These 10 Best and Best-Selling Bicycle Pedals in Bukalapak, Cheap!

Are you one of those who just started cycling in the middle of the current trends? If you just bought a bicycle or even still waiting for your dream bike to get home, one of the bicycle parts that you need to pay attention to is the pedal.

The Best Bicycle Pedals

Yes, bicycle pedals are no less important if you really want to take this new hobby. The best bicycle pedals can make your 2 notes & more effective and save energy. No need to be confused choosing, BukaReview will provide recommendations for the best and best-selling bicycle pedals in Bukalapak.

Types of Bicycle Pedals

Out of the factory, your bike must have been equipped with a standard pedal or called flat pedals. Well, if you want to raise your bicycle level, the pedal is one part that you can an upgrade.

There are two types of bicycle pedals that you can choose from flat pedals earlier and clipless pedals.

1. Flat Pedals

Of course you already know what this standard bicycle pedal looks like. This bicycle pedal allows you to ride with any footwear and is a factory default.

Advantages: If the bike is shaking you can easily lower your legs to maintain balance.

Suitable for: Almost all cyclists, especially those of you who are cycling for sports or just commuting who demanded to lower their legs often.

2. Clipless Pedals

Contrary to its name, clipless pedals instead requires that your feet be clip on the pedal. This pedal system is commonly called cleats Therefore, to wear this bicycle pedal you need special shoes with cleats which is ‘clicked’ on the pedal later.

To open cleats, usually you have to tilt your legs. There are also types multiple-release cleats who have many angles to open your shoe lock. Indeed to get used to using clipless pedals need practice. However, if you are used to it will be easy to release the foot from the pedal whenever needed.

Advantages: Bicycle control is higher when cycling fast or on roads with obstacles and feet will not bounce off the pedals.

Suitable for: Those who are happy with the speed and downhiller who need more solid pedaling when running over the streets bumpy.

Well, now you know what type of bicycle pedal you need?

This is the best bicycle pedal recommendation in Bukalapak.

1 Litepro K3 Bicycle Pedals

The best bicycle pedal

The first best bicycle pedal that you can buy in Bukalapak is K3 Litepro. This super-lightweight bicycle pedal pair only weighs 225 grams. The material is made of alloy so it is not only lightweight, but also resilient.

Have any bearing DU Ultralight, you can install this pedal on MTB, road bikes, and even folding bikes.

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2 Gub GC020 Aluminum Pedals

The best bicycle pedal

The next best bicycle pedal brands come from GUB. This pedal also has alloy material and weighs only 275 grams a pair.

The red color will also make your bike look good.

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3 Shimano XT M8000

The best bicycle pedal

This Shimano bicycle pedal comes from the Deore XT line. Clipless pedal This is specifically for MTB. With super strong material, this pedal can be relied on for you to hit any field.

In addition, the shape is also designed so that the mud that sticks to it can be easily cleaned.

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4 Flat Cleat Pedal

The best bicycle pedal

For you who just want to wear cleats, but not too sure, this bicycle pedal could be an option. Because the shape is similar to flat pedal, but already has a holder cleats if you already have bicycle shoes.

So, for adaptation you will not feel difficulties because the changes are not too drastic compared pedal clipless the other.

5 Folding Bike Pedals

The best bicycle pedal

For those of you who have folding bikes, practicality is certainly a major consideration when carrying a bicycle on the MRT or the train.

Well, if you want a folding bicycle pedal, this one product has plastic and aluminum materials that can be easily folded. In addition, the best bicycle pedals are also equipped with a light reflector so that you are more secure when riding & at night.

6 Shimano XTR M980

The best bicycle pedal

Bicycle pedal cleats best this also came from Shimano, whose experience in the dispute was unquestionable.

7 Carbon Wheel Up Flat Bike Pedals

The best bicycle pedal

For those of you who are the first want upgrade, The best bicycle pedal that you must try is the flat pedal from Wheel Up.

With a weight of only 287 grams, 3 sealed bearing, and alloy and blend materials carbon fiber tube, your bike will be more easy and comfortable to ride in long distance.

8 Onthel Bike Pedals

The best bicycle pedal

For you who want to be different, classic choices can always be choices. This onthel bicycle pedal will make your bike look antique.

9 Classic Bicycle Pedals

The best bicycle pedal

This classic bicycle pedal is no less unique. With ivory white and light reflectors, this bicycle pedal will take you to the past. This pedal is suitable for mini minion bikes, folding bikes, and of course onthel.

10 Raze Mountain Bike Pedals

The best bicycle pedal

For those of you who want to adventure with your MTB on weekends, replace the standard pedals with the mountain bike pedals from Raze. With a sturdy material and a wide surface, guaranteed 2 notes & more careless.

Well, that was a list of the best and best-selling bicycle pedals in Bukalapak. Which one do you want to choose?


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