This type of alcohol is bad and is still good for the face

Owners of dry or sensitive skin types need to be careful in choosing a product skincare. Owners of sensitive and dry skin, as much as possible to avoid using the product skincare which contains fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and alcohol.

Because, although the alcohol content has benefits to help the absorption of the product, you also have to be careful. The reason is there are several types of alcohol that are bad and which are still safe for the face.

This type of alcohol is bad and which is still good for the face.

Alcohol itself is one of the chemicals known to have a bad impact on a product skincare. The reason is, this substance can cause damage to the skin in the long run.

However, you need to remember, not all types of alcohol are on skincare dangerous. There are several types of alcohol that are good for the skin. To find out more, see the types of alcohol that are bad and which are still safe for the face.

1. Recognize the adverse effects of alcohol use on skincare

Use skincare which contain alcohol in the long run can damage the dermal layer, so that normal skin conditions will be vulnerable and easily irritated.

The dermal layer itself is a protector of your facial skin. Not only able to protect the skin from exposure to bacteria, germs, and allergens. However, this dermal layer can also keep your skin moisturized.

One way to prevent that you can do is to feel the reaction to the skin when trying one of the products. The protective layer of the skin will feel sore, hot, even feels like burning when the material that is not suitable is applied to the face.

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2. Ethanol alcohol content makes the skin drier

On the product skincare, alcohol content is known to have a reputation that can make the skin feel drier. Therefore, the alcohol content that you must pay attention when you want to use skincare is ethanol which also has other names such as cisopropyl alcohol and etyl alcohol.

This type of alcohol is a type of alcohol that tends to quickly evaporate and eliminate oil levels on the facial skin quickly. You must be careful because it will make the skin feel itchy, appear red-red, produce excess sebum, and become very dry.

It’s best, don’t forget to use hydrating toner after applying a product containing alcohol to reduce the impact that will occur on the skin.

3. Alcohol content permanently damages the skin

Ethanol will not only make the skin drier, but can also damage the skin and even cause apoptosis.

Apoptosis is when skin cells decline, do not develop, and become dead. To overcome this, you can look for other alternatives that can be said to be safer and not too draining the oil on the skin.

4. Denat alcohol can stimulate acne

The content of alcohol derivatives such as denat alcohol, SD alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol are also often found in skincare products for oily and acne prone skin types. This is because this content functions as a solvent and combines the mixture of other contents present in the product.

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Can be said with the presence of certain alcohol content, absorption skincare on the skin will be faster. However, there will be side effects such as dehydration, dryness and higher oil content, because of the excess oil production, acne will continue to appear. Therefore, you need to have a product with an alcohol content that is safe for your skin.

6. Stearyl alcohol can clog pores on the skin

You also need to be careful with stearyl alcohol. The reason is this type of alcohol is able to clog pores. But no need to panic, what you can do is to choose the right product so that the pores are not clogged.

For example, choosing a product that contains retinol or charcoal. Other than that, don’t forget double cleansing, by doing this method the skin will feel cleaner.

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7. Know the benefits of alcohol in skincare

Not only does it have an adverse effect on the skin, the fact is the alcohol content also has several benefits. Alcohol acts as a solvent in skincare which can help bring together a variety of product contents, so the product has a soft and smooth texture.

This substance can also help maximize product absorption skincare used. Alcohol will also make the product consistency so that it feels lighter and does not feel sticky on the skin.

Thanks to the anti-bacterial content of alcohol it can also be used as a preservative in the product skincare.

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8. Cetearyl alcohol can give texture to skincare

Cetearyl alcohol is an emulsifying agent in the product skincare. This substance is able to give texture to the product cream and lotion which is often used to moisturize the skin. This substance is safe for the skin because the content is taken from plants and is able to moisturize and prevent irritation to the skin.

9. Cetyl alcohol can moisturize the skin

Cetyl alcohol is a substance derived from oil, i.e. Palm oil. This material is able to work as an emulsifier, thickener, and carrying agent on skincare.

Although referred to as alcohol, cetyl alcohol is not irritating or making the skin dry. This material is able to moisturize and nourish the skin.

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10. Behenyl alcohol can smooth the skin

alcohol to smooth the skin

Behenyl alcohol is a type of alcohol that is widely incorporated into products skincare. This substance can help provide a difference in thickness in a product, such as lotion.

Behenyl alcohol different from other types of alcohol which usually makes the skin dry. This one ingredient can make skin feel soft, smooth, and keep skin moisturized.

So, you have more understanding, right, about the use of alcohol in skincare?

(Dessy Diniyanti)


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