10 List of Newborn Baby Toiletries that Must Be Prepared

You certainly want to meet all the needs of the baby as much as possible. Especially for baby bathing equipment that is used every day, you definitely want to give the best for him. You see, the best toiletries are not only due to maintaining safety, but also creates a pleasant bathing atmosphere for babies. Before shopping for your baby’s bathing needs, find out first 10 equipment required to bathe the newborn baby below.

A table listing toiletries for newborns

Product Product Function Check Prices Here


Use a soft washcloth to scrub the baby's body while bathing. (Photo: Palmerhaus)

To help bathe the baby and is made of soft towels. CHECK THE PRICE HERE


IKEA Lattsam Baby Bath

As a baby bathing place for safer and more comfortable. CHECK THE PRICE HERE

Baby body support device

Baby bath helper, helps support the baby's body during his bath.

Specially designed for babies so the baby cannot move even though he is kicking his legs. CHECK THE PRICE HERE

Baby bather

baby bather

As a tool to facilitate bathing the baby so that it does not need to always be held or held. CHECK THE PRICE HERE


(Photo: Shutterstock)

Towels are needed as a wrap for the baby’s body after being removed from the bath and to dry the water in his body. CHECK THE PRICE HERE


baby perlak

As a base after bathing. CHECK THE PRICE HERE

Small basin

Bathing newborn does not have to be with a large tub, use a basin. (Photo: Tororo)

Can be a substitute for a bathtub for a warm bath. CHECK THE PRICE HERE

Baby soap and shampoo

Baby soap

As a liquid hair cleanser and baby’s body. CHECK THE PRICE HERE

Telon oil

Konicare Telon Oil

Useful oils to warm the baby’s body. CHECK THE PRICE HERE

Sterile cotton

baby cotton

To clean the intimate parts of the baby and the umbilical cord that has not been separated. CHECK THE PRICE HERE

1 Waslap, to rub the baby’s body

Use a soft washcloth to scrub the baby's body while bathing. (Photo: Palmerhaus)
Use a soft washcloth to scrub the baby’s body while bathing. (Photo: Palmerhaus)

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Indonesian Pediatrician Association say, newborn babies, especially those whose umbilical cord has not been separated, should only be bathed on a flat surface (such as a mattress covered by a permak) using a washcloth soaked in warm water to rub the baby’s body. Therefore, you need to buy some special washcloths for babies. Usually washcloths for babies made from soft and comfortable on the skin of the child.

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2 Baby bathtub, to make it easier for you to bathe the baby

IKEA Lattsam Baby Bath baby bathtub
Use the bathtub that has a buffer. (Photo: Bukalapak)

After the umbilical cord is loose (when the baby is around 1-2 weeks old), you can start bathing your baby in a special baby bathtub. Choose a bathtub that fits the size of your child, not too big or too small, so it is comfortable for your child, and for you when you bathe it. Use a bathtub made of material that is safe for your child. Also pay attention to parts of the edge of the tub, choose one that has no sharp angles so as not to hurt the delicate skin.

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3 Baby body support devices, Ensure the safety of the baby while bathing

Baby bath helper, helps support the baby's body during his bath.
Baby bath helper, helps support the baby’s body during his bath. (Photo: Buklapak)

For new mothers, bathing a baby is not easy. If not done carefully can endanger the safety of the baby. Relax, now you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Now, available aids supporting the baby’s body or commonly referred to baby bath helper specially designed for babies and cannot move even if the baby moves to kick his legs.

Middle part baby bath helper from a kind of elastic material shaped like a net, its function is to be able to adjust to the baby’s body position. On all four sides of the baby bath helper, there are tongs that can be attached to the bath so they can firmly support the baby’s body during bathing. Baby bath helper generally made from polyester which is easy to dry and resistant to bacteria and fungi. On the headrest, there is a layer of foam that will make your child feel comfortable.

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4 Baby bather, helps mothers who are just learning to bathe the baby

baby bather
Baby bather makes it easy to bathe the baby. (Photo: Bukalapak)

In addition to setting up a baby bathtub, you can also use it baby bather to bathe the baby. Baby bather help new mothers who are still learning to bathe babies. Your baby is quite positioned after sleeping and you can freely bathe the baby without having to support with your hands.

Babies will also be more relaxed because he will not be turned over like when bathing in a bathtub. Baby bather suitable for you who have a minimalist size bathroom because it does not spend space. other than that baby bather it can be folded and easily carried everywhere.

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5 Towel, choose a soft texture and absorbs water well

(Photo: Shutterstock)
Choose a towel that is soft on the baby’s skin. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Towels are needed as a wrap for the baby’s body after being removed from the bath and to dry the water in his body. For that, choose a towel that has fine fiber so it can absorb water perfectly. Also adjust the size of the baby’s body. So that your child is not cold, you can also choose a towel that has a head covering.

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6 Perlak, a bath mat so as not to wet the sheets when drying the baby’s body

baby perlak
Care as a base after bathing. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Perlak is one of the mandatory requirements that you need to have. There are 2 types of perlak, namely perlak whose base is flat and bubbly perlak. Well, to bathe the baby, it’s easier to use flat perlak because it is easily dried. Meanwhile, corrugated perlak more comfortable for baby bedding because it does not feel hot on the baby’s back.

For newborns, it would be better if bathed on a mattress or other flat surface by using perlak as a bath mat so that the water does not wet the mattress. To be more comfortable and easier for you when bathing your child, choose a large sized perlak.

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7 Small basin, is used if you do not have a baby bathtub

Bathing newborn does not have to be with a large tub, use a basin. (Photo: Tororo)
Bathing newborn does not have to be with a large tub, use a basin. (Photo: Tororo)

The basin is useful as a container of warm water that will be used to clean the baby’s body. When your newborn is born, you don’t need a lot of water to bathe because his body is still clean and doesn’t sweat a lot. So, you only need to bathe using a washcloth that has been soaked in warm water in this small basin.

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8 Soap and shampoo especially for babies to prevent skin irritation

Baby soap
Use special baby soap and shampoo. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Children can get traumatized by bathing because of the wrong use of soap and shampoo. For example, shampoo or soap that can make eyes sore. Therefore, choose a special baby shampoo and soap that is safe for your baby’s eyes. You also need to pay attention to the ingredients contained in the soap.

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IDAI recommends that parents choose a mild baby soap that is in accordance with the neutral pH of the skin (5.5) with minimal perfume and coloring content to avoid sensitive skin reactions. According to IDAI, it is better to avoid soaps with antiseptics (phenols, cresols), deodorants (triclosan, hexachlorophen), and soaps containing detergents, such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which can cause irritation or sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) which are poisonous when absorbed by the skin poppet.

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9 Telon oil to warm the baby’s body

Konicare Telon Oil
Konicare Telon Oil. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Telon oil is a mandatory oil for babies that is used daily. Telon oil is usually mandatory for infants or toddlers after bathing. The thing is, the kids keep feeling warm. Derived from three types of natural oils, namely eucalyptus oil, fennel oil, and coconut oil, of course telon oil has many benefits for babies.

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10 Sterile cotton and gauze, to clean the baby’s umbilical cord

baby cotton
Cotton balls help clean the baby’s umbilical cord to keep it clean.

Sterile cotton and gauze should be prepared as one of the toiletries. The point is to clean the baby’s umbilical cord that has not been separated. Cleanliness of the baby’s umbilical cord must be maintained so that the baby does not get an infection. The process of removing the umbilical cord is usually 1-4 weeks. So do not forget to always maintain cleanliness, yes.

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These baby bathing gear can be adjusted as the baby gets bigger, for example by adding water toys and introducing tongue and gum brushes.

(Isma Anggrita / Suci Loyalita)

If the toiletries are complete, it’s time you are ready to bathe your own baby. Check out the guide.


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