Sangar Look! This is the choice of Non Japanese Motor Sport in Indonesia

Not only Japanese producers, choices non-Japanese motorcycles in Indonesia also quite a lot. Moreover, sport type motorcycles is still one type of motorbike that has quite a lot of enthusiasts in Indonesia. That is why, in this segment, manufacturers are competing to spawn a variety of attractive products with the latest designs and features to attract consumers in Indonesia.

Competition in this segment is not only dominated by Japanese manufacturers, manufacturers outside of Japan have also taken their fortune by releasing several reliable products. Noted there are several choices non-Japanese motorcycles in Indonesia that is worth considering.

Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia

In addition to more affordable prices, some non-Japanese sports motorcycles also offer attractive designs. Plus, the features offered are also fairly sophisticated and modern. Well, for those of you who are looking for non-Japanese motor sport recommendations at an affordable price, here are a few options.

1 KTM Duke 200

Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia
Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia

For you who are looking for a non-Japanese motor sport with a fierce appearance, it doesn’t feel right if you don’t discuss the KTM Duke 200. Yes, this naked style motorbike is one of the most popular models and is a mainstay in the Indonesian market and even the world.

The reason is, not only has a dashing look like the motors in the film Science Fiction genre, KTM Duke 200 is also equipped with a kitchen runway and a series of abundant features. For the spur kitchen sector, KTM Duke 200 is equipped with a 200 cc DOHC 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine.

On paper, the engine used by non-Japanese motor sport is capable of producing power up to 26 horsepower and a top speed of 132 km per hour. BWhat’s the price? Well, from engine specifications complete with attractive designs offered, KTM Duke 200 is priced at Rp35 million (OTR Jakarta).

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2. TVS Apache RR310

Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia
Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia. (Special)

One more choice of non-Japanese motor sport with an attractive appearance and a fairly affordable price is TVS Apache RR310. In terms of appearance, TVS Apache RR310 has a handsome and stylish design. Not surprisingly, the article of this motorbike adopts the BMW G310R concept which does look sporty.

In the front sector, TVS Apache RR310 has the appearance of a racing motorbike in MotoGP as well as being equipped with LED technology headlamps. While at the stern, the motorbike carrying the 11 liter fuel tank has a seat with a tiered tiered groove to the rear that makes it look manly and charming.

Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia
Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia

TVS Apache RR310 is equipped with a single cylinder engine that has a 312.2 cc reverse inclined cubic and liquid cooling system. On the paper, non-Japanese motorcycles in Indonesia This is capable of spewing out maximum power of up to 25 kW at 9700 rpm engine speed and maximum torque of 27.3 Nm at 7,700 rpm engine speed.

About its features, TVS Apache RR310 carries ABS brake technology which is able to prevent tires from slipping while braking suddenly. About the price, this motor is priced around Rp. 49 million.

3. Viar Cross X 250

Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia
Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia

Looking for a 250 cc trail motorbike at an affordable price but still of high quality? Viar Cross X 250 is the answer. Motor with a tough and sturdy design is equipped with a side down shockbreaker that makes it look more manly.

From its dimensions, this motor has dimensions of 2120x810x1250 mm with a wheelbase of 1440 mm, the lowest distance to the ground 320 mm, and a seat height of 920 mm which is suitable for adult crossers who love to bulldoze difficult steep terrain. Not only that, its weight is also only around 126 kg, making it easier to accelerate.

Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia
Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia

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This non-Japanese sport motorbike uses a ZongShen engine design with SOHC 4 valve details that have 249.6 cc cubication. On paper, the engine used by the Viar Cross X 250 is capable of spewing out a maximum power of 25.4 hp at 9,000 rpm engine speed and a maximum torque of 23 Nm at 7,000 rpm engine speed.

Interestingly, with a sturdy design and a fairly powerful runway kitchen, the Viar Cross X 250 is priced at a fairly affordable price, which is around Rp. 34.6 million.

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3. Benelli Patagonian Eagle

Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia
Non Japanese motorcycle in Indonesia

The last non-Japanese motor sport recommendation is Benelli Patagonian Eagle EFI. One of the best-selling variants of Benelli Indonesia’s motorcycle is equipped with a capacity of 249 cc 2-cylinder inline SOHC engine with air cooling system and oil cooler.

The result, this non-Japanese sport motorbike is capable of producing 17.4 hp at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 16.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm engine speed. The power is channeled to the rear wheels via a 5-speed transmission with manual clutch.

In Indonesia alone, Patagonian Eagle EFI was sold Rp.44.9 million for the Jakarta OTR and Rp. 45.7 million for the Bodetabek OTR. So, from the row non-Japanese motorcycles in Indonesia Which one are you interested in?

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