone and you can do it while working, Hopefully useful and Thank you.


What is web WhatsApp?

Whatsapp Web is a computer-based WhatsApp account application, including those on mobile phones.

Is it possible without an emulator?

Currently Whatsapp web does not yet have the videocall feature, so it must use an emulator to be able to enjoy the videocall feature.

Does the emulator require high laptop specs?

In order to use it smoothly you need a capable laptop spec.


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